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Sierra Leone on the Atlantic Ocean


Our armchair travels through West Africa have taken us to the country of Sierre Leone. The country is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

Freetown sierra freetown

Freetown is the capital and largest city in Sierra Leone. It is a major port city on the Atlantic Ocean.

sierra national museum

The Sierra Leone National Museum has two galleries. One is home to a collection of cultural and historical artifacts and the other has temporary exhibitions that

sierra national museum 2

include a collection of photos and documents which detail the colonial past of the city. A well-trained staff guides visitors through the exhibits.

sierra lumley beach

Visit Lumley Beach for some sand and sun. Especially on weekend this is where families come to play and relax.

sierra railway

The National Railway Museum can be enjoyed by everyone not just fans of the rails. There is an amazing collection of restored locomotives among them one that was once commissioned for the Queen of England in 1961. Visitors enjoy the displays of model trains and interesting photo of the glory days of the Sierra Leone railway. Take the time to look into the small gift shop.

sierra state-house-pic

Up on Tower Hill is the State House, overlooking the downtown area. The area is a fine example of Freetown’s old Krio architecture featuring brightly washed buildings and unusual window frames. The building itself incorporates the bastions and lion gate from Fort Thornton built at the turn of the 19th century.

sierra FourahBayCollege

Even thought the Old Fourah Bay College was gutted by fire in 1999 and only a shell remains it is still an interesting 1848 building to take a look at. The World Monuments Fund lists this building as one of the world’s 100 most-endangered historic sites.

sierra saint john

St. John’s Maroon Church built around 1820. It is a good example of Krio architecture and was built by returned slaves from Jamaica.

sierra law court

Take a look at the impressive Law Courts which have been beautifully restored.

sierra king-s-gate

The ancestors of almost all present-day Krios passed through King’s Yard Gate, atop Tower Hill in the strategic military Martello Tower, dating from 1805.

Sierra Leone Ebola

Today this is the site of Connaught Hospital. This is where the British brought rescued slaves so they could start new lives and they passed through the gate to get medical care by the British. Many of the new arrivals climbed up the nearby Old Wharf Steps which sometimes are mistakenly called the Portuguese Steps.

 sierra old wharf

The stones of the Old Wharf Steps were set in 1818.

 sierra cotton tree

One of the most famous landmarks in Freetown is the fat Cotton Tree, looming over the buildings of central Freetown. This tree is supposedly hundreds of years old. It played a key role in the history of the city, when poor black settlers rested beneath the tree after landing in Freetown in 1787. At times it is home to a huge colony of bats.

sierra st-georges-cathedral

St. George’s Cathedral was built in the early 1800s. This is a grand cathedral where you can get a look into the city’s colonial history.

sierra lighthouse

The 19th century lighthouse was refurbished in 2010.

sierra mosque

The impressive mosque in Freetown is the largest in the country.

sierra clock tower

At the intersection of some of Freetown’s busiest streets you’ll the interesting clock tower dating from the 19th century.

Exploring Sierra Leone

 sierra banana islands

The Banana Islands are a group of islands just off the coast of Yawri Bay, southwest of the Freetown Peninsula. They are made up of three islands two of which Dublin and Ricketts are linked by a stone causeway.

sierra Banana-Islands-Sunset

Here you’ll find shimmering beaches and lush rain forest.

sierra chimps

Close to Freetown is the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary located in the Western Area Peninsula National Park.

sierra chimps 2

The lovely rain forest protects the capital’s primary watershed. The sanctuary was established in 1995 to protect chimpanzees. Here are about 75 chimpanzees in several forested enclosures.

sierra chimps 3

Chimpanzees are listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources or IUCN. Sierra Leone is home to the Western Chimpanzee subspecies and holds the third highest population after Guinea and Liberia.

Here visitors can see chimpanzees up close in forested enclosures. For overnight stays the tranquil eco-lodges can give visitors time to relax in the rainforest.

Tiwaii Island, Sierra Leone, West Africa

Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary with the weaving, winding capillaries of the Moa River. The river is the main channel which splits in two in the heart of Sierra Leone’s southern province.

sierra tiwaii diana monkey

This island is one of the most famous conservation spots in the country. It is home to some of the last remaining virgin rainforest in Sierra Leone. Here you can see Diana monkeys, pygmy hippos, chimpanzees and pangolins.

sierra turtle 2

The Turtle Islands are a wonderful tropical paradise around which lap the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are palms and mangroves. You can enjoy white-sand beaches. There are bamboo-built villages, fishing skiffs and campsites along the shore.

sierra tokeh 2

Tokeh Beach greets visitors with bamboo parasols, Atlantic breezes and golden sand. The shore is lined with palm trees. The Western Area Rural District has many luxury hotels and guesthouses.

sierra gola forest

Gola Forest Reserve is a favorite place for nature lovers and conservationists. It has a large population of chimpanzees.

sierra gola rain forest

There are old woodlands with colorful butterflies, forest elephants, pygmy hippos and more.

sierra bo 2

Bo Town is officially known as Bo. It is Sierra Leone’s second city sitting deep in the Southern Province. It is known for diamond prospecting and mining. It is a lively place due to the students at the Njala University.

 sierra outamba 2

If you’re interested in seeing chimpanzees at play and swinging mangabeys visit the Outamba Kilimi National Park. The park borders with the Republic of Guinea. It has savannah and woodland groves. This is the right place for ecotourism and you can take safaris to see hippos in the muddy waters of the Kilimi River, elephants in the forests, bongo antelopes on the ridges and chimpanzees.

sierra kenema

Sierra Leone’s third-largest city Kenema can be found deep in the middle of the Eastern Province, among the ridges of the Kambui Hills where the head down to meet the Moa River. Kenema has a colorful clock tower. It is the gateway to the chimp and colobus monkey home the South Kambui Hills Forest Reserve.

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  1. My dad often watches documentaries and online videos of trains so I know he would like that museum you point out in your post. Wonderful to see the sights through your post, Rasma!

    • Thank you Christy. If only this world would settle down and we could all freely and without fear travel and see all the beauty and wonders.

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