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Our armchair travels have now taken us to Central Africa and the country of Cameroon on the Gulf of Guinea. The country has varied terrain and wildlife.


cam yaounde

The capital city of Cameroon, Yaounde is spread over seven hills in the southern part of the country.


Musee de la Blackitude pays homage to Cameroon’s tribal heritage especially to the Grassland region.

cam musee-la-blackitude

Here you can see a reconstructed royal chamber, amazing sacred, musical and functional objects. The museum is located behind the stadium seats on Blvd du 20 Mai.

cam mefou-national-park

Mefou National Park is just a 45-minute drive south of Yaounde. It is run by Ape Action Africa which is an organization that was established to protect primates in Cameroon.

cam mefou-national-park 2

There are well-informed guides that show visitors the gorillas, drills, chimps and mandrills, living in lovely natural surroundings. All of them have been rescued from the bush meat trade.

cam notre dame

The impressive Notre Dame Cathedral is a triangular building that was consecrated in 1955

cam notre dame 2

and has an amazing Afrocentric mosaic above the altar.

cam national museum

The Musee National has found its home in a grand white 1930s villa which was a former presidential palace. The museum gives visitors a look into Cameroon’s history. There are many interesting displays among them tribal objects from around the country including garments and drums.

cam independence

Place de L’Independance is a huge square that is

cam independence hotel

fronted by the Yaounde’s Hotel de Ville (town hall). The square has flower beds along the edges and African statues. The highlight of the square is the Afriland First Bank.

cam independence afriland

Afriland First Bank has colorful mosaics that depict tribal figures and Egyptian scenes. A metal gate has a mask motif.

cam bene

At the Benedictine Monastery on Mount Febe, north of the city center you’ll find the Musee d’Art Camerounais. There are three exhibit rooms with an impressive collection of masks, bronze and woodwork and other examples of Cameroonian art. The chapel is also worth a look at.

cam reunification monument 2

The Reunification Monument stands out as one of the most significant representations of Cameroon’s past, present and future.

cam reunification monument

It is the creative art work of Cameroonian artist Gedeon Mpando completed in 1974. The monument is a physical representation of the reunification between French and British Cameroon.

cam reunification monument 3

The monument is further enhanced by the erstwhile staircase, the banquet hall in the basement and the impressive garden.

cam national assembly

Nearby you’ll find the Glass Palace or National Assembly.

cam bois-sainte-anastasie

Bois Sainte Anastasie Recreation Park is a great place to get away from it all right in the heart of the city.

cam bois sainte

Here you can delight in lovely decorated scenery, crystal springs, beautiful gardens, winding footpaths, small bridges over ponds and so much more. People enjoy just taking walks here or enjoying picnics.

cam bois-sainte-anastasie restaurant

If you like you can eat at the Bois Sainte Anastasie Restaurant.

Exploring Cameroon

 cam limbe 2

Limbe is located on the slopes of Mount Cameroon which is an active volcanic mountain. This is a city where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. The city has lovely botanical gardens and nearby are waterfalls and a national park.

cam limbe mount cameroon

The mountain has a summit height of more than 4,000 m and is a challenge for hikers and mountain climbers. There is plenty of great hiking to do at the base of the mountain as well.

cam douala

Douala is the largest city in Cameroon and the capital of the Littoral Region. It is also home to Central Africa’s largest port and its major international airport. The business center here is the main one in the country and visitors can get a real look at modern Cameroon.

cam waza national 2

Waza National Park looks great in all four seasons. Here you can see wildlife like elephants, giraffes and hyenas. You can explore the park by vehicle and you can get a guide so you can get to see it all.

cam bamenda

Bamenda is the capital of Cameroon’s north-west. It is the right city for visitors who want to explore the country’s highlands with their lovely lush scenery and hidden villages.

cam bamenda 2

The surrounding landscape is great for mountain biking and hiking. There are radar guesthouses and restaurants.

cam foumban

Foumban is a great city for art lovers. This city has its roots in arts, music and architecture. It has the largest Muslim population and is like a blend of North and West Africa with its Islamic influences.

cam foumban royal palace

The main attraction here is The Royal Palace and it is also well worth it to visit the city mosque.

cam kirbi 2

Kribi is like a paradise with beaches of white sand, blues sea and restaurants serving fresh fish along the seafront.

cam kirbi Chutes_de_la_Lobe

After a relaxing day you can take a look at the amazing Chutes de la Lobe waterfalls that cascade right into the sea.

cam korup 2

Korup National Park stretches for a vast area of 126,000 hectares that include evergreen forest. The park is well maintained by resident scientists and has well-marked trails. In the park you can find many different species of birds among them hornbills and the extremely rare red-headed rock fowl. Visitors might see elephants and chimps on occasion.

cam dja faunal reserve 2

The Dja Faunal Reserve is one of the largest areas of protected rainforest in Africa. 90% of the reserve consists of unspoiled and protected forest.

cam Dja_River_view

The Dja River makes a natural border. The reserve is home to a large variety of primates.

cam campo

Campo Ma’an National Park is a massive national park covering an area of 264,000 hectares. There are diverse landscapes that vary from mountains to rain forest.

cam campo 3

This is home to many mammals, birds and even sea turtles that nest on the beaches here. All together there are over 80 species of mammals and more than 300 birds species. This national park is funded by the WWF.

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  1. Stunning landscape and wildlife. The Reunification Monument is so impressive. Thanks for the tour.

    • You welcome.Glad you enjoyed the tour.

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