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Kenya In the East African Rift Valley


Kenya offers visitors lost of wildlife, national parks and game reserves. There are many miles of coastline along the Indian Ocean with plenty of beaches. Its capital Nairobi is one of the largest metropolises in all of East Africa.

keni massa 3

Maasai Mara is home to the single most famous safari park in the world. To the south it borders Tanzania’s celebrated Serengeti National Park.

keni massa 2

You can see savannah plains with galloping zebra herds, swaying grasslands with stalks of giraffes, meadow with topi and waterholes surrounded by cape buffalo. Visitors love to go on safari and see the fabled Big Five of African mammals.

keni lamu

Lamu Island is surrounded by sandbanks, mangrove swamps and the waters of the

keni lamu 2

Indian Ocean on the eastern edge of Kenya.

keni lamu old town

It is home to one of the most historically rich towns in the country. Lamu Old Town is a historic port with whitewashed facades and tropical timber wood housed.

keni amboseli

Amboseli National Park is a fine national park. It finds itself in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A herd of zebra drinking, Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Here you can find plains and savannahs and riparian wetlands. It has some of the largest elephant herds in the country. You can see cheetahs, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras and more.

keni Hells_Gate_1

Hell’s Gate National Park finds itself between the capital Nairobi and the backcountry town of Nakuru in southern Kenya. It is considered to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s “The Lion King”.

keni hells gate 2

There are high escarpments and deep valleys with such interesting names like Fischer’s Tower and Embarta.

keni hells gate Ruppells_vulture

You can expect to see wildebeests and vultures as well as African buffalo, gazelles and plenty of lions.

keni Tsavo_east_bachuma_gate

Tsavo East National Park is one of the oldest and largest national parks in all of East Africa. It is one of the best safari destinations in the world.

keni tsavo

There are swaying savannah grasses and red-hued rocks rising like escarpments. On the eastern edge of the park  flows the Athi River giving way to the great stones of Yatta which is one of the largest lava channels in the world.

keni tsavo lions

You can see white-tailed mongooses, cape buffalo, ground pangolins and cheetahs.


keni Mombasa-Kenya

Mombasa is an interesting place to visit. It was influenced by Portuguese and Arabic rulers.

keni mombasa 2

There is the European-style Old Town and the lovely Mombasa port.

keni mombasa 4

There are shimmering white sand beaches and palm tree groves.

keni samburu 4

The Samburu National Reserve is surrounded by rising highlands and is shadowed by Mount Kenya.  The terrain has flat-topped acacia trees and there are riparian oases of palms.

keni samburu 3

Among wildlife you’ll see lions, gazelles, Tanzanian cheetahs, waterbucks, crocodiles and olive baboons.

keni lake nakuru

Lake Nakuru has its own national park. The lake rises above the Great Rift Valley between acacia groves and meadows. There are a lot of birds among them many flamingos.

keni lake nakuru baboon

Visitors can get a lookout over the park from Baboon Cliff. You can take hikes along dirt tracks and see Eastern black rhinos, baboons and migrating birds.

keni laikipia 4



The Laikipia District is one of Keny’s prime ecotourism hotspots. The region offers hikes through its natural backcountry. There are sweeping green highlands and hills. You can see zebras, wild dogs and black rhinos.

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  1. Beautiful images.

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour and the photos. I always take my time to find the best photos I can and in turn let everyone see the photos so that they know the beauty there is in this world.

  2. Just beautiful. The photos are stunning.

    • Thank you Google is a great help with the photos. I am amazed at all the beauty I keep discovering Africa has to offer as I continue to explore the different information on the various countries.

  3. Stunning photos! Just beautiful.🌞

  4. Didn’t mean to mimic Diana’s words! That’s never happened before!

    • No worries. Glad that you enjoyed the tour. I really enjoy putting these together it is so interesting.

  5. The pictures are amazing

    • Thank you. I takes me awhile to get just the right photos from Google but because all of these photo come from various travel sites I figure by using them I am also helping to promote the possibility of travel to these places and it benefits everyone equally.

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