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Rabat on the Bouregreg River


The capital of Morocco, Rabat sits on the shores of the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for landmarks of Islamic and French-colonial heritage.

rab kasbah

A top tourist attraction is the Kasbah district. Here inside the fortress wall that date from the 11th century you’ll find a small and peaceful neighborhood. Here you can stroll along twisting white and blue lanes in Andalusian-style.

rab kasbah mosque

Visit the Kasbah Mosque which was built in 1150 and is the oldest mosque in the city. This area also offers great views over to Sale and the Atlantic Ocean.

rab andalusian

Outside of the mosque are the beautiful Andalusian Gardens that were laid out in the early 20th century. Within the gardens you’ll fine the Oudaias Museum housed in a 17th century lodge. At the far end of the lodge a room shows an ancient Moroccan interior. There is also an exhibit of ancient illuminated Qur’ans, jewelry, pottery and musical instruments.

rab hassan

Of special interest is the unfinished Hassan Tower which was built by the Almohads. It was the work of ruler Yacoub al-Mansour but upon his death in 1150, construction was abandoned. All that remains now is the 45-meter high tower. The facade is covered by intricate designs.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Right next door is the amazing Mausoleum of King Mohammed V where the king lies in state. The tomb chamber is impressively decorated and zellige tile work covers the walls.

rab chellah

Visitors enjoy visiting the remnants of the 14th century Merenid citadel-town of Chellah. The walled ruins were positioned on an older Roman town called Sala. Both settlements can now be seen in Chellah and date from the 14th century. You can see crumbled mosques and mausoleums. The excavated Roman side includes a forum, bath and temple. There is an overlooking terrace with offers great views.

rab grand mosque

Rabat’s medina area has an Andalusian-style to it. Architecture here dates back to the 17th century. The two best shopping streets here are Souk es Sebbat and Rue Souka. There are interesting buildings to look at such as the Koubba Mosque and Grand Mosque as well as the Merenid Fountain. The Mellah (Jewish Quarter) on the southeast corner of the medina offers an interesting flea market.

New 'Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art' in Rabat

Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Arts offers an insight into Morocco’s modern art movement. The museum has found its home in a building from French colonial days. Here you can view the art work of almost all of the country’s top names in the art world.

rab arcaelogy

Rabat’s Ville Nouvelle or New City is home to the Archaeological Museum and the interesting Postal Museum. Along the street you can see French colonial architecture. On the edge of the district Avenue Hassan II follows the 17th century Undulations Wall that separates the modern city from the medina.

rab royal 2

To the south of Ville Nouvelle is Rabat’s Royal Palace, constructed in 1864 and is surrounded by a grand wall. The complex is interesting to look at but isn’t open to the public since the current king resides there. You can get the best photos from nearby Sunna Mosque.

rab sale

Across the Bouregreg River facing the city is the town of Sale. The town is home to some interesting medersas (madrassa – Islamic school of learning and mausoleums. Of particular interest is the Abul Hassan Medersa dating from the 14th century. If you climb up to the roof you can get great views of Rabat.

The medina area in Sale has interesting things to see like the Grand Mosque, the Mausoleum of Sidi Ben Ashir and the Fondouk al-Askour. You can also shop in some of the interesting souks.

rab lac

Part of the Lac Sidi Boughaba Parc National located in Mehdia is a freshwater lake which is a stopover for thousands of birds that migrate between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. The lake offers some of the best bird watching particularly between October and March.

rab marbled

You’ll find over 200 species of birds on the lake and many choose to spend winter here or nest. This is one of the last places in the world where you can see large numbers of marbled ducks. Among other birds there is the lovely marsh owl, crested coot, black-shouldered kite and greater flamingo.

The lake is also a wonderful place to do some hiking walking on the trails in the forested hills.

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