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Interesting El Salvador


In our armchair travels, we’ve arrived in El Salvador, a small country in Central America. Now this country might not have gotten a place on your travel wish lists but take a closer look at it and see that it does deserve to be noticed. You can find Pacific Ocean beaches, enjoy surfing, marvel at rainforests with waterfalls and fascinating cities and towns. So sit back and enjoy the tour.

El Salvador’s Largest City

el san salvador 

San Salvador is not only the largest city but also the capital of this country. It is the country’s political, cultural, educational and financial center.

el rosario entrance

Iglesia El Rosario is a wonderful church that was designed by sculptor Ruben Martinez and completed in 1971.


It can be looked at as the finest church in Central America with an arched roof and natural light that reflects like a rainbow across the altar and shines off the metal and rock.

el rosario 3

The most dramatic effect of light occurs in the late afternoon. It is the final resting place of Padre Delgado who was the Father of Central American Independence.

el metropolitana

Catedral Metropolitana is the most significant landmark in San Salvador and faces

el plaza barrios

the Plaza Barrios. It is the final resting place of Archbishop Oscar A. Romero who always criticized the government from his pulpit at the height of the Civil War. As a result, he was assassinated while giving mass at a nearby hospital.

el metropolitana 2

Even earthquakes have not been able to destroy the blue-and-yellow-checked dome which is an everlasting symbol of national pride.

el laguna

Jardin Botanico La Laguna delights visitors with moss-covered bridges, pebbled paths, and small waterfalls which are home to frogs, turtles, and fish.

el laguna turtle

The fascinating thing is that this botanical garden is found at the bottom of a volcanic crater from which you can see many Salvadoran plant species come to life.

el arbol

El Arbol de Dios or God’s Tree is an institute that is dedicated to the artwork of world-famous painter Fernando Llort.

el arbol 2

On display are some sophisticated pieces that differ from his better-known wood paintings. You can find artwork for sale at reasonable prices as well.

el arte

Museo de Arte de El Salvador offers an impressive collection of sketches and paintings that track the development of prominent local and foreign artists. There is a small restaurant on the premises and on Sundays the museum is free.

el arte monu

The museum is located up the hill behind the large Monumento a la Revolucion.

 el Palacio_Nacional_de_San_Salvador

The Palacio Nacional was built in the early 20th century of Italian marble. Until the 1986 earthquake, it was the government headquarters. Many of the rooms still have remnants of the early governance.

el national-palace courtyard

There is a delightful courtyard.

el plaza barrios2

It is located on the west side of Plaza Barrios.

el bib

On the south end of Plaza Barrios is the impressive Biblioteca Nacional.

el Teatro-Nacional-de-San-Salvador_fachada

Teatro National was renovated in the French Classical-style in the mid-20th century.

el calvario

The Gothic towers of the Iglesia El Calvario are quite impressive and there is a lovely interior.

Taking a Look at El Salvador


Northwest of San Salvador you’ll find La Palma which is the town where national artist Fernando Llort taught.

el la palma 2

He captured the hearts of the El Salvadoran people and turned La Palma into a nationally recognized artistic hub. Today many of the residents practice Llort’s artistic style.La Palma is worth a visit for its many galleries and workshops and wonderful artistic heritage. You can find quaint Llort-inspired souvenirs. Stop by the mosaic Central Park.

el sochitoto.jpg

Suchitoto is one of the few towns in El Salvador that still retains its colonial architecture. Here you can find lovely panoramic views and quaint cobblestone streets.

el sochitoto cotto

One of its most popular sites is the Museo de los Recuerdos Alejandro Coto, offering beautiful grounds, colonial architecture, great views and classic fountains as well as one of the country’s most impressive art collections.

el waterfall

Further down the road, you’ll find the 39-foot tall Los Tercios Waterfall

el aqua

and the Aqua Calienter with hot springs.

el joya 2

Joya de Ceren is a well-preserved Mayan village. This village was abandoned during the eruption of Laguna de Caldera in 640 AD.

el joya

The town was buried under volcanic ash and it wasn’t until 1976 that it was discovered.


Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador.

el santa ana cathedral

It’s a beautiful city with an early 20th-century neo-Gothic cathedral,

el santa ana teatro

Teatro de Santa Ana an elaborately decorated theater

el parque-libertad-santa-ana

and Parque Libertad, a picturesque main square.

el tazumal

Tazumal was founded around 400 AD. It’s a unique cluster of step pyramids among which the tallest reaches up to 75 feet in height (the largest in the country). Its autonomous status lasted up to the time when the Spanish forces moved into El Salvador in the 1520s, after which the local people were conquered and exploited.

el tazumal boggs museum

Visit the on-site Stanley H. Boggs Museum which displays artifacts that were uncovered during the excavation. You can see incense burners, potter, and statues reflection the past of Tazumal. The most notable item in the museum is the Stone of Victories statue.

Digital image

Lago de Coatepeque or Caldera Coatepeque is a lake that is located right in the heart of a volcanic crater. It is one of the largest lakes in El Salvador. It was formed nearly 72,000 years ago by a series of violent eruptions and volcanic collapses.

Lago de Coatepeque

There are pristine waters great for swimming. You can participate in many water sports like jet skiing and scuba diving. Visitors enjoy taking a ferry ride to Teopan Island, in the center of the lake, motorboat excursions, and lake tours.

el cerre verde

Cerre Verde National Park is home to three amazing volcanoes – Izalco, Santa Ana and Cerro Verde. This is the place you can find one of the country’s few cloud forests and has a great hiking trail. The Window to Nature Trail will take you through the oldest forest in the park, through the crater and past century-old trees. There is amazing flora and fauna, guided bird watching, horseback riding tour and great views of the volcanoes.

el cerre verde 2

Except for Cerro Verde the other two volcanoes have a long history of eruptions. Izalco was once referred to as the “Lighthouse of the Pacific” and Santa Ana is one of the most popular climbs in the country and is the most active of the three.

el libertad

La Libertad or Freedom is a small port that was named after El Salvador gained independence from Spain. Here you can find a quaint port and some of the best beaches for shore angling and surfing. You can join organized fishing trips.

el costa

Costa del Sol a sandy beach just 30 minutes from the San Salvador Airport is becoming a popular tourist spot. It has been divided into three sections – San Marcellino, Los Blancos and Costa del Sol, a wide beach popular for sporting events.

el estuary

One of the highlights of the area is a mangrove boat tour of the Jaltepeque estuary. This is a protected area that is home to various bird and fish species.  A three-hour boat ride from La Puntilla takes visitors through mangrove tunnels and to where the country’s longest river, Rio Lempe, meets the Pacific Ocean.

el atlantis

Another popular attraction is Atlantis Water Park with activities like slides, swimming pools, and floating rides.

el tunco 2

El Tunco is one of the most popular of the northern coastal towns. It was named after the “pig-shaped” rock off its coast.

el tunco


Surfers love this place and can take surf classes and rent boards. There are plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

el san miguel

San Miguel is the country’s largest and most populated city. There are many great landmarks in the historical downtown

el san miguel cathedral

among them the 19th-century Cathedral

el san miguel theater

and Francisco Gavidia Theater. Take a look at the action at the San Miguel Market. 

el san vincente volcano

Visitors love to take a look at the San Vicente Volcano with some challenging hiking trails.

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  1. You have a beautiful blog. This is how I second hand travel. Thank you 🙂

    • You’re welcome and glad you enjoyed the tour Ankit.

  2. Pictures are incredible. Really liked the picture of the turtle and the colored fountain.

    • Thank you, Crystal. I always attempt to choose the very best photos I can find. That way I figure both my blog and the travel companies that would like people to get interested in all the beautiful countries out there benefit when people enjoy these armchair tours and are ready to take a real tour.

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