Posted by: RasmaSandra | September 16, 2013

Abisko National Park, Sweden

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This lovely national park is located in the Swedish province of Lapland. Abisko National Park starts at the shores of Torne trask which is one of Sweden’s largest lakes and was established in 1909. The park is home to the Abisko Scientific Research Station which does different kinds of research such as biological, geological, and environmental.









Abisko National Park includes the hiking trail Kungsleden which stretches along the Scandinavian mountain range and runs through the park. For visitors to the park there is the Abisko Turiststation which consists of a railway station and the Abisko Youth Hostel. For visitors to the park the Abisko Mountain Station offers lodging, food and other amenities. Among the activities one can participate in are cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and other winter sports. Since the park is located 195 km north of the Arctic Circle in the summertime visitors hiking in the park can enjoy the midnight sun while in the wintertime visitors can view the Aurora Borealis. The Aurora Sky Station is one of the best spots from which one can view the Aurora Borealis and a chair lift will get you up to the station. If you prefer you can even book to get a gourmet Nordic cuisine dinner to eat out under the Northern Lights.

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Visiting in the summertime visitors can trek through boreal forests and hike by fjords, canyons and waterfalls. There is the possibility of looking at caves and trying fly-fishing in the wintertime one can try a hand at ice fishing.

Among the animals which you can encounter in Abisko National Park are squirrels, stoat, marten, and the fell lemming. Many species of birds and larger animals such as reindeer and moose. Less seen are arctic foxes, lynx, bears and wolverines.



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