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Amazing Grenada


Grenada is a Caribbean country that consists of the main island, called Grenada and smaller surrounding islands. It is referred t as the Spice Island. 

The Capital of Grenada

grenada st george

St. George’s is the capital of Grenada.

grenada sculpture 2

Underwater Sculpture Park is an underwater gallery just north of St. George’s in Moliniere Bay. It is a project created by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor. Altogether there are 80 works of art.

grenada sculpture

The life-size sculptures include a circle of women clasping hands and a man at a desk. The exhibitions can be admired by divers, snorkelers and passengers in glass-bottomed boats.

grenada fort frederick

Fort Frederick was built by the French in 1779. It’s the island’s best-preserved fort and offers visitors great views. It sits on top of Richmond Hill.

 grenada car

The Carenage is a scenic inlet. It is a wonderful place to take a walk along the edge of the water and see the colorful fishing boats. At the north end, you’ll find Georgian buildings overlooking the water. You can browse the shops or relax at one of the restaurants.

grenada carenage christ-of-the-deep

Keep an eye out for the bronze statue Christ of the Deep which was a gift from the owners of a luxury liner in gratitude for the local rescue efforts after their ship exploded.

grenada fort george

Fort George is Grenada’s oldest fort. It was established by the French in 1705. It is the centerpiece of the skyline. Visitors can climb to the top for spectacular views. Outside of the main fort area are a series of dark defensive tunnels that you can explore. A plaque in the parade ground marks the place where revolutionary leader Maurice Bishop was executed, leading to the U.S. invasion in 1983.

grenada anglican

St. George’s Anglican Church was built in 1835 and is topped by a four-sided clock tower. It serves as the town’s timepiece. The church has a wooden ceiling and gallery.

grenada immaculate.jpgCathedral of the Immaculate Conception sits on top of a hill and offers great views over the town.

grenada national museum

Grenada National Museum is dedicated to displaying the history of the original indigenous inhabitants of the island, the colonial period and slavery. On some Friday evenings, there are drumming performances and folk dancing.

grenada sendall-tunnel

The historic Sendall Tunnel is a narrow 340-ft. passageway built in 1894. It leads through a hill to Bruce Street and the rest of St. George’s. Originally it was built for horse-drawn carriages but today both pedestrians and care make use of it.

grenada market square

St. George’s Market Square is the busiest on Friday and Saturday mornings. It’s the largest market in the town. The stalls are full of fresh island produce and it is a most colorful sight.

Taking a Look at Grenada

grenada rum

The River Antoine Rum Distillery is the longest continuously running rum distillery in all of the Caribbean region. It is located between the fields of Saint Patrick to the north. The original distillery buildings date back to the 18th century. You can see real history here like the ancient machinery used to crush and refine the sugarcane, the creaking water wheel that runs on the power supplied by the River Antoine and the timber conveyor belts. Regular tours are available.

grenada grande anse

Grand Anse Beach can be found at the extreme south-western edge of Grenada. It offers talcum powder sands and a lovely backdrop of hill with palms and dunes. The water is turquoise and you can see the occasional dolphin taking a jump.

grenada grande anse market

The hotels and bars offer cool, refreshing drinks. Visitors also enjoy doing some shopping at the Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market.

grenada grand etang

Grand Etang National Park sits right in the heart of Grenada. Here you can find dwarf forests, fern blooms, waxy orchids, palm groves and primeval trees. All this and the rising peaks of the central highlands make this a hiker’s paradise.

grenada grand etang monkeys

There are trails that lead to the lookouts of Mount Qua Qua’s summit, around the lush banks of Grand Etang Lake and through volcanic valleys where you can see hummingbirds. There are cascades with swimming areas and the Seven Sisters Falls.

grenada caramel

The Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls come crashing down over a bulbous cliff of carved and moss-speckled rock in the middle of the rainforests. They rise 21 meters high and are the tallest on the Spice Island.

grenada levera

The Levera National Park offers sights of the cone-shaped green tops of the Sandy Islands and Sugarloaf Isles. Located on the northern reaches of Grenada. You can see waterfowl and snipes, sandpipers and herons.

grenada belmont-estate-grenada

The Belmont Estate is a 17th-century plantation. There are tours you can take that show the organic farm with tropical fruit and spices. Visitors can learn about cocoa cultivation and how the fruit is combined with chocolate. For chocolate lovers, there is a tour offering a three-course lunch with chocolate in every course. Other attractions include dining at the restaurant, taking a look at the heritage museum and shopping for a chocolate treat and local crafts.

Children enjoy the goats, donkeys, tortoises and talking parrots.

grenada doug

The Dougaldston Spice Estate is one of the best places to take a look at spice cultivation. There are regular guided tours and visitors can purchase local spices.

grenada cricket

West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre gives visitors a look into the sport of the West Indies – cricket. The center is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of this sport. You can see old willow bats once used by such players as Brian Lara and Sir Garfield Sobers. You can test caps and see team outfits.

grenada sagesse nature center

La Sagesse on the Atlantic side of the island lies on the former estate of Lord Brownlow, cousin to Queen Elizabeth. This beachside residence is now a romantic hotel and restaurant by a golden sand beach.

grenada sagesse hotel

The protected bay is great for swimming. There are lovely nature trails to explore. There are many avian species making their home in the scrub forests, mangroves, and salt ponds.


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