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Beautiful Curacao


Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island that is known for its beaches and coral reefs full of marine life.

The Capital Willemstad

curacao will

The capital of the island is Willemstad and is a UNESCO Heritage site. It is a charming city with elegant Dutch homes and the pastel-painted terraces of the Flemish-style townhouses.

The two historic halves of Willemstadt city – the Otrobanda and Punta are connected by a series of pontoon boardwalks. The structure started out as a toll bridge and was originally built in 1888. The amazing bridge swings to the side so ships can pass by. It is a unique landmark and has become known as “Our Swinging Old Lady”.

Die Queen-Emma-Bridge, oder „Koningin Emma Brug“, verbindet seit dem Jahr 1888 die beiden Stadtteile Punda und Otrabanda in Willemstad, Curaçao

Queen Emma Bridge spans the Sint Annabaai. When this pontoon bridge is open, two free public ferries shuttle passengers back and forth between Punta and Otrobanda.

 curacao kura hulanda

Museum Kura Hulanda has found its home in a 19th-century merchant’s house and slave quarters. The museum documents the brutal history of slavery in the New World. There is also an amazing collection of art and artifacts from West Africa among them a sculpture garden that showcases the significant African influences on Caribbean culture.

curacao landhui

Gallery Alma Blou is located in Landhuis Habaai a 17th-century plantation house. Here visitors can see the largest collection of artwork by local artists in the city. The exhibits are rotating and you can also see sculptures in the courtyard and gardens.

curacao floating

Floating Market is a colorful array of melons, papayas, tomatoes and many other items on sale. Vendors sail 70km from Venezuela to sell their wares.

curacao chabo

Landhuis Chobolobo is the distillery that produces Blue Curacao. Actually, this liqueur is produced in five different colors. It is made from the peels of Valencia oranges. Visitors can learn about the history and production process. At the gift shop, you can sample the goods.

curacao miami

Miami Building is a wonderful example of beautifully preserved art-deco architecture.

curacao fort amsterdam

Fort Amsterdam dates back to the 17th century. Today it is home to government offices. Inside the large courtyard, you can see the rich colors of Dutch colonial architecture.

Die Fortkerk innerhalb der Mauern von Fort Amsterdam in Willemstad ist gleichzeitig mit der Festung das älteste Gebäude auf Curaçao

The only building open to the public here is the 1769 church, Fortkirche, which is the oldest church on the island. Inside you can see the original pulpit and Governor’s pew along with other historic items on display in the small museum.

curacoa chris

Christoffel National Park stretches for 4,500 acres of land. You can see bats flying through the divi-divi trees. Rising above the park is Christoffel Mountain. Here visitors can hike and take a walk up to the summit of the mountain.

curacao chris now

Visitors can see the cottontails and rare deer. There is the beauty of the scented Lady of the Night, a lovely orchid and you can see hummingbirds.

Savonet Museum

In the park is the Savonet Museum where visitors can learn about the history of Curacao and the ABC Islands. It is located in a restored plantation building that was once part of the Savonet Plantation and is one of the oldest on the island.

curacao shete

Shete Boka National Park is found on the northern side of the island by the Caribbean Sea among cactus-covered hills. This is an area known for turtle nesting. Here visitors can see the endangered green sea turtle and other ocean creatures.

curacao shete turtle

You can climb the rugged cliffs and hike along the Wandomi Trail or Pistol Trail. Coral reefs hold squid and pipefish. You can recline and rest on loungers on the beach. You can see many colorful fishing boats.

Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is a tiny island in the Caribbean between southern Curacao and Bonaire. You can see thatched tropical shacks and bobbing fishing boats.

curacao blue bay 2

Blauwbaai or Blue Bay is a popular and lovely little beach. It is fringed by palm gardens and little cliffs. Here you can enjoy sunbathing and beachcombing. For snorkelers, there are schools of multi-colored tropical fish. People enjoy swimming here.

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