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Venturing Through Venezuela

View over the Orinocco river

In the very heart of Venezuela, you’ll see tabletop mountains rising like giant monoliths above the surrounding landscape and in the midst of it all the amazing Angel Falls. This is the highest waterfall in the world dropping down 979 meters and has become one of the highlights of a visit to South America.

venez angel falls

You’ll see this incredible sight in Canaima National Park. Even though the falls are difficult to access you can arrange for a flight over the falls. The best time to visit is during the rainy season between May and November when there is plenty of water and the falls don’t disappear into the mist before they reach the bottom. During the dry season, the fall might be just a mere trickle.

venez angel falls 2

Angel Falls is usually visited by either taking a sightseeing flight or a three-day boat trip that begins in the town of Canaima. The boat trip includes a hike through the jungle at the base of the falls. Flight over the falls depart from various towns and cities.

venez la gran sabana 2

Canaima National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Closely associated with Angel Falls and the town of Canaima. The park also includes the high plateau of La Gran Sabana. There are over 100 tabletop mountains, rising more than 1,000 meters above the savannahs.

The highlights here are the numerous waterfalls particularly the Gran Sabana near the Brazilian border. Visitors enjoy swimming at the base of the waterfalls.

venez roraima

Both nature lovers and adventure seekers enjoy the table-top mountain of Roraima. It is like a fascinating island in the sky with strange rock formations, waterfalls, and meat-eating plants.

venez roraima 3

This is one of the highest tepuis in Canaima National Park. It is one of the most easily accessible and a popular hiking destination. Hikers must be aware that up above it is often cloudy, misty or raining.

venez los roque 2

Travelers flock to the beautiful chain of islands 160 km north of the central coast of Venezuela. The archipelago is Los Roques National Park. Here you’ll find the small seaside fishing village of Gran Roque, on the island of the same name which is the main settlement with single story homes painted in bright colors. The buildings stretch along the beachfront. One of the highlights is the little island of Cayo de Aqua which can be reached by boat and is one of Venezuela’s most beautiful beaches its sparkling waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The islands are usually reached by aircraft from Caracas and the airport is in Gran Roque. Boats can be chartered to explore the surrounding islands, go diving or take a snorkeling trip.

venez margarita

Isla de Margarita lies about 40 km north of the mainland. It is one of Venezuela’s major tourist destinations for those seeking the sun. The main attractions are the beautiful sandy beaches. You can reach the island by charter flight or by ferry.

venez margarita Porlamar.JPG

Porlamar is the main city on the island. Many of the beaches offer hotels and restaurants.

venez morrocoy

Morrocoy National Park is located about a two-hour drive west of Caracas. It is known for its white-sand beaches and coral reef. One of the main activities is diving or you can spend a day on the beach.

venez morrocoy flamingos

The park is also home to many birds such as osprey, parrots, flamingo and scarlet ibis. The park is accessible by boat service and can get very busy during holidays.

venez orinoco 3

The Orinoco Delta in the northeast of Venezuela has a completely different landscape from other parts of the country.

venez orinoco monkeys

The river delta is home to all kinds of wildlife such as monkeys, macaws, and piranhas. There are riverside lodges for visitors and boats to get a look at the wildlife and visit the local Warao people. There are camps that offer night safaris.

venez medanos

Medanos de Coro National Park offers rolling sand dunes. These sand dunes are known as medanos and they roll across the landscape. Some of them can reach a height of 40 meters. Within the hills are lagoons.

venez mochima 3

Mochima National Park covers a part of the coast and a chain of offshore islands east of Puerto La Cruz to Cumana. The beaches are the main attraction and people enjoy diving.

venez mochima birds

The mainland part of the park can be explored by car or bus stopping at small villages otherwise it is explored by boat.

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