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Fascinating Liberia


Liberia a country in West Africa is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire. It sits on the Atlantic coast and offers many beaches and nature reserves.

Taking a Look at the Capital, Monrovia

lib monrovia

Hotel Ducor was originally built by Pan Am Airlines. It was once a luxury hotel and the site of key political meetings. Today even though it is a ruin it is well worth taking a look at. It has become one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. You can roam the once lovely grounds and get a peek at the large swimming pool.

Surfing in Monrovia, Liberia - Kendaja Beach

Head for the vibrantly active Waterside Market which offers most everything for sale, from colorful textiles to shoes and leather goods and so much more.

lib national museum

The Liberia National Museum offers visitors photo and art exhibitions. There are also fine ethnic and historical displays. You can see founding father J.J. Roberts’ dining table which was a gift from Queen Victoria of England. There are also paintings and items that represent Liberian tribal cultures. The museum has found a home in the building that was once the former legislature.

lib ej royce

The EJ Roye Building was once the most important structure in the capital. This ten-story building fell into disrepair during the Liberian coup. However it remains a symbol and icon of the city.


Silver Beach is a lovely beach for sunbathing, walking and relaxing. It is home to the best beach snack place in the area. Located just 15 km southeast of Monrovia.

lib united methodist

Visitors like to admire the architecture of the First United Methodist Church.

 lib thinkers

A most popular beach is Thinker’s Beach. It is a well-known party beach and gets crowded on weekends. Located 17 km from Monrovia.

lib providence

Providence Island is the spot where freed American slaves first came ashore. In the future the government is planning to turn the island into a historical attraction. It is just a short drive across the Gabriel Tucker Bridge from Waterside Market.

 lib executive

The Executive Mansion is a sprawling eight-story semicircular structure. It is home to the Liberian president and holds the offices of the executive staff and other political staff. It is closed to the public.

lib jj roberts 2lib jj roberts

Monument to JJ Roberts, who was Liberia’s first president. It is a tall rectangle with Roberts statue in front.

lib masonic temple

Even though the Masonic Temple isn’t open to the public it is worth strolling past this Freemason building to see the impressive architectural details.

lib rivoli

Rivoli Cinema is an intersting building showing mainly Bollywood movies.

Taking a Look at Liberia

lib sapo

Sapo National Park  is the most famous of Liberia’s duo of national parks. It stretches for 1,804 square kilometers in the Upper Guinean Rain forest.

lib sapo 3

It has one of the highest mammal biodiversity of anywhere in the world.

lib sapo 4

In the old growth woods you can see pygmy hippos and white-crested Diana monkeys, crocodiles, leopards, speckled-throat ed otters and chimpanzees.

lib robertsport

For those who love surfing there is Robertsport the tops of all of Liberia’s surfing spots. Here you can see long-haired wave riders hitting the rolling Atlantic swells.

lib robertsport 2

There are many surf schools. Visitors enjoy hiking along the coast of Cape Mount Bay to see the trademark timber and stone churches along the shore.

lib gabargna

The sprawling town of Gbarnga is surrounded by sweeping mud plains and the forests of inland Liberia. This is the regional capital of Bong County.

lib cuttington

This town is also home to the over 100-year old Cuttington University which is one of the most prestigious in the country. You’ll also see some dramatic waterfalls and earthy guesthouses.

lib harbel

Harbel on the Farmington River lies close to the Atlantic coast. Here you can find monkey-dotted beaches in the resort towns south of Monrovia.

lib harbel rubber

The town is home to the largest rubber plantation in the world and it is surrounded by rubber tree forests.

lib harbel airport

It is also home to the Roberts International Airport, the main access point to the northwest of the nation.

lib gola

The Gola National Forest is the new name for the Lofa-Mano National Park. Amazing primeval rain forest that sprawls along the northern border of Sierra Leone.

lib gola 2

Here you can see verdant canopies and endless stretches of colossal tree trunks and boughs. It is home to exotic dragonflies, chimpanzees, rare pygmy hippos and much more.

lib marshall

Marshall has lovely empty beaches, palm forest and mangrove swamps.

lib marshall monkey

Visitors enjoy the small archipelago named Monkey Island where chimps inhabit the jungles.

lib east nimba 2

East Nimba Nature Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here visitors delight in highland savannas, lowland rain forests

lib lion

and rare animals like the West African lion.

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  2. Looks like an interesting place with interesting animals.

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      • Why can’t everyone travel freely in Africa? Maybe we’ll be able to travel freely in Africa.

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