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Fabulous British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean is a British overseas territory. It consists of four main islands and many smaller ones. The main islands are Tortola, which is home to the capital city, Road Town, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke.  

brit baths

The Baths National Park located on Virgin Gorda is one of the British Virgin Island’s most famous landmarks. The bay is scattered with giant granite boulders that have created sea pools and grottoes just right for snorkeling and exploring.

brit baths devil's bay

At one point, the boulders have formed a sand-bottomed cave which is one of the most photographed areas in the British Virgin Islands.

brit gorda

Gorda Peak National Park has two well-marked hiking trails that lead to the summit of Gorda Peak which is the highest point on Virgin Gorda. You can get spectacular views from the observation tower. The park is a mix of semi-rainforest and dry forest. There are rare plants among them sic species of native orchids.

brit tree frog


Wildlife includes reptiles, tree frogs, birds, bats, soldier crabs and the Virgin Gorda gecko, the world’s smallest lizard.

brit north sound

The North Sound, on the northeast shore of Virgin Gorda, is a major water sports center. There are well-protected waters and many anchorages. You can choose to dive, sail, windsurf, parasail, jet ski, water-ski or take trips in glass-bottomed boats. Another popular activity is hiking. The area is popular with boaters and private charters.

brit white bay 2

The most popular beach and one of the most beautiful in the British Virgin Islands is White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. The beaches have white sand and steep hills. It is a great place for swimming and snorkeling. Boats are allowed entrance through the center of the reef and can refuel at one of the restaurants along the beach.

brit anegada loblolly bay

Anegada Island is surrounded by a maze of coral reef and is a great place for reef and bonefishing. The landscape features salt ponds, blooming cacti, wild orchids and century plants. There are stretches of white sand beach. The two favorites are Loblolly Bay

brit anegada cow wreck

and Cow Wreck Bay Beach.

brit anegada horseshoe reef

This islands is protected by Horseshoe Reef, one of the largest reef systems in the world.

brit anegada flamingos

Among other wildlife, you can find flamingos and the rare rock iguana.

brit tortola road town

On Tortola, you’ll find the capital of the British Virgin Islands, Road Town. It was named for Tortola’s principal harbor, Road Bay. Road Town is the commercial center of the entire British Territory. In the harbor, you can see charter yachts, ferries and at times a cruise ship. There are shops and eateries as well as historic forts and sugar mills.

brit tortola dolphin

Among the attractions here are Dolphin Discovery Tortola,

brit tortola botanic

J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens,

brit tortola folk-museum

Virgin Islands Folk Museum,

brit tortola government

and Government House.

brit Rhone-National-Maritime-Park

Rhone National Marine Park is the only national marine park in the BVI. It could also possibly be the only national park in the world that owes its existence to a shipwreck. In 1867 a hurricane caused the Rhone to crash against the rocks off the southwest coast of Salt Island. 124 people were killed and the 23 surviving washed up on the shores. Today this wreck is one of the best diving sites in the Caribbean for intermediate to advanced divers. It is possible to swim inside the coral-encrusted steel among schools of snappers, grunts, soldierfish and parrotfish. The marine park also includes two coral caves, 26 meters below the surface of the sea.

brit rhone

Another great dive site is Blonde Rock with overhangs, tunnels, caves and abundant marine life.

brit sage 2

Sage Mountain National Park on Tortola is the first national park established on these islands. Almost all of the park is 305 meters above sea level. Mount Sage at 523 meters is the highest peak in all the Virgin Islands. There are twelve looped hiking trails that wind through the forest where you can see philodendrons, hanging vines, ferns, mahogany, cedar and manilkara trees. Among the wildlife here are birds like martins, hummingbirds, and kestrels.

brit norman island caves

Since 1843 there have been legends that Norman Island is the site of buried treasure. It lies 10km southwest of Tortola. It is the largest uninhabited island in the BVI. The anchorage at the Bight is known for great snorkeling and here you can usually see sailboats, dinghies, and swimmers.

brit caves

The underwater Treasure Caves are believed to be referred to by Robert Louis Stevenson in writing “Treasure Island”. The four caves offer fine diving and snorkeling.

1.6 kilometers south of Norman Island you’ll find Santa Monica Rock, one of the prime dive sites in the BVI. The rock lies on the outer edge of the island chain and is a great place to spot larger open-ocean fish like nurse sharks or spotted eagle rays.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the Virgin Islands. Thank you for the tour. 💜

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