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Amazing Madagascar


mad 2

A huge island nation Madagascar is located off the southeast coast of Africa. It’s home to many different animal species like lemurs. There are rainforests, beaches and reefs.

Capital of Madagascar 

mad ant

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. It is located in the island’s Central Highlands. 

mad rova

Tana’s rova or fortified palace which is known as Manjakamiadana or A Fine Place to Rule sits on the city’s highest hill. It was gutted by fire in 1995 and is currently still under restoration. However visitors can see the compound. The palace was designed for Queen Ranavalona I by Scottish missionary James Cameron.

mad rova gate

The gate to the palace is protected by a carved eagle, the symbol of military force and a phallus, the symbol of circumcision and therefore nobility. The Rova is also the resting place of the country’s greatest monarchs and you can see imposing stone tombs to the left of the main gate. The tombs of the kings are grey and the tombs of the queens are red which was the color of nobility.

mad musee anda

Musee Andafivaratra has found its home in an impressive pink baroque palace which is the former home of Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony. In the museum visitors can find a assortment of memorabilia. Unfortunately the museum has been closed since 2012.

In 2013 the Merina crown jewels were stolen and have not yet been recovered. Of the remaining artifacts the most interesting is a portrait of the mad Queen Ranavalona I. There is also a huge gilt throne, coats of chain mail and a selection of presents from foreign crowns through the ages. The exhibits have explanations in English and French.

mad parc lake

Parc de Tsarasaotra – even though Lake Alarobia is found right in the heart of the city’s industrial area this park is the refuge and nesting site for 14 threatened endemic bird species

mad parc 2

like the Madagascar pond heron, Meller’s duck and Madagascar little grebe.

mad presidential

The Presidential Palace is a lovely 19th century manor that was an official French residence for many years. In 1975 it became the Madagascan presidential palace and remained so until President Didier Ratsiraka chose to build a more modern complex about 15 km south of the capital in 1991. It remains an official residence.

mad musee d'art

Musee d’Art et d’Archeologie is a small museum in Isoraka that gives an overview of archaeological digs around the island among them displays of grave decorations from the south referred to as aloalo, rotating exhibits on Madagascan life and few talismans and objects used in traditional ceremonies.

mad lac anosy

Lac Anosy is a heart-shaped lake in the southern part of town. It is particularly lovely in October when the jacaranda trees that line the shores have their purple blossoms.

mad angel monument

On an island that is connected to the shore by a causeway stands a large golden angel on a plinth, the Monument auz Morts, a WWI memorial was erected by the French. At present it is not advised to walk in this area but visitors can appreciate Anonsy from viewpoints in the Haute-Ville.

mad gare

Gare Soarano used to be the old train station. Today this lovely building has become a small, umarket shopping center. Here you can also see regular art shows with artwork by Malagasy artist. There are also chic boutiques and other shops.

Exploring Madagascar

mad nosy be 2

In little Nosy Be you’ll find Madagascar’s trademark beaches. There are quaint little fishing villages as well. You’ll find beach parties on Sunday along the sands of Madirokely.

mad nosy mangebe

Between the coastal hills of Helodrano Antonigila Bay you’ll find the small island nature reserve of Nosy Mangabe. A great place for wildlife  lovers famed for its booming populations of bug-eyed aye-aye lemurs.

mad Mantella_baroni01

There are huge fig trees around groves of palms where lemurs can meet up with mantella frogs. The green hills slope down into secluded bays with bright yellow sand.

mad tsingy 2

One of Madagascar’s most curious natural treasures is the Tsingy de Bemaraha with a dramatic landscape of carved rocks and towering hoodoos, needle-like stone spires and colossal monoliths balanced atop cliffs. It lies among the long green belt of nature reserves on the west coast.

mad Tsingy-de-Bemaraha-04

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its great biodiversity of dry deciduous forests, rare rock habitats and sweeping plateau.

mad rano 2

Ranomafana National Park is the natural jewel of Fianarantsoa and home of Madagascar’s famous golden bamboo lemur.

mad rano 3

There are misty montane forests and lowland plains with miles of hiking tracks going past roaring waterfalls. There are multi-colored lizards.

mad isalo

Lovely Isalo National Park is a patchwork of carved rock gorges and winding canyons, blooming oasis and palm groves. Since 1962 it is a designated protected area with extreme biodiversity. Visitors come to admire the windswept runiforme mountains and to walk beneath towers of stacked stone.

mad isalo lemur 2

You can see rare crested ibis and ring-tailed lemurs. There are also over 80 species of endemic birds along with the famous Canyon of Monkey.


  1. It’s amazing to me that so many different things could be found in one place the size of Madagascar! I love those trees! Have you been to all these places? -Debra

    • My blog is purely an armchair travel blog Debra. I gather together the information and write up this blog. I enjoy putting it together very much but of course it would not be possible for me to travel to all these places otherwise I would have to have an endless source of money. However by passing this information on I can let others know how many wonderful places there are to visit in the world.

  2. Beautiful and the animals are something too.

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour Crystal. I certainly love those lemurs.

      • Yes they’re something.

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