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Weisbaden, Germany


Weisbaden is the spa-town capital of Hesse in Germany. It is a lovely and lively commercial center offering visitors historic attractions and green parks. The city lies on the eastern edge of the Rheingau wine-growing region.

wis kurhause

The city’s convention center is housed in the neo-Classical Kurhaus built in 1907. There is much to see in the interior like the Main Hall with marble floors and granite columns, there is Greco-Roman style statuary, sparkling dome mosaics and a casino.

wis bowling

Outside is a neo-Classical plaza with three fountains that are lit up at night. Residents of the city call the lawn The Bowling Green and it is perfect for romantic strolls. It is flanked by an elegant, 129 meter long colonnade.

wis schlotzwis sclotz fountain

The Palace Square or Schlossplatz is popular with visitors. Here you can see the Market Fountain dating from 1537, the Old Town Hall from 1610 and across the square is the New Town Hall. On the north side is the neo-Classical Stadtschloss once built for Duke Wilhelm von Nassau and is now the home of the Hessian State Parliament.

wis market church

Built of bright red bricks is the Protestant neo-Gothic Marktkirche. The church has a Glockenspiel with 49 bronze bells weighing between 13kg and 2,300kg. This church hosts organ concerts. The tower of Market Church is 92 meters high and it is the tallest building in the city. In the front of the church is the statue of William of Orange a.k.a. William the Silent.

wis neurobergwis funicular

Neroberg is Weisbaden’s hillside estate. The best way to get to the top is to take the historic funicular railway which was inaugurated in 1888. It is powered by water ballast – the car at the top gets filled with 7000 liters of water which makes it heavier than the car at the bottom to which it is attached by a 452 meter long cable. Once the heavier car reaches the bottom, the water gets pumped out and then pumped back up the hill. The 245 meter high hill is managed by the Hessian State Wine Estates.

wis monowis opelbad

Upon the hill you can get great views from the Monopteros, a temple that was built in 1851. From there you can walk over to the incredible Opelbad, an outdoor swimming pool built in 1934. For those who want to commune with nature there is the Nerober Nature Trail, over three kilometers long where you can walk in the forest. For the more athletic and adventurous there is the Neroberg Climbing Course which is guided by experienced experts and offers the opportunity to try “tree to tree” athletics.

wis art

The Weisbanden Art Museum features painting, sculpture and installations among them works by the Old Masters, 20th century American minimalists and the Russian expressionist Alexei Jawlensky, who lived in Weisbaden for the last 20 years of his life.

wis fruenstein palace

The ruined Frauenstein Castle was built as a watchtower sometime around 1184. The castle was constructed with high walls and battlements to give protection to the farmers in the area.  The German name Frauen-stein translates to “women’s stone”. The castle is situated in a lovely park where visitors can find a restful oasis. The building itself features the “Field of Experience” offering visitors a hands-on adventure including a touch gallery, a dark bar, resonating boards and Goethe’s Theory of Colors. The “Society of Nature and Art” offers this venue as a place to organize events and conferences.

Featuring more than 50 experimental stations The Fruedenberg Mansion Interactive Museum challenges and stimulates your senses. There are many sensations of sounds, vibrations, scents and light. Among the highlights is the “barefoot trail” where visitors with their feet can experience new textures and feelings. There is also the darkness of the labyrinth, painting with sound and vibration exploration.

wis roman

Take a trip back to ancient Rome at the Roman Open-Air Museum. The Roman Gate here dates back to 364 A.D. You can learn a lot about Roman history here.

wis old city

Take a pleasant walk through the old winding streets of the Old City. Some of the interesting things to see here are Heathen’s Wall, the oldest structure in all of Weisbaden and the Backerbrunnen Fountain.

wis shoenburg castle

A popular sightseeing spot is the Burg Sonnenberg Castle which towers over the city. Today it is home to a small museum with a terrace restaurant that offers great views of the city.

wis cuckoo

Weisbaden is famous for having the world’s largest Cuckoo Clock. This monumental cuckoo clock strikes every half hour.

wis town hall

The Town Hall is an impressive example of neo-Renaissance architecture and features a changing display of artwork in the foyer.

wis kurpark

For relaxation Kurpark is a lovely green oasis which is designed as an English landscape garden. It was founded in 1852 and has lovely azaleas, magnolias, rhododendrons and swamp cypresses. There is a man-made island which can be reached by boat from the park’s pond. The pond has a 6 meter high fountain.

wis biebrich

The Baroque English garden Biebrich Palace Park serves as a venue for lots of city events and conferences, including the International Whitsun Horse Show. From the park’s bistro-cafe you can get stunning views of the Rhine River.

wis herbert

Herbert and Reisinger Park is a nature park created on the former Imperial Railway grounds. This is a lovely park with vast green lawns, wonderful fountains and specially-designed water basins.

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