Posted by: RasmaSandra | March 9, 2015

Banja Luka on the Vrbas River

banja 4Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Hercogovina. It is a most charming city that has been divided into two by the Vrbas River. This city counts as the capital of the Serb Republic or Republika Srpska. It is surrounded by lovely green, rolling hills. In Banja Luka visitors delight in the tree-lined avenues, boulevards, gardens and parks. There is a vibrant nightlife as the sun goes down and a choice of music in the bars and clubs found all around town. Visitors and residents enjoy strolling by the Vrbas River where there are lovely weeping willows growing on the banks and in the summertime you can relax and watch people go by at the riverside cafes. If you’re into sports there is rafting and kayaking.

Located right in the center of town is the brightly colorful Orthodox Temple of Jesus the Savior. It is a most eye-catching landmark and was built between 1925 and 1929. Unfortunately the church was destroyed during wartime. It was constructed once again in the original location.

Banja Luka has many lovely parks among them Park Mladen Stojanovic. This park was named after a doctor and WW II national hero. It is the largest park in the downtown area and has several tennis courts. It is a great place for relaxing and strolling and has a café and restaurant. Special events are also held here.

banja Petar_Kocic_SpomenikPark Petar Kocic is located in the center of town and was named after a turn-of-the-century Serbian poet and writer. Visitors can see his statue in this park. It has become a favorite place for families to relax and you can even come here to view the stars above at night. A glass-walled building in the park is used for cultural and musical events.

To get a wonderful view of the city head for Banj Brdo a hill that overlooks the city and has a WW II memorial and picnic grounds. This is a favorite place catch a breathtaking view of sunsets. Tree-lined paths lead to the top of the hill. Residents enjoy it even in the wintertime when white snow is all about.

banja kastel fortressVisitors enjoy exploring Kastel Fortress with its high walls and towers. There is a spectacular view of the Vrbas River as one goes through the archway. The banks of the river are a favorite place to relax. This fortress was built by the Romans and taken over by the Ottomans. It often hosts outdoor concerts.

These are just some of the wonders of Banja Luka. There is more to delight so don’t pass this city by.
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  1. How nice Rasma to learn about this city’s features from your blog post, complete with photos. I would love to walk around the parks before stopping at a cafe for a beverage 🙂

    • I began by wondering what to write on this blog. Then I became interested in countries and their beauty. I started gathering information and the next thing I knew I was an armchair traveler sharing my information with others and people were enjoying my blogs. I am happy how this worked out and the world is so large there is plenty more to write about and admire. I feel like you if it could be possible to do all of this traveling how lovely it would be to stroll in some of these wonderful places.

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