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Terrific Tanzania


Tanzania is a country in East Africa known for its vast wilderness areas. There are many national parks for visitors to get up close to nature and wildlife.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is home to Africa’s highest mountain peak. It is located in northern Tanzania and visitors mostly come here for the challenge of climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

tan mount kilimanjaro elephant

It is a World Heritage Site. The mountain rises from farmland to rainforest and alpine meadow then up to barren lunar landscape at the peaks.

tan mount kilimanjaro zirrafe

The rainforest slopes are home to buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, elephants and eland. The alpine zone is home to birds with many birds of prey.

tan serengeti-national-park

Serengeti National Park is mostly a vast treeless plain where millions of animals search looking for fresh grassland. “Serengeti” means an “extended place” in the Maasai language.This is the largest national park in Tanzania and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The annual migration of millions of zebra and wildebeest happens in May or early June.

tan serengeti lions

There are large herds of antelope as well as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, bat eared fox, hunting dog and jackal. There are nearly 500 species of birds.

tan zanzibar

The Zanzibar Archipelago consists of two islands – Zanzibar and Pemba.

tan zanzibar 2

Zanzibar is also known as Unguja and is a major holiday destination due to its lovely beaches. This island has some of the best beaches in the world with varying surf. Visitors delight in soft white sand and clear shallow water.

tan stone town

Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar. There are grand old Arabian homes that line the narrow streets and winding alleyways. Many of the houses in the town were built in the 19th century when Zanzibar was one of the most important Swahili trading towns in the Indian Ocean.

Stone Town is the world’s oldest functioning Swahili city and lots of the landmarks have been restored to their former glory. Some of the historic buildings have been made into museums.

Take a walk along Creek Road and it will take you to the original Stone Town.

tan stone darjani

Central Darajani Market, Beit el-Amani, City Hall,

tan stone town anglican church

the Anglican Church. Other key highlights include

tan stone town forodhani gardens

the Forodhani Gardens,

tan stone town old dispensery

the Old Dispensary with carved wooden balconies,

tan stone town beit el-shahal palace-museum-beit-al

the former home of the sultans known as Beit el-Sahel or the People’s Palace,

tan stone town bath_house_zanzibar

the Hamamni Persian Baths built in 1888 and

La ville de pierre de Zanzibar (République-Unie de Tanzanie)

the oldest structure, the Old Fort.

Sea Kayaking. Pemba Island. Zanzibar Tanzania

Pemba Island is less visited. Visitors can watch traditional bullfighting from December to February. This is a hilly island with deep valleys and has become popular with mountain bikers who are drawn to the 1,000 meter peaks.

tan pemba clove tree flowers

Clove tree flowers

Pemba is a major world clove producer and well-known for its juju traditions of medicine and magic. People come from all over East Africa to learn from the voodoo and traditional healers and to seek cures.

Large numbers of blue wildebeest (gnu), Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is located between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara. It is home to the famous volcanic Ngorongoro Crater and is one of Tanzania’s most popular wildlife viewing areas. The huge volcanic crater has a permanent supply of water. Visitors enjoy viewing the large game and birds. Of interest in the conservation area is the Olduvai Gorge.

 tan ngo crater 2

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact ancient caldera in the world and is nearly three million years old. The Ngorongoro volcano was one of the world’s tallest mountains before it exploded and collapsed. On the crater floor you can see lions, elephants, rhinos, Thomson’s gazelles and buffaloes. There are a great many wildebeests and zebras.

tan ngo crater hippo

Hippos enjoy submerging themselves during the day and grazing in the grasses in the evening.


The Olduvai Gorge is an archeological site that is situated on a series of fault lines. Centuries of erosion have revealed fossils and remnants of early mankind.

tan lake manyara 2

Lake Manyara National Park consists of forest, woodland, grassland and swamps. Two-thirds of the park is covered by water. At Lake Manyara you can see thousands of flamingoes and other diverse bird life.

tan lake manyara

The highlight of the parks is observing the large elephant population, tree-climbing lions and hippos.

tan lake manyara 4

It also has the largest concentration of baboons in the world.

Popular activities here are wildlife drives, canoeing, mountain bike tours and bird watching.

tan mafia

Mafia Island attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the world. The undersea world here is protected by the Mafia Island Marine Park. There are excellent coral gardens, a great variety of fish and fantastic diving atmosphere. Lots of birds and 400 fish species. The island is also the traditional breeding ground for the green turtle, which is close to extinction.

tan mafia 4 turtle

This is also a desirable location for deep-sea fishing particularly for tuna, marlin, sailfish and other big-game fish.

tan taran 2

Tarangire National Park was established in 1970. It is best to visit during the dry season from July to September when animals can be found along the river. During the dry season you can find a large concentration of migratory wildlife among them wilde beets, zebra, buffalo, impala, gazelle, harte beest and eland. Among the highlights here are the Baobab trees in the grassy landscape.

tan taran 3

This is a great park for bird watching with over 300 species like buzzards, vultures, herons, storks, kites, falcons and eagles.

tan selous 2

Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa. It was established in 1922. The southern area is a forbidden zone which is underdeveloped heavily forested and has a series of steep cliffs.

tan selous Rufiji_River,_Selous_Game_Reserve

Travelers are limited to the area north of the Rufiji River. Here visitors can find grassland, woodland, rivers, hills and plains. The river bisects the game reserve and has the largest catchment area of any river in East Africa. Here you can find elephants, hippos and rhinos as well as buffalo, antelope, giraffe, warthog, wildebeest, lion, leopard and cheetah. Over 350 bird species.

tan arusha

Arusha National Park is smaller than most in Tanzania. It consists of the forest of Mount Meru, Ngurdoto Crater in the southeast section and Momela Lakes, a series of seven crater lakes.

tan arusha colobus monkey

In the forested area you can see black and white Colobus monkeys while the marshy floor of the crater has herds of buffalo, zebra and warthog.

tan arusha mount-meru

Mount Meru is one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Africa and the second highest mountain in Tanzania. The summit can be reached by a narrow ridge that offers great views of the volcanic cone lying several thousand feet below in the crater. The ascent takes visitors through parkland, forest, a giant heather zone and moorland.

tan ruaha

Ruaha National Park counts as the least accessible park in Tanzania. Here birdwatchers can see more than 400 species of bird. There is the river, spectacular gorges and majestic trees. It is Tanzania’s second largest park and has large herds of buffalo, elephant and gazelle.

tan ruaha river

The Great Ruaha River is the park’s main feature with wildlife on both banks. The river also provides much of the electricity to Tanzania through a hydroelectric dam at Kidatu.

tan katavi waterfall

Katavi National Park is located in a remote location and offers unspoiled wilderness. Its predominant feature is the enormous flood plain divided by the Katuma River and several seasonal lakes. The lake has a huge groups of hippos, crocodiles and more than 400 species of birds.

tan katavi hippo

One of the spectacular happenings is at the end of the dry season when as many as 200 hippos try to squeeze into a pool of water.

During the dry season herds of impala, reedbuck, lions, zebras and giraffes can be seen at the remaining streams and pools. There are an estimated 4,000 elephants and several herds of buffalo.

tan gombe 2

Gombe Stream National Park is the place visitors go to when they want to get away from the beaten path and get a look at chimpanzees. It is the smallest national park in Tanzania and famous for the work of Jane Goodall. The British researcher arrived in 1960 to study the wild chimpanzees.

tan gombe

Visitors are taken on guided walks to observe chimps in the wild. Many different species of primates and mammals live in the park. There are more than 200 species of bird in the tropical forest among them barbets, starlings, sunbirds, crowned eagles, kingfishers and the palm-nut vulture.

Among the popular activities here are hiking and swimming. A forest trail leads to a waterfall in the valley.

tan victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater lake in Africa. It’s bordered by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This lake is the source of the White Nile. The towns of Bukoba, Musoma and Mwanza have some attractions.

tan victoria 3

There are many islands near Mwanza and Musoma.

tan victoria stork

Popular excursions are bird watching and fishing trips. Boat trips and hikes can be arranged.

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  1. I wish to go to Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanibaar!

    • Don’t they just look like amazing places to see. Putting this together I was amazed at how much beauty there is in Tanzania. A friend I know and his family just recently went to Tanzania and even had picnics right out on the range from where you could see all the animals.

  2. From flowers to animals and sea life, there is so much to love here!

    • Yes, Christy. It is amazing how much beauty is in the world.

  3. Lovely pictures. I noticed that the last picture had a picture of a camera on it unlike the other pictures. Why is that? I know you try to capture the beauty and you do a good job of doing that but is there a reason why pictures of the people hardly making it aren’t mentioned. I know you’re going for beauty and I’m not saying to add those pictures but mention the down side of Africa too.

    • That photo has the name of the site it comes from on it. Well Crystal I am writing about places people can go to and enjoy traveling in. Writing about the downside is then an entirely different matter.

      • I understand. I wasn’t being mean. Just wondered why it hadn’t been mentioned. pretty pictures.

  4. No worries Crystal. I have just chosen to show people the beauty and positive side of traveling to these places. Once they choose to do so they will of course have to check into the safety of traveling. I do understand what you are also saying.

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