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Amazing Trujillo


Trujillo is a beautiful city in northwestern Peru. It is known for the nation’s traditional dance, marinera.



tur casa urq

Casa de Urquiaga is a lovely colonial mansion that dates back to 1604. The original house was destroyed in an earthquake and rebuilt. Today it has period furniture including a writer’s desk once used by Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan military and political leader. There is also a small collection of potter. This is a working bank so there is heavy security.

tur palacio it

Palacio Iturregui is an impressive bright yellow 19th-century mansion built in the neo-Classical style. It has lovely window gratings, 36 slender interior columns and gold molding on the ceilings. General Juan Manuel Iturregui lived here after proclaiming independence. Today this is a private social club so visits are restricted. Visitors can freely walk into the interior courtyard while visiting the ornate rooms is restricted to the listed opening hours.

tru Basilica-Catedral-Trujillo

Basilica Menor Catedral also referred to as La Catedral. This is a bright, canary-yellow church and has a museum of religious and colonial art. There are intriguing frescoes in the basement just beware of the bats.

tru museo arq

Museo de Arqueologia a museum that features a look at Peruvian history from 12,000 BC to the present day. There’s an emphasis on Moche, Chimu and Inca civilizations. It is well worth taking a look at the restored 17th-century mansion called La Casa Risco, which is home to this museum, with striking cedar pillars and beautifully painted courtyard walls.

tur casa mayo

Casa de Mayorazgo de Facala is an impressive mansion dating from 17po which is now home to Scotiabank. It is a great example of colonial architecture.

tru san augustine

Iglesia de San Augustin is a church with a gilded high altar and dates back to 1558.

tru casa ganoza

Casa Ganoza Chopitea an impressive mansion dating back to 1735 and is also known as Casa de los Leones. It is the best-preserved mansion of the colonial period in Trujillo. There is an elaborate gateway at the entrance and 300-year-old frescos. Inside you can see Oregon pine pillars and rustic ceilings.

tru casa ganoza jhs

Above the entrance is the JHS insignia between the male and female lions (from which the building name Casa de los Leones derives). The initials stand for “Jesus”, “Hombre” (Man) and “Salvador” (Savior). It comes from the time when this was a convent.

tru plaza de armas

Plaza de Armas the city’s main square has an impressive statue that is dedicated to work, the arts, and liberty. On Sundays there is a flag-raising ceremony with a parade.

tru plaza de armas 2

On some Sundays, you can also see pacing horses and dancer performing the traditional Peruvian dance marinera.

tru casa-emancipacion-01

Casa de la Emancipacion this mansion has become the Banco Continental built in a mix of Colonial and Republican styles. This is the places where Trujillo’s independence from colonial rule was declared on December 29, 1820. There is amazing cubic Cajabamba marble stone on the floors. Here you can also find galleries with revolving art exhibitions. The mansion also plays host to live music.

tru orbegoso

Casona Orbegoso was named after a former president of Peru. This is an impressive 18th-century corner manor. It is home to a collection of well-worn art and period furnishings.

tru merced

Iglesia de la Merced dates back from the 17th century with a striking organ and cupola. The altar is painted on the wall.

tru belen

Iglesia de Belen an impressive central church with twin towers, built in the turn of the 17th century.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to such a lovely place!

    • You welcome and glad you enjoyed the tour.

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