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Exploring Cape Verde


Our armchair travels have taken us to Cape Verde or Cabo Verde which is a country on a volcanic archipelago off the northwest cost of Africa. The country is known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture, traditional morna music (music and dance genre typical of Cape Verde) and lots of beaches. Cape Verde is more westernized than the rest of the African continent.

cape Pico_do_Fogo_volcano_in_Cape_Verde

Fogo which means fire is the most prominent of all of the Cape Verde islands. The main attraction here is the volcano Pico de Fogo and it can be climbed in about six hours. The largest city on this island is Sao Filipe and the fourth largest city in Cape Verde. It is also home to the island’s airport. The beaches here are fantastic.

cape salcape Pedra-de-Luma-Cape-Verde-Islands

Sal is the sunniest island in Cape Verde. This island is home to an international airport. It has miles and miles of beaches. The island is just off the coast of West Africa. In the east is Pedra de Lume, the site of a former salt mine in the crater of an extinct volcano. It has therapeutic salt water.

cape espargos 2

To the north of the capital Espargos you’ll find the

cape terra boa

Terra Boa mirage that appears like a lake in the desert landscape. The island also offers white-sand beaches which include the long, half-moon shore at Santa Maria, a busy town on the southern coast.

cape Porto-da-Palmeira

Also on Sal island is Palmeira, a busy harbor town. For visitors there are restaurants, lively bars and impressive architecture. This town is a favorite with divers who come to experience underwater caves and reefs. After hiking you can relax in salt baths.

cape santa maria

Another town on Sal is Santa Maria, a lively and developed city. Here the hotels are of the highest standard.

cape santa maria 2

This is a great place to come for a classic beach resort holiday with clear blue water, sunny beaches and jet-skiing and scuba diving. If you love history then one highlight here is the Weigh house in the old harbor that in the past was used to weigh salt before export.

cape praia

Praia is located on the fertile island of Santiago and is the capital of Cape Verde. It is the economic and political center.

cape praia presidential

You can see impressive old colonial buildings in the Old Town. There are churches, a presidential palace and parliament building. Lovely sandy beaches.

cape sal rei

Sal Rei is the capital city of Cape Verde’s easternmost island. Its main plaza has a distinct African feel where trades sell good and colorful flowers.

cape sal rei church

One of the main attractions is the Baroque-style church and there are impressive colonial buildings and fantastic beaches.

cape sao vincente

Mindelo is a city with a mix of many cultures. It is located on the island of Sao Vicente. Here visitors can experience a lively nightlife with music clubs and bars. During the day the harbor and the fish market are worth taking a look at.

cape santo antao

Nestled in the valley of the same name Ribeira Grande is an amazing city on the island of Santo Antao.

cape santo antanoa Nossa_Senhora_do_Rosário

There are charming winding street and small restaurants and guest houses. Tourists enjoy the lively food market and a clothes market. Take a look at the Nossa Senhora do Rosario church and relax at the popular hot springs.

cape porto novo

Also on Santo Antao is Porto Novo where hot, dusty winds blow. The city offers a great museum which gives information on the city’s past kings. Take a look at the royal palaces and admire the colonial buildings.

cape Ribeira_Brava.Town_Square.Sao_Nicolau._Large_-1

Ribeira Brava is the capital of Sao Nicolau island. It is a marvelous small city surrounded by mountains. Traders sell their wares from wooden crates in the narrow streets. There are wonderful colorful buildings in the town center and a modern market hall that sells everything from food to clothing and other amenities.

cape tarrafal

A short distance from this city is Tarrafal which has popular places for beach swimming and black sands that supposedly relieve pain due to minerals like iodine. There are many beaches to choose from and here you’ll find the largest harbor on Sao Nicolau. There are also many restaurants and shops.

cape maio villa goat

The island of Maio is known for secluded beaches where you’ll find golden sand and calm sea. It is a great place for bird watching with such birds as rare larks.

cape maio villa

The capital is Vila do Maio, home to a lovely colonial Portuguese church.

cape morro

On the same island the small town of Morro offers beaches surrounded by palm trees with golden sand.

cape morro turtles

Sea turtles come here to lay their eggs in the summer.

cape novo sintra mountains

Novo Sintra is another lovely town perched on the Brava Mountains. There are two story houses with gardens.

cape novo sintra columbus

Here you can see a stone replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship, guarding the eastern entrance to the town.


All this and a lot more awaits you in Cape Verde.

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  1. Beautiful photographs and destination Rasma!

    • It is a lovely country with all of those islands. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

  2. From the buildings to the beaches, this is such a lovely place you’ve highlighted!

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour Christy.

  3. Another great picture tour. Do you visit all these places?

    • If I did visit all these places I would have to have an extensive bank account. I made up an armchair travel blog. I explore the Internet and find the information and put it all together with the best photos I can get. Of course if I could I would just love to do a lot of traveling. At least this way I can let people know about the best place they could travel to.

      • Hope you get to travel someday to some of the places you’ve researched. You do a great job.

  4. Thank you Crystal.

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