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The Ivory Coast


In our armchair travels we have been traveling in West Africa. Our first stop was Nigeria and now we have arrived in the Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivoire. This is a West African country with beach resorts, rain forests and a French-colonial legacy.

ivory yamo

The capital city of Cote d’Ivoire is Yamoussoukro. This city is best known for its

ivory basilica

enormous Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro with lovely stained-glass windows and towering dome. The city is also the birthplace of 20th century President Felix Houphouet-Boigny, whose former palace comes with a lagoon filled with crocodiles.

ivory grand basam 2

Grand-Bassam is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can see elegant Parisian mansions and crafted colonial municipal buildings in the Ancient Bassam District. It was once the capital of the French Ivory Coast.

ivory grand basam Cathedrale-du-Sacre-Coeur

Visitors can see many impressive buildings like the great Cathedral Sacre Coeur.

ivory grand basam beach

The New Grand-Bassam is home to lovely beaches and resort hotels.

ivory abijan

Visit Abidjan a city located on the southern Atlantic coast. It is the country’s major urban center. Its skyscrapers rise about the Ebrie Lagoon.

ivory la pyramid

Among the modern landmarks is La Pyramide, a ziggurat-like building. There is St. Paul’s Cathedral which is a high rising structure with a massive cross.

ivory musee

At the Le Musee des Civilisations de Cote d’Ivoire visitors can see artwork, cultural relics and handicrafts.

ivory man

Take a hike to the soaring Toura Mountains deep in the heartland of the country and the rustic town of Man.

ivory Waterfall_Man-Cote-dIvoire

Here you’ll find the Cascades waterfall which always draws crowds. There are plantain farms and cocoa plantations.

The peaks of Tonkoui and Toura are the two highest on the Ivory Coast. There are bamboo forest to explore where you’ll see multi-colored butterflies and in the undergrowth rare insects.

ivory tai 2

The Tai National Park stretches for more than 3,000 square kilometers. This is one of the greatest protected areas of what remains of the Upper Guinean rainforests.


This is a feral land with colossal river valleys, moist woods, mountains and rolling savannah. Making their home here are the endangered pygmy hippopotamus,

ivory tai monkey

swinging olive colobus monkeys, duikers and chimpanzees.

ivory jac

Tiny Jacqueville offers stretches of Ivorian ivory sands right down to the sea. Here you’ll find sundrenched beaches and pineapple groves.

There are clusters of old Parisian arcades and colonial buildings in the shade of palm trees. Beach huts and timber longboats along the shore.

ivory san pedro

Jutting out from the southern forests of the Ivory Coast you’ll find the harbors of San-Pedro. This is the second-largest port town in the country shipping out cargo of metal ore and minerals and fish.

ivory korhogo

Korhogo today is a quiet place. This mud-caked city has fascinating and bustling bazaars offering cotton, cashew nuts and spices and much more. Woodcarvers Quarter has many whittled crafts and the Village des Tisserands is home to batik cloth makers.

ivory boake

Bouake is the crossroads between the Ivorian north and the Ivorian south. It sits between the Atlantic Coast, the northern borders, Guinea in the east and Ghana in the west. Of interest are the markets and arts and crafts.

ivory comoe

Along the Ghanaian borderlands you’ll find the Comoe National Park for eco-tourists and outdoor lovers.

ivory comoe 2

Here are gallery forests and rolling savannah plains and the Comoe River.

ivory comoe 3

Visitors can see yellow-backed duikers and Mona monkeys, colobuses and pangolins, leopards, lions and much more.

ivory asso 2

The most celebrated beach resort in the country is Assouinde. You’ll find stretches of yellow sand and great hotels and accomodations.

On one side are mirror-like lagoons and winding waterways and on the other the Atlantic surf.

All this and so much more awaits visitors to the Ivory Coast.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. If I am being nosy tell me but what do you mean by “armchair tourist”?

    • I started out this blog which I call armchair travels. It simply means that I put the blog together with information and photos from the net so people can comfortably sit my their PCs and take a short tour of a place. So I am not traveling the world I am traveling the net and bringing the world to people in this way.

      • It feels like we are, too. Great job!

  2. Cote d’Ivoire is beautiful 🌼❤I love the beach Pic. thanks for sharing

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. I am glad that I can bring the beauty of the world to people because these days it is unsure where one can travel to or not but at least people can put the places they like best on their travel lists and when a surer time comes they know where to go.

  3. All your photos are interesting! Yet, the La Pyramide really caught my attention. Nice blog!

    • By the way, Thank You for taking the time to read my reblog at SuccessInspirers’World. I do appreciate it. All the best to you, Lyn.

      • Glad you enjoyed the tour Lyn. I enjoy putting these blogs together and letting people see so many unusual and lovely places.

      • I definitely enjoyed it Rasma R! Travels, photography and all doses of inspiration are my fave. Cheers!

  4. Hope you can check out my travel and happiness blog as well – when you have the time. Thank You!

  5. Ivory Coast is Beautiful and the Animals are something too. All Pictures are lovely. Thanks for this journey.

    • You welcome Crystal. Glad you enjoyed.

      • I did. So beautiful

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