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Exploring Equatorial Guinea

eq guinea

Our armchair travels through Central Africa have taken us to Equatorial Guinea which consists of the Rio Muni mainland and five volcanic offshore islands.

eq malabo

Its capital Malabo is a port city located on Bioko Island. Here visitors can admire the Spanish-colonial architecture.

eq SantaIsabelMalabo

Of special interest is the neo-Gothic, twin-towered Santa Isabel Cathedral.

eq casa-verde

The dark green Casa Verde is a 19th century house that was prefabricated in Belgium.

eq cultural center

The Equatoguinean Cultural Center has gallery and performance spaces.

Traveling About Equatorial Guinea

eq mount alen 2

Monte Alen National Park has outstanding natural beauty. There are humid rain forests and the gushing, flowing course of the Uoro River. Visitors can enjoy trekking trails, personal safari packages and experience the wilds of Africa.

eq mount alen 3

Among the wildlife here are rare goliath frogs, gorillas, elephants, crocodiles, chimpanzees and more.

eq moca

The town of Moca lies in the rugged volcanic ridges of the Moca Valley on the southern edges of Bioko. This is home to the people of the Buki tribe. Visitors come here to do hiking to cloud-topped peaks.

eq moca cascades

There also are the craggy, monkey-dotted Cascades of Moca

eq moca lake biao

and two shimmering lakes – Biao and Loreta.

 eq san antonio

San Antonio de Ureca today in and around this village the sand and pebble beaches are a haven for endangered sea turtles who swim in the Atlantic.

eq san antonio caldera

The town has low-rise shakes and mud roads all sitting in the shadow of the mighty San Carlos Caldera. Here you can find gushing waterfalls and many hiking paths.

eq luba

Luba is the departure point for logs that stream down the highland highways from the forest of Caldera de San Carlos in the Bioko highlands.

eq luba arena blanca

There is lovely coastline and the shimmering sands of Arena Blanca. There are swaying coconut palms and salt-sprayed boulders.

eq mbini

Mbini is the gateway to the coastal region of Rio Muni and the winding channels of

eq benito river

the mighty Benito River. This is the longest river in the country. Mbini is an ocean-side town and is a great place to taste the country’s famed seafood. You find resort hotels, sandy beaches and the rising peaks of Monte Alen in the distance.

eq Annobon_Island_Equatorial_Guinea


Annobon is an island sitting among the swells of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a history of Portuguese and Spanish colonialism.

eq annobon san antonio de pale

Visitors enjoy the Creole style beach side capital of San Antonio de Pale.

eq annobon whales

For wildlife lovers here are pods of humpback whales, rare Ojo Blanco birds on the cliffs and baobabs hide lizards in the back country.

eq altos

Altos de Nosork National Park was established in 2000 and has untouched jungle and highland ecosystems. Hikers traversing the paths can see forest elephants,

eq altos mandrill

see the biodiversity of plants, look for mandrills and black colored monkeys in the trees. There are even rare buffalo in the woods.

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  1. Beautiful landscapes!

    • The more I explore as I put this blog together the more I find that there are so many lovely places. Now if only the world would settle down and traveling could be done without worries people could explore all of these wonders at any time.

      • Oh, I wish for that too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? This planet is gorgeous and I would love to see it all.

  2. Beautiful place it looks like and the animals are nice too.

    • The more I write about Africa the more it seems like a sort of Land of Oz Crystal and I sure hope that the world will settle down and people can take off down the yellow brick road and so some exploring.

      • the world needs to find a way out of turmoil.

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