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Sorrento by the Bay of Naples

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Sorrento is a lovely coastal town located in southeastern Italy. It faces the Bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. This town is unique as it sits atop of cliffs that separate the town from the marinas. Centrally located and from here you can explore the surrounding area that includes the Amalfi Coast toward the east, Pompeii toward the north and offshore the island of Capri.

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Correal Museum

This museum is fun to explore especially if you love all kinds of clocks, archaeological finds or love to embroider. Here you can delight in a wide variety of 17th to 19th century Neopolitan arts and crafts, ceramics from Japan, China and Europe, clocks, furniture and Greek and Roman artefacts. A great deal of this collection along with the 18th century villa was donated to the town in the 1920s by aristocratic Counts Alfredo and Pompeo Correale. Outside of the museum take the time to stroll through the lovely gardens where there are many flowers and rare plants and all around awesome coastal views.

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Impressive Cathedral

This amazing cathedral has an impressive exterior fresco, triple-tiered bell tower, four classical columns and an elegant majolica clock. Of special interest is the marble bishop’s throne dating from 1573 and the lovely wooden choir stall that are decorated in the local intarsio style. The cathedral’s original structure dates from the 15th century but a facade was added in the early 20th century.

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Basilica of Saint Antonino 

This basilica was named after the patron saint of Sorrento. This is the oldest church in town and dates back to the 11th century. Here you can see some Roman artefacts, dark medieval paintings and strangely enough two whale ribs. The whale ribs refer to the fact that Saint Antonino  was known to perform various miracles and one was rescuing a child from the stomach of a whale. The saint himself rests in peace beneath the Baroque interior in an 18th century crypt.

Museum of Wood Inlay

The town of Sorrento has been famous for its intarsio furniture since the 18th century and it is all made with elaborately designed inlaid wood. Here in this museum that is housed in an 18th century palace you can also see some incredible frescoes. There is also a most interesting collection of paintings, prints and photographs that show the town and the surrounding area in the 19th century. You can visit the longest-established specialist shop in town Gargiulo & Jannuzzi and purchase an intarsio piece and it will be shipped to you.

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You won’t find many beaches here but there is a most pleasant stretch of sand at the harbor at Marina Grande. Here you can relax in the sun as deck chairs and umbrellas are available. Here you’ll see pastel-colored houses, boats in bright colors and fishermen with their nets. You can try the catch of the day at the seafood restaurants here.

Sedil Dominava

An interesting 15th century domed palazzo still with original frescoes. This terrace is open to the street from two sides. At one time it was the meeting place for the town’s medieval aristocracy. Today the local pensioners come here to sit, talk and play cards.

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Centro Storico

This street is the major area where you’ll find lots of shops, restaurants and bars. However the real magic of this place is when you duck into the side streets and walk along the narrow lanes to see traditional green-shuttered buildings, some old churches and a palazzo or two.

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Behind the Piazza Tasso you’ll discover an amazing natural phenomenon. This is a deep cleft in the mountain that dates back some 35,000 years when a volcano erupted. At one time Sorrento was bounded by three gorges and this is the last remaining gorge. It is named Fuorimura after the ancient wheat mills that were once here and you can still see the ruins of the mills.

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Even though there are no beaches as such you can head to the Bagni Regina Giovanna. This is a rocky beach that offers clear and clean water and is located around 2km west of town. It sits among the ruins of the Roman Villa Pollio Felix.
sor 9

Villa Comunale Park

Come to this landscaped park for relaxation and awesome views across the water to Mt. Vesuvius. This is a very popular green space to view the sunset and during the day a lively spot with benches, operatic street singers and a small bar. 

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