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Bremen, Germany


Bremen is a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany. It is a commercial and industrial city with a major port on the Weser River.

bremen musicians

The famous statue of the Bremen Town Musicians was created by Gerhard Marcks. The statue is located near Market Square on the western side of the Town Hall. They attract many tourists in the old quarter. In the ground in front of the State Parliament Building one can hear the animal voices coming out of the ground and the donkey’s grave is on Bottcherstrasse.

bremen town hall

The Town Hall was built between 1405 and 1410. It is considered to be the jewel of the historical Market Square. The Upper Hall, where the city council used to meet has model ships hanging from the ceiling. Their miniature cannons can be fired if the occasion demands. Designed by architect Gabriel von Seidel, the modern building extension blends in well with the medieval section.

bremen roland

Both the Town Hall and Roland Statue are among Bremen’s main historical attractions. They have had UNESCO World Heritage status since 2004. The statue of Roland is a global symbol of freedom and trading rights and is more than 600 years old.

bremen rose wine

Beneath Bremen’s World Heritage site is the oldest cask of wine in Germany. It is known as “rose wine” after the decoration in the cellar where it is stored and dates from 1635.

bremen schooner

The oldest district of Bremen is the Schnoor quarter, a maze of lanes lined with 15th and 16th century houses. They are all lovely half-timbered houses. This is part of the old fisherman’s quarter right by Weser River. Visitors can enjoy arts and crafts and handmade gold and sit and relax at the cafes and restaurants. This area offers Sunday shopping between 11 AM and 4 PM from April 1 to December 31.

bremen bottcher

This amazing 110 meter long lane Bottcherstrasse was built in the 1920s and has shops, museums, workshops, restaurants and a carillon. Visitors can see a mixture of Art Deco and brick-built houses. Bremen’s oldest pedestrian area offers top-class shopping

bremen kunsthall

The Kunsthalle Art Gallery has added two new wings. Visitors can see paintings, sculptures, prints and media art from the past 600 years. The gallery was founded in 1823 by Bremen’s Kunstverein (art association). Highlights include a collection of French and German paintings from the 19th and 20th century.

bremen schlate

Take a wonderful stroll along the popular Schlacte Promenade stretching along the Weser River. People are drawn by the lovely river views and the restaurants with beer gardens.  There are trips on the river available including theaters, dinners or concerts aboard ship and leisurely tours to Bremenhaven. There are special things going on in the summertime like live music concerts. Sporting events upon the river. It becomes a magical place during Christmas time with the Christmas Market. Visitors can see all of the lovely decorations, taste delicious food and have gluhwein (hot mulled wine). Every Saturday there is an antique and bric-a-brac market.

bremen science center

Universum Bremen makes science an adventure with over 250 exhibits at the Science Center. The science center building resembles a giant silver mussel or whale. Inside there are many interactive exhibits on the themes of mankind, Planet Earth and the cosmos. Visitors can experiment and discover lots of fascinating things. For children there is the Milky Way area.

bremen entdecker

In the outdoor Entdecker Park the discovery zone features interactive stations on the theme of movement. You can try out your rhythm on the Earth xylophone or climb the 27 meter activity tower.

The SchauBox offers temporary exhibitions.

bremen rhodedendron

Step into an exotic paradise at the Rhododendron Park. You can explore the amazing world of the rhododendron from its roots to its flowers. The discovery center has interactive experiments and multimedia stations offering an amazing tour of Asia. In the hothouses you can discover the plant kingdom and admire many exotic shrubs. There are rhododendrons from south-east Asian regions. You’ll find a spectacular thundering waterfall and a giant Buddha statue in the background.

bremen ethnological

In the heart of Bremen is The Ethnological Museum which takes visitors on a journey around the world. Visitors have the chance to travel to distant continents, explore Oceania’s underwater paradise, see Asia’s legendary silk road, experience the rainforest at night and learn about the wildlife of the African savannah. The museum was founded in 1896 and offers 1,2 million exhibits. It is ranked as one of the most important cultural institutions in northern Germany.

bremen cathedral

The Bremen Cathedral Is dedicated to St. Peter and was built in the early Gothic style dating back to the 13th century. The cathedral is located between the Town Hall and the State Parliament on Market Square. It has two towers, one of which is open to visitors that dominate the skyline. In the cathedral’s lead cellar visitors can discover the mysteries of mummies. There is a Bible garden in which you can relax and have some coffee and cake.

bremen fall trum

An attraction at Bremen University is The Fallturm, a 146 meters high drop tower with a 110 meter tube that lets experiments to be carried out in zero-gravity conditions. The tower can produce up to ten seconds of free fall, making it a unique scientific facility and an important part of aerospace research. From the top you can see spectacular views across the city and the rooms are for hire for functions and meetings.

bremen carrilion

In the Bottcherstrasse you’ll find the Glockenspiel House with a carillon that consists of 30 Meissen porcelain bells. The revolving tower features ten carved wooden panels that depict various Atlantic crossings. The bells play a mix of sea shanties and traditional folk songs. You can hear the carillon every hour on the hour from April to December.

bremen parliament

Internationally acclaimed architect Wassili Luckhardt designed the Parliament Building in 1996. Today it is home to Bremen’s regional assembly. The building sits on Market Square and is an architectural delight. Take the time to enjoy the sculpture garden which features six art works by Gerhard Marcks.

bremen holtenbean

A statue to a real Bremen character can be found on Market Square. Heini Holtenbeen was born in the city in 1835. During his apprenticeship as a port tobacco inspector he fell through a skylight and wound up with slight brain damage and a stiff leg. After that he would be at Market Square every day taking cigars from merchants as the entered the stock exchange, where smoking was not permitted. He made his own cigars from the stubs he had collected and sold them. He died in 1909 in a poor asylum. His bronze sculpture was created by Claus Homfeld and just around the corner at the House of History in the Schnoor quarter visitors can hear Heini Holtenbeen’s anecdotes told by the man himself.

bremen windmill

Taking a stroll from the main station to the city center the first think you’ll see is the windmill in Wallanlagen Park. It is open to the public and has a restaurant.

bremen fountain seven lazybremen seven house

Based on a local legend The Fountain of the Seven Lazy Brothers was created by Bernhard Hoetger. These were the sons of a Bremen farmer who were not known for their hard work. Later on the brothers went out into the world and when they returned they were no longer idle. However this fountain still depicts them as being lazy. The fountain is located in the courtyard of the Paula Becker Modersohn House in Bottcherstrasse. Take a look at the gables of the Seven Lazy Brothers House, where they stand tall and proud looking down at the city.

bremen wesser tower

The gateway to the Uberseestadt district is The Weser Tower. The old port area of Bremen has been transformed into a new quarter. The tower was designed by architect Helmut Jahn and is located on an extension of the Schlachte Embankment. Here you can find many cafes, bars and restaurants. Enjoy the modern architecture and the charm of the historical warehouse buildings.

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  1. Thank you for lovely pics, i have visited Bremen and found it captivating.

    • You welcome. Glad you enjoyed.

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