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Marvelous Malawi


Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. The country has a background of highlands that are split by the Great Rift Valley and huge Lake Malawi.


The capital Lilongwe is located

mal lilongwe river

on the Lilongwe River. It has lots to offer visitors.

 mal wildlife 2

Lilongwe Wildlife Center this wilderness area is Malawi’s only sanctuary for orphaned, injured and rescued wild animals.

mal wildlife

The wildlife that makes its home here include a one-eyed lion rescued from Romania, a python, two cobras, baboons, duikers, servals and blue and vervet monkeys. The purpose is to rehabilitate the animals to they can go back into the wild.

mal wildlife 3

Visitors can wander the woodland trails and enjoy the picnic area, playground and cafe.

mal parliament-building

The Parliament Building is worth a look at. It sits on the outskirts of Lilongwe near Capital Hill. Visitors can get a free guided tour.

mal kamuzu-banda-mausoleum01

Kamuzu Mausoleum is a marble and granite mausoleum and the final resting place of Malawi’s “president for life”, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda. There are four pillars with the initials of his most prized principles – unity, loyalty, obedience and discipline and between them a wrinkled portrait of the “lion of Malawi”. Banda ruled from 1961 to 1994 and died at almost 100 years of age.

Minolta DSC

The Reserve Bank Building is a landmark in central Lilogwe.

Traveling in Malawi

mal liwonde

Liwonde National Park is where visitors can do some wildlife watching and enjoy going on safari. The park stretches along the Shire River. This is a vast reserve of flood plains and wetland swamps with swaying grass fields and baobab groves.

mal liwonde 3

Here you can see bush elephants, jackals, hyenas, impalas, waterbucks, baboons and much more.

Here is a great diversity of flora with huge and waxy orchids and ponds with water lilies.

mal blantyre

Blantyre is a town boasting over 150 years of history since it was first established by missionaries working for the Church of Scotland. Visitors enjoy seeing old

mal blantyre mandala house

structures like Mandala House or

mal blantyre stock exchange

getting a look at the Malawi Stock Exchange. There are also various tobacco packing factories.

mal lake malawi 2

Lake Malawi National Park is the place for nature lovers. Among the sylvan hillsides are the shores of the country’s largest lake Lake Malawi.

mal lake malawi 3

You can see baboons and antelopes along the shore. There are safari lodges on the reserves various islands. You can also see old missionary settlements.

mal nyika-national-park-zebra-malawi-590x390

Nyika National Park is the largest of its kind in the country and one of the most unusual natural habitats. There are many river ways, grassy plains and colorful orchid beds. You can see roaming elephants and water buffalo.

mal nyika 3.jpg

Visitors enjoy horse riding safaris, hiking and bird spotting.

mal nkho

Nkhotakota is located right in the heart of Malawi’s central backcountry. Here you can see green miombo woods and winding rivers heading toward Lake Malawi. Here travelers come to spend time in the safari lodges along the waters.

mal nkho 3

You can see tropical birds, elephants, buffalo and leopards.


mal mulange

Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve has breathtaking stone and rock formations. It has the  highest peak in the nation. It is famous for the woodlands with the endangered widdringtonia African cypress trees,

mal likoma 2

Likoma Island is surrounded by the waters of lake Malawi.

mal likoma st. peters cathedral

Visitors admire the Gothic Likoma town cathedral. It is famous for its crystal-clear shore waters and unspoilt coastline. You can enjoy fishing and snorkeling.

mal chongoni 2

Chongoni is known for its rich history and pre-historic arrays of rock art. It is a UNESCO site. Here you can see the Dedza Mountains reaching nearly 2,000 meters above sea level. There are caverns with religious elements and old artwork. On the westernmost  edge is Mphunzi Mountain.

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