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Razna National Park, Latvia









Razna National Park is located in the Latgale region of Latvia and was established in 2007. Within the park you can find wonderful landscapes with forests, lakes, and castle mounds. This park was specially created to protect the nature of Razna Lake and its surrounding areas. The park has many lakes with Razna Lake being the second largest lake in Latvia. Another lake the Latgale Sea has sandy beaches with facilitated recreational areas. This lake is full of fish and even industrial fishing takes place here with nets.  In the winter time fishermen come here for ice fishing. There are around 70 isle-type elevations in Ezezers and all together this lake has 26 islands which have broad leaved trees and fir tree forests. You will also find some fountains which are a rich source of mineral substances.

Razna National Park is home to the third highest hill in Latvia Lielais Liepukalns at a height of 289 meters above sea level. Visitors will also find Makonkalns Hill here which rises 248 meters above sea level near Razna Lake and on top of this hill are the ruins of Volkenberg’s Stone Castle which was built as a fortress by the Livonian Order in the 13th century.  Today visitors to the park can see the great stone wall which remains and a caved-in underground passage. From the hill you can see picturesque views. At the foot of the hill is a small, clear lake Ubagova which is known as Latgale’s clear eye.

raz 4








The park has a wide variety of birds and many unique protected species. Among the animal life found here are pitter mouse, beavers, wolves, otters, wild martens, pond frogs and lizards. The most fish are found in Lake Razna which is home to 27 species of fish. Three of the species are especially protected in Latvia.

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Tourists will find three new routes in Razna National Park for self-driving, cycling, and horse riding. You can plan your own trip by printing out the route description which has an attached map. All of the route descriptions include points of interest, information about tourist services and accommodations and where you can find bike/boat rentals.



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