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Welcome to Parnu

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Parnu is a lovely, sunny town in Estonia and has been named as the country’s official summer capital. Tourists love it in the summer when they can enjoy the sand, the sun and the sea. The shores that surround Parnu are the warmest in Estonia. It is an internationally recognized city and has the status of being a Hanseatic city.

Visiting Parnu you’ll want to take a look at Parnu Museum. This is where you can learn all about the history of this city. The museum features 11,000 years worth of Parnu history. Its main exhibition displays local development from Neolithic times up to the late 80s. There is also a mini-cinema that shows archival films. They are proud to show the “Stone-Age Modona”. This is the oldest human shaped sculpture in the Baltic Sea area – about 8,000 years old. Other great displays include a 14th century merchant ship and a glass floor through which you can view archaeological remnants of one of the town’s historic gates.

Lydia Koidula Memorial Museum is dedicated to the life and work of the matriarch of Estonian poetry. The museum is housed in the 1850s era parish school where Koidula grew up.

Enjoy taking a look at the brightly-painted Russian Orthodox Church, Ekateriina Church. It is impressive both inside and our and was built by Catherine II. You can look at the ornate icons inside of the church.

The oldest building in Parnu is the Red Tower or Punane Torn. This is a squat, round bastion that dates back to the 15th century. It once guarded the edge of town and is now located right in the center. You can take a look at the wine bar/art shop to see the interior of the tower.

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Vallikaar is the remains of the town rampart that once surrounded Parnu around Ohtu Street and is now a nice park. As you walk along the rampart wall toward the river you’ll see spectacular views of the moat and marina. Here you can also see an old, wooden lighthouse and a cannon. In the amphitheater concerts are held.

Parnu is also a great place to relax as it has many vast, green areas to do some strolling. There is Koldula Park located adjacent to the Old Town area. This is a lovely park to walk in among colorful flower beds and there is also a fountain.

Rannapark established in 1882 is right next to the beach. Here you can see various sculptures as well as flower gardens. For children there are play-areas.

The most interesting park is the section west of Mere pst. where you can find works of modern outdoor art.






If you’re visiting Parnu in the summertime then you’ll want to do what other tourists do and that is head straight for the beach when you arrive. You can be sure that Parnu begins and ends with its white sand beach. You can sunbathe or watch volleyball games. A must see is Rannahoone beach house that dates back to 1939. The building has an unusual mushroom-shaped balcony, right on the beach. Close-by is Kuursaal a wooden beach salon dating back to 1893. You can participate in kayaking and windsurfing if you wish.
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