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Taking a Look at Zambia


Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa. It is a country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife offering many national parks.

Zambia’s Capital

zam lusaka 

Lusaka the capital of Zambia has a lot to offer visitors.

zam national

Lusaka National Park is a great place to see rhinos in the wild just 15 km from the capital.

Cute Lion Cub Portrait

The park stretches for 46 sq. km. and is home to elands, zebras, giraffes and wildebeests among other wildlife.

What interests visitors the most is seeing the white rhinos. These were imported from South Africa then dehorned for anti-poaching purposes and guarded 24 hours a day. These animals spend their days roaming but are fed in their pen.

zam elephants 2zam elephants

Lilaya Elephant Nursery sits on the southern outskirts of town. This elephant nursery works with rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned elephants. Visitors can see them being fed. You can take wildlife drives. On the premises is a restaurant and a lodge.

zam PRESIDENT-Mwanawasa-mausoleum.

Presidential Burial Site National Monument is a mausoleum where the late Zambian presidents Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, Frederick Chiluba and Michael Sata were laid to rest. A guided tour is available.

zam national museum

The Lusaka National Museum is a big square box-like building that resembles a Soviet-era Moscow ministry. It has upstairs galleries displaying exhibits on urban culture and Zambian history. There are also cultural, ethnographic and archaeological displays. Downstairs you can see Zambian paintings and sculptures. There is a cafeteria, souvenir shop and kids corner.

zam Freedom-statue

Around the corner from the museum you’ll find the Freedom Statue which is dedicated to freedom fighters and all who lost their lives in the struggle for Zambia’s independence. A depiction of a man breaking his chains symbolizes the country’s break with colonial bondage and was erected to celebrate Zambia’s independence in 1964. This is the place for Africa Freedom Day celebrations on May 25.

zam namwa

Namwandwe Gallery features an impressive private collection of businessman and patron of the arts John Kapowe Namwandwe contemporary Zambian art.

zam namwa gallery

The gallery space is in his private home featuring paintings, sculptures, masks and fabrics by established and new artists.

zam lusaka market 2

Lusaka City Market by the bus station is an active area with sidewalk vendors lined up right to the entrance of the market. Here you can find everything from clothing to house wares.

zam munda 2

Munda Wanga Environmental Park is a kind of rescue center. Here you can see a variety of animals among them pangolins and owls.

zam munda 3

Families enjoy coming here for animal viewing. A popular time to visit is when the animals are being fed.

zam munda 5

There are also lovely botanical gardens with almost 500 species of plants and is a great place for a picnic.

Traveling About Zambia

zam siavonga

Siavonga is a lovely town on the banks of Lake Kariba where you can see acacia trees, palms, rosewoods and forest figs. The town is known as one of the top holiday spots in Zambia. All about you can find great hotels with sunning terraces and cafes overlooking the lake.

zam siavonga lake

This is the largest reservoir in the world and visitors can enjoy lots of water sports and recreational activities.

zam siavonga beach

The town is fringed by beautiful beaches and walking trails.

zam mosi

The legendary “Smoke which Thunders”, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park is the home to some of the most amazing sections of the Victoria Falls. It is a UNESCO heritage site.

zam mosi knife

Here you can find white rhinos, Angolan giraffes, zebras and elephants. You can take many interesting walks here including walking on the narrow platforms of the Knife-Edge Bridge arching over the falls.

zam kasanka-trust-the-luangwa-valley

Kasanka National Park is a small park in the middle of Zambia. Here you can see pangolins and mongoose as well as sable antelopes and hartebeest. There are also many fruit bats here.

zam kasanka pan

Visitors enjoy boat journeys and fishing on the Luwombwa River.

zam livingstone 3

Livingstone was once the capital of Zambia. It was named after the most famous explorer of the African continent David Livingstone. Livingstone is the gateway to the roaring cataracts of Victoria Fall and apparently the explorer was the first explorer  to see the falls.

Adventure travel, people white water rafting on the Zambezi River at the Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia, Africa

Explorer, adventure seekers and safari goers really enjoy this place as they head for Central Africa and the whitewater rapids of the Zambezi River.

zam south luangwa 3

The South Luangwa National Park is one of the homes of the celebrated walking safari.

zam south luangwa 2

Here you can see elephant herds and hippos, numerous buffalos and long-necked giraffes. There are miombo woods and savannah plains. Pastoralist guides take visitors about and inform them about animal tracking, anti-poaching and conservation.

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  1. So beautiful and the animals……wow!

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. It is an amazing world and always fascinating the information you can find. The animals are really amazing.

  2. I enjoyed the photos, thank you Rasma

    • You welcome. Glad to know I am choosing them right.

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