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Oran, Algiers


Leaving Morocco behind our armchair travels now take us to Algiers and the second largest city Oran. This city has been dubbed the “Little Paris of North Africa”. It is a lovely city with interesting colonial buildings. This is the birthplace of Rai folk music.

Its name in Arabic is “Wahran” which has been derived from the Berber word “uharan” meaning “two lions”.

Legend has it that in 900 A.D. there were still lions in this area. The last two lions were hunted down on a mountain near Oran. Due to this there is information that refers to them as “mountain lions”.

oran Demaeght-Museum1

The Demaeght Museum offers visitors exhibits on prehistoric archaeological finds from all over Maghreb. There is a special room devoted to Oran and a natural history exhibit of animals from Maghreb. The Maghreb or the Greater Maghreb is defined as most of the region of western North Africa or Northwest Africa, west of Egypt.

oran place du 1er november

Place du 1er Novembre is the city’s major square and tourist attractions where you can find a lovely fountain and monument in the center. The two major buildings to visit here are the town hall and the Theatre.

oran town hall

Dar el Bahia Oran’s Town Hall is worth taking a look at.

oran beyspalace1


Le Theatre d’Oran has impressive Baroque and French details and is considered the grandest place in the city. You can view the theater and catch a show or if you wanted to just tour the theater then you would have to find out when that could be done.

oran cathedral sacre couer

Visit the very lovely Cathedral de Sacre Coeur which the French opened in 1913.

oran cathedral sacre couer 2

It was converted into a library after Algeria claimed independence.

MC3_2046 Oran

It has amazing Roman Catholic architecture. You can browse the library.

oran great mosque

The Great Mosque was built in 1796 by Bey Mohamed El-Kebir as a celebratory symbol of liberation from the Spanish. Today visitors can take a closer look at it.

oran sheraton

Sheraton Oran Hotel and Towers is an incredible hotel that overlooks one of the most beautiful bays in Algeria. It has become part of Oran’s impressive skyline. The opening was in September 2005 and it was built to look like a boat on a cliff, There are 300 rooms and each of them have a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

oran petit lac

Petit Lac is Oran’s second largest lake. It is being developed for tourism and water sports. At present it is still a quiet place to be one with nature but with time it will have much to offer visitors.

oran PalaceofAhmedBey1


Qasr el-Bey or Bey Castle was constructed in a new area known as the Derb by the Bey Mohamed El-Kebir in the late 17th century. When visiting the castle visitors must get permission from security at the entrance gate. It is possible to join a tour.

oran synagogue

Great Synagogue of Oran dates from 1880 when construction was started. It was finally finished in 1918. This is one of the biggest and most impressive synagogues in North Africa. Once Algeria became independent it was transformed into a mosque in 1975.

oran casbah

Casbah (Citadel) Located in Mers El-Kebir an army port 2 km east of Oran City. The Casbah fortress was built during pre-colonial North Africa for defense.

oran jardin

Olympic Park is a modern park located opposite the Palais des Sports. The park has a lake and is known in Oran as the “Jardin Publique”.

 oran open air theater

Théâtre de Verdure an open-air theater which plays host to the famous Rai Festival every August.

oran madagh-beach-oran-algeria

Oran is home to one of Africa’s best beaches. Madagh Beach is located in a secluded spot between hills Here visitors can swim, sunbathe and even snorkel and kayak.

oran santa cruz

Fort Santa Cruz and Chapel is an ancient fort that was built in 1577 when the Ottomans occupied Algeria. It offers spectacular views and was used to watch for approaching ships. The chapel was built in 1847 and is a popular tourist destination.

oran railway

La Gare d’Oran visitors enjoy seeing this amazing Moorish revival railways station that was built in the 19th century. It is a historical place worth taking a look at.

oran le petit chalet

Oran offers visitors and locals many wonderful seafood places however the best one is Le Petit Chalet. Not only will you get outstanding seafood but impressive views of the ocean. It is located just a short drive outside the city and is particularly known for views of beautiful sunsets.

oran Ain_turck,_Oran_Province_(Algeria)

Head away from the city to Aïn-El-Turk a relaxing beach town just a few miles away. This seaside city has quiet beaches, nice cafes, hotels and exotic plants.

oran sahara

For something completely different head out into the Sahara Desert where you can ride horses or camels. You can see miles and miles of golden sand.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. So many amazing places to see in this world. Hopefully one day soon it will be safe for people to travel anywhere they want.

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