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Eritrea in the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is a peninsula in Northeast Africa, jutting out hundreds of kilometers into the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, lying along the southern side of the Gulf of Aden. The countries in the Horn are Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.


Eritrea lies on the Red Sea coast in northeast Africa.

The Capital Asmara

erit Asmara

Asmara is known for its Italian colonial buildings.

Opera House, Theatre. Asmara. Eritrea. Africa.

The Opera House was completed around 1920 and is one of the city’s most elegant early-20th century buildings. During the opening hours of the cafe visitors are welcome to look around.

erit fiat

Fiat Tagliero Building is an interesting building that was once a petrol station constructed in the late 1930s. It resembles an airplane.

Medebar Market. Asmara. Eritrea. Africa.

You can find a lot of interesting things at the Medebar Market. Here you can find old tires that have been recycled into sandals, see corrugated iron flattened and made into metal buckets and many more things.

erit enda mariam

The Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1938. It is an interesting mix of Italian and Eritrean architecture. Its central block is flanked by large square towers.

erit great mosque

You’ll find the Great Mosque at the head of a large open square. It was completed in 1938 and is a mix of classical and Islamic styles.

erit catholic

The elaborate, brick-walled Catholic Church is Asmara’s most iconic monument. It was consecrated in 1923 and is a fine example of Lombard Romanesque-style.

 Traveling in Eritrea

 erit massawa

Massawa offers visitors an interesting town where they can stroll the streets and alleys and see small porticoes, arcades and whitewashed buildings. The town lies right on the coast. There are houses made of coral. Take the time to explore the Ottoman bazaar.

erit massawa ruins


The Imperial Palace overlooks the harbor in Massawa. The current building was built in the 19th century.

erit st mariam

St Mariam Cathedral is an Orthodox church in Massawa. This is an impressive building with a lovely mural on the outside.

erit monument

Across the street from the cathedral is the monument dedicated to the Eritrean Struggle for Independence. The monument consists of three large tanks sitting in the exact spot in which they stopped in the last battle in Massawa in 1990. They sit on a sleek black marble slab.

erit senafe

Senafe is located in the south of Eritrea, on the edge of the highlands. It is mostly inhabited by the Tigrinya and Saho people and

erit senafe metera

the town is well-known for the Metera or Balaw Kalaw ruins.

erit senafe enda

Other popular sites in the town include Enda-Tradqan, a monolithic church and the huge stone outcropping south of town.

erit Dahlak-Marine-National-Park-1024x683

Dahlak Marine National Park is surrounded by water and located in the Dahlak Archipelago. Here you can find turtles, dolphins, manta rays and more than 300 fish species.

erit dahlak turtle

This is a great place for divers. There are underwater volcanoes with amazing pumice stone formations.

erit dahlak birds

Many shipwrecks around the island offer get adventures for divers. Be on the lookout for Dugon dugon – the unusual marine mammals which are believed to be the origin of the mermaid myth.

erit qohaitoerit Emba-Soira

Qohaito is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Eritrea. This is the place to find the ruins of the Safra’s Dam and King Saba’s Palace, dating to the Axumite and pre-Axumite periods. This site was first discovered in the 19th century and excavation began in the 1960s. Nearby is Emba Soira, the country’s highest peak.

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