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Taking a Look at Skagen

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Imagine visiting a lovely place full of natural beauty and playful seals to delight you at the harbor. Such a place is Skagen which is located at the northern tip of Jutland. Its beauty has always been appreciated by painters who are often drawn here. Skagen offers fascinating light and is one of Denmark’s most important fishing harbors. During the summers lots of yachts come sailing into the harbor. Most of the houses here are yellow in color and some are available for rental to tourists. At the harbor you can see red warehouses which also house restaurants. Visitors to Skagen can see that it is an artist’s bohemia, has a fishing industry and lots of natural beauty. It’s delightful to watch the seals enjoying life at the harbor.

There are many things of interest to do and see in Skagen. From the late 1870s to the turn of the century a group of Scandinavian artists known as the Skagen Painters came to this area every summer. Here they loved the scenery, the quality of light and the fishermen. This all encouraged them to paint like French Impressionists and now their works can be seen on display.

For art lovers or simply for those who are curious a place to visit is Skagens Museum. This museum was founded in the dining room at Brodum’s Hotel. There are a lot of paintings to be viewed on display by the Skagen Painters. Altogether there are 1,900 work s of art. You can also see the Garden House found in the museum garden, This is one of Skagen’s oldest buildings. Different kinds of exhibitions are held here and it also houses the museum café.

You can find lots of artworks and handicraft on sale at the exclusive galleries here in Skagen. This artist’s colony and fishermen’s village offers fine boutiques for shopping and restaurants offer delicious fresh fish dishes.

Take a look at Denmark’s second tallest lighthouse the Gray Lighthouse built in 1858. For fantastic views walk up the spiral staircase to the extended balcony. This is a lightning lighthouse since its beam extends for a distance of 50 km


The Skagen Church was built in 1841. It has an interesting design, fascinating interior decorations and a new color scheme.

In the center of Skagen you’ll discover the Skagen Bamesmuseum or teddy bear museum. Here you can see teddy bears on display which belong to the private collection of owner Jonna Thygesen. This is the only teddy bear museum in Scandinavia and you will find around a thousand teddy bears here. There is also a lovely sculptured garden, an ice café and a teddy bear shop. Special events are held at Christmas and Easter.

Of interest is also the Naturhistorisk Museum which provides entertaining and educational exhibitions. Visitors can find out about wildlife, nature and geology in Skagen. The nature center at the museum organizes nature walks and field trips.

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Be sure to visit The North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals on the west coast. This Oceanarium is one of Europe’s largest aquariums and holds an incredible 4.5 million liters of seawater. You can get a realistic look at life below the North Sea. There are thousands of different kinds of fish. You can see sharks looking for food among shipwrecks and stones and see divers feed the fish and explain about life in the North Sea and the Oceanarium. Outdoors there is the large Sealarium where you can get up close to grey and harbor seals. Watching from an underwater tunnel you can see them at play and relaxing. Among the small and large aquariums you can see the different habitats of the underwater residents living in the North Sea. There are around 70 different species and all sorts of sea creatures. Children get a chance to hold starfish and get to know how fish feel. There are different playgrounds for children.

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Skagen has a lot more of interest to see and do and it is well worth taking a trip to see it all.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely article – Skagens Museum is closed until May 2015 and again in November – February 2016 due to renovation and expansion. Also check out the two very nice artist homes Drachmanns Hus and Michael & Anna Ancher’s House – they are well worth a visit

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