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Visiting Nicaragua


Our armchair travels have taken us to the Central American country Nicaragua. It sits between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a country known for its terrain of lakes, volcanoes, and beaches.

Exploring the Capital

 nic man

The capital city Managua is located on the north shore of Lake Managua.

nic puearto

Puerto Salvador Allende is the revamped port area in Managua. This lakefront complex is enjoyed by both locals and tourists. There are many restaurants to relax in, paths for enjoyable strolls and playgrounds for children. The sunset views over the lake are awesome.

nic antigua 2

Antigua Catedral once impressive and majestic is today just a shell of its former self. It was shattered by the 1972 earthquake. Today it stands beautiful and serene with stone angels watching over it but empty and left only to be gazed upon.

nic huellas

Huellas de Acahualinca is an architectural site that was discovered by miners in 1874. There are fossilized tracks that record the passage of men, women, children as well as birds, raccoons, and deer across the muddy shores of Lago De Managua all dating back some 6000 years.

nic mueso naticional

Museo Nacional is the national museum and is housed in the Palacio de la Cultura y Biblioteca Nacional. Here visitors can learn about Nicaragua from the formation of lakes and volcanoes to gold mines and by pre-Columbian statuary and one of the best pottery collections in the country. There are exhibits from the Spanish-colonial period. Above the main staircase, you can see a mural of revolutionary movements in the Americas created by Mexican artist Arnold Belkin.

nic catedral matropolitana

Catedral Metropolitana is an impressive Managua landmark, opening its doors in 1993. Its 63 cupolas symbolize Nicaragua’s 63 Catholic churches.

nic arbotorium

Arboretum Nacional are lovely gardens which feature over 200 species of plants and are divided into Nicaragua’s five major life zones. With your fee, you get a guided tour. You will see madrino, the national tree and sacuanjoche, the national flower.

nic carmen

Parque El Carmen is a lovely park where people can relax surrounded by greenery. There are a playground and a kiosk that sells snacks and cold drinks. Take the time to look around the opulent homes in this area.

nic japones

Parque Japones is a pleasant Japanese-style park with lots of trees, paths for walking and children’s playgrounds.

nic codice

Codice Espacio Cultural is the best place to see great contemporary art.

nic malcon

Malecon is a pier which has benefited from the Puerto Salvador Allende tourist complex at its base. The area is popular with local families on weekends.

nic pedestrian walk

National Assembly Pedestrian Walk is the place to go to see open-air exhibits on Nicaragua’s history. You can see historic photos of Sandino and pre-earthquake photos of Managua.

nic revolution

Plaza de la Revolucion is an open plaza that was inaugurated in 1899 by the national hero and original anti-American General Jose Santos Zelaya. On the northeast side of the plaza is the tomb of Sandinista commander Carlos Fonseca.

nic historico

Parque Historico Nacional Loma de Tiscapa is a park that is home to Managua’s most recognizable landmark, Sandino’s somber silhouette. This national historic park was once the site of the Casa Presidencial, where Sandino and his men were executed in 1934. The parking structure here was for decades one of Nicaragua’s most notorious prisons.

nic la paz

Parque de la Paz Is Managua’s Peace Park with its signature lighthouse. The park was inaugurated in 1990 by then President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro. They interred machine guns, pistols and a tank in concrete so symbolically burying Nicaragua’s bellicose past.

nic ruben dario

Monumento a Ruben Dario can be found on the lakeside of Plaza de la Revolucion. It offers the likeness of Nicaragua’s favorite son.

nic teatro

Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario is an oblong structure near the lake where you can get a feel of Nicaraguan art and culture.

nic roosevelt.jpg

Monumento Roosevelt was constructed in 1939 and offers wonderful lake views. It is a memorial to all those who were killed in the revolution.

Monumento de Montoya

Estatua de Montoya is a statue dedicated to national hero Ramon Montoya, a Nicaraguan soldier, who died at the age of 14 in 1907.

nic trobajordues

Monumento al Trabajador Nicaraguense is a monument to Nicaraguan workers.

Looking at Nicaragua

nic granada

When visiting the country city of Granada you’ll get a real feel of Nicaraguan history. The city is located on the northwest coast of Lake Nicaragua and is the oldest city in Central America. It offers visitors impressive colonial architecture, authentic Nicaraguan shops, horse-drawn carriages and historic cafes.

nic ometepa

Ometepe Island consists of two active volcanoes surrounded by lush tropical forest right in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. It is said that the island has been inhabited since 2000 – 2500 B.C. You can canoe through lagoons and rivers, ride horseback, bicycle to lovely white sand beaches or take a bus from village to village.

nic leon

Leon is the second largest city in Nicaragua located along the Chiquito River. You can see some impressive Spanish colonial architecture

nic leon cathedral

and it is home to the Cathedral of Assumption which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was built between 1706 and 1740. The original city of Leon was

nic leon monotombo

established in 1524 but after an eruption of the Momotombo volcano inhabitants abandoned the city in 1610. Afterward, Leon was moved next to the indigenous town of Subtiana.

nic leon viejo

Today the ruins of the old city, known as Leon Viejo, have a cellar where the remains of Leon’s founder can be found. This archeological site was also declared a World Heritage site.

nic corn

Corn Island can be found 45 miles off the Caribbean shore of Nicaragua. It is a tiny island that is a lovely tropical paradise. English is the first language. Visitors enjoy scuba diving and deep sea fishing.

nic san juan

San Juan del Sur is the most popular beach destination in Nicaragua. All the beaches are lapped by warm water. There is great surfing. Here you’ll find the second-largest statue of Jesus in the world.

nic masaya 3

Masaya Volcan National Park is home to the Masaya volcano. This national park was one of the first in the country, established in 1979. There are 20km of scenic roads and trails. You can see two impressive volcanoes and five formidable craters that continuously emit smoke and sulfur gasses. The indigenous Chorotega tribe refer to the Masaya volcano as Popogatepe – “mountain that burns”. They believed that the eruptions were a sign of anger from the gods and human sacrifices were offered. The Spanish conquerors named it La Boca del Infierno or the mouth of hell. Thinking it would exorcise the devil from the volcano they placed a cross on the crater during the 16th century.

nic monkey

Today this national park is home to various vegetation and animals among them coyotes, skunks, raccoons, possums, iguanas, and monkeys. In the Tzinaconostoc Cave hundreds of bats live and underground tunnels were formed by lava streams with unusual rock formations.

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