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Charming Cape Town


Cape Town is a lovely port city on the southwest coast of South Africa, on a peninsula in the shadow of Table Mountain.

 cape botanical

The location and unusual flora of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens come together to create this 52,800 botanical gardens. They are among the most beautiful in the world. At the main entrance, visitors will find the information center, souvenir shop, and conservatory.  

 Tree Canopy Walkway, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa. Table Mountain is in background.

The Tree Canopy Walkway was added in 2013 and is informally referred to as the “Boomslang”, meaning tree snake. This is a curvaceous steel and timber bridge, rising through the trees and offers fantastic views.

The gardens have free guided walks or you can hire the My Guide electronic gizmo to receive recorded information about different plants as you pass the signposts along circular walks.

cape botanical 2

You’ll find about 22,000 plant species from South Africa here. The fragrance garden has been elevated so that people can sample various scents easily. There is a Braille trail, a hill with pelargoniums, a sculpture garden and a section of useful plants as well as a section of the wild almond hedge planted in 1660 by Jan van Riebeeck to from the boundary of the Dutch outpost.

Between November and March, you can enjoy outdoor afternoon concerts on Sundays.

cape good hope

The Cape of Good Hope is commonly called Cape Point and is a 77.50 sq. km. section of Table Mountain National Park. It includes incredible scenery, great places for walking, places for bird watching, and deserted beaches.

cape good hope trail

Visitors have to reserve a place for the two-day Cape of Good Hope Trail, an amazing 33.8 km circular route with one night spent at the basic Protea and Restio huts.

cape good hope funicular

Some 250 species of birds have been spotted her among them cormorants and ostriches. Visitors can enjoy hiking and cycling. If you like you can take the Flying Dutchman Funicular right up to the top. It runs from the restaurant to the souvenir kiosk and to the old lighthouse, dating from 1860.

cape good hope monkey

There is a spectacular ridge way path from which you can look down upon the new lighthouse and the sheer cliffs that plunge down toward the ocean.

cape table mountain

Table Mountain is around 600 million years old and one of the “New Seven Wonders of Nature”.

cape table mountain zebra

Table Mountain National Park is a 220 sq. km park that stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point. It includes a range of environments among them granite, sandstone mountains, giant boulder-strewn beaches, and shady forests. The main feature, of course, is the 1086 m high mountain itself with a cableway running to the top.

cape robben

Robben Island was once used as a prison from the early days of the VOC up until 1996. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

cape robben 2

It has been preserved as a memorial to those like Nelson Mandela, who spent many years imprisoned here. Visitors can come here on a four-hour tour.

cape boulders

Boulders Penguin Colony is located about 3 km southeast of Simon’s Town. It is a picturesque area with enormous boulders that divide small, sandy coves. It is home to a colony of 2100 amazing African penguins.

cape boulders boardwalk

A boardwalk runs from the Boulders Visitor Center at Foxy Beach to Boulders Beach where visitors can mingle with penguins.

cape boulders 3

The main breeding season peaks from March to May. There is accommodation available and places to eat.

cape silver

Silvermine Nature Reserve is another section of Table Mountain National Park. It was named after the Dutch attempted to mine for silver here. Today it’s focal point is the Silvermine Reservoir which is a lovely spot for a picnic or a relaxing walk. There is a wheelchair accessible boardwalk.

cape silver peer cave

On the southeastern edge, you’ll find Peers Cave which was declared a National Monument in 1941. It provides a dramatic viewpoint over Noordhoek looking toward the sea.

cape District_Six_Museum_2

District Six Museum celebrates the once lively multiracial area destroyed during apartheid in the 1960s and 1970s when 60,000 inhabitants were forcibly removed. The museum has found its home inside the former Methodist Mission Church where the interiors have been recreated. You can see photos listen to recordings and testimonials of the broken community.

cape district-six-museum

Among the displays is a floor map of District Six, on which former residents have labeled where their demolished homes once stood. There are reconstructions of home interiors, faded photos, and recordings. The staff consists of displaced residents with heartbreaking stories to tell.

 cape clifton beach

Clifton Beaches have giant granite boulders and offer sunbathing spots. There are vendors with drinks and ice cream. Loungers and shades are available.

cape clifton beach sea point promenade

Sea Point Promenade is a wide, paved and grassy promenade. There are children’s playgrounds, an outdoor gym, and public artworks.

cape waterfront

V & A Waterfront is a historic working harbor

cape waterfront 2

offering many tourist-oriented attractions among them shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and cruises. The Victoria Basin is used by tugs, fishing boats, and other vessels.

cape greenmarket

Greenmarket Square is a cobbled square and the second-oldest space in the city. It plays host to a colorful craft and souvenir market daily. The square is surrounded by some architecturally fascinating buildings.

cape greenmarket old town house 2

There is the Old Town House, a Cape rococo building dating from 1755. Today it is home to an impressive art collection of Sir Max Michaelis. Visitors can see Dutch and Flemish paintings and etchings from the 16th and 17th centuries along with contemporary artworks.

 The Market House which is an elaborately decorated building with balconies and stone-carved eagles and flowers on its facade.

cape portea

The dazzling-white Portea Insurance Building was built in 1928. Opposite is Shell House, a hotel and restaurant.


There is Namaqua House and Baran’s Cafe has a wraparound balcony with great views over the square.

cape greenmarket kimberly

Kimberley House was built of sandstone and decorated with an attractive diamond-theme design.

cape aquarium

Two Oceans Aquarium is an excellent aquarium with sea creatures from the cold and warm oceans. You can see penguins and turtles among other sea creatures. Those who are qualified divers can dive in for a closer look.

cape green point 2

Green Point Urban Park the streams in the park are fed by Table Mountain springs and rivers. There are three creative areas People & Plants, Wetlands and Discovering Biodiversity. Guided tours are available.

There’s lots of space for picnics with great views of the stadium, Signal Hill and Lion’s Head. There are two children’s play parks.




cape birds parrot

World of Birds includes barbets, weavers, and flamingos among 3000 birds and small mammals from some 400 different species.

cape birds squirrelmonkey01

There is lots of tropical landscaping. In the monkey jungle, you can see squirrel monkeys.

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