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Richmond Virginia


Richmond is the capital of Virginia. It has taken its place among America’s oldest major cities and has impressive Federal-style mansions.

rich zoo

Metro Richmond Zoo has more than 2,000 animals and over 190 different species that come from all over the world.

rich zoo orangutan

Many of the animals that have found their home here are among endangered species such as orangutans from Borneo. rhinos, and tigers. You can delight in giraffes, tapirs, and cheetahs.

There is a wonderful budgie aviary and you can take the Safari Train for a tour of the African Savannah.

rich First_White_House_of_the_Confederacy

The White House of the Confederacy was once the home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis during the US Civil War. It is furnished with Rococo-revival furniture. The White House changes with the seasons and when you visit you can see how it would have looked at the particular season you are visiting in.

rich museum-of-the-confederacy

Next to it is the Museum of the Confederacy which has a large collection of Civil War and Confederate state artifacts. There are permanent and changing exhibitions that focus on the activities and lives of leaders like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart as well as those of common soldiers.

rich fine arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts offers visitors a permanent collection of early 20th century European art. The Fischer Collection of Modernist artwork has outstanding examples of German Expressionism. Other collections on display include French Impressionists, English silver, Faberge jeweled work, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modern and Contemporary American art. You can also see a fine collection of South Asian, Himalayan and African art.

rich art sculpture

Visit the Robins Sculpture Garden at the museum which has a wonderful exhibition of permanent and temporary sculpture collections. The sculptures on display are artwork by Modern and Contemporary artists.

rich hollywood

Founded in 1847 Hollywood Cemetery is the final resting place of famous figures among them two former US presidents James Monroe and John Tyler as well as other prominent figures from Virginia. There are graves of thousands of Confederate soldiers and guided tours are available.

rich belle 2

Belle Isle is part of the James River Park System. You can get access to it by crossing a scenic footbridge. This small piece of land is surrounded by smooth rocks in all shapes and sizes. Residents of Richmond come here to take in the sun on the rocks. There are also walking trails through woodlands and mountain biking is a popular activity.

rich Maymont_Mansion


Maymont Nature Center was a gift to the city from the owners James Henry and Sallie Dooley. It includes the mansion, arboretum, several gardens, a petting farm for children and a carriage collection. The mansion is like a living museum with furnishings from the late 1800s. There are treasures the Dooleys collected while traveling the world.

rich maymont garden

If you like you can picnic in the gardens.

rich maymont otter

The Maymont Nature Center is home to many aquatic and terrestrial animals like otters and snapping turtles. Visitors can also enjoy a hands-on encounter with the animals.

rich battle

Richmond, being the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War was a prime target for Union forces. Richmond National Battlefield Park offers a look into two major campaigns to take Richmond – the 1862 Peninsula Campaign and the 1864 Overland Campaign. You can walk the trails along the original fortifications.

rich battle cold

Cold Harbor Visitor Center features a walking trail past Union and Confederate lines, setting the scene of June 1864 with an electronic battle map.

rich battle Fort_Harrison_-_18

At Fort Harrison visitors can learn about the attack on the fort on September 29, 1864.

rich battle cemetery

At the Glendale National Cemetery visitor center, you can see an electronic battle map and learn about the Glendale and Malvern Hill Battles which were part of General McClellan’s Seven Day Campaign in 1862.

rich chim

At Chimborazo Park, you can get information about the Confederate Chimborazo Hospital which was one of the largest military hospitals in the world.

rich marchall better

John Marshall House was once the home of the distinguished jurist and is one of the few remaining Federal-style homes in the area. The fourth Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Marshall served from 1801 – 1835. The home has the largest collection of Richmond Federal period furnishings.

rich short pump 2

Short Pump Town Center is a great place for shopping and dining in Richmond. There are more than 140 different shops, restaurants, and entertainment choices. For specialty items try the boutiques. Walkways join the various areas of the town center and in winter months there are heated pavilions and outdoor fireplaces.

rich trolley

RVA Trolley will take you on a tour of the city. Richmond is known for being the first place in the world to introduce a trolley system in 1888. The trolley in operation is enclosed and seats up to 26 people. It is decorated in period style and has iron framed seats and cushions.

rich canal-walk

The James River Kanawha Canal has 1.25 miles of paved promenades along which are historic sights, statues, and markers that tell about the four centuries of Richmond.

rich brownsisland-02

Along the canal walk is Brown’s Island a venue for outdoor concerts and the annual Richmond Folk Festival. You can take the 40-minute historical tour and cruise on the canal.

rich armor

The Armour House dates from 1915 and was built by Edmund Christian. This is the spot from which General Robert E. Lee watched the Seven Days Battle from the crest of the hill in Meadowview. This site also offers a walking trail, flower gardens, and wonderful fountains. For children, there are playgrounds and special gardens.

rich deep 2

Deep Bottom Park is located at a fork of the James River. There is a dock that is a popular place to fish. You can rent boats, kayaks, and canoes and take to the river. The park has many ancient trees among them oaks, sycamores, and pines. You can see local wildlife and it is a great place for bird watching like eagles, ospreys, and herons.

rich State-Capitol-4

The Virginia State Capitol dates from 1785 and was designed by Thomas Jefferson. It sits on top of Shockoe Hill and is known for being the place with the oldest legislative body in the U.S. The building was designed based on an ancient Roman temple found in Nimes France.

rich john

Church Hill Historic District is a great place to explore to see what Richmond was like before the Civil War. East of the State Capitol you’ll find about 70 antebellum houses. See St. John’s Episcopal Church built in 1741. This is where patriot Patrick Henry made his famous speech that coined the slogan, “Give me liberty or give me death” during the Second Virginia Convention. This is the oldest church in the city and you can take a guided tour. The Old Stone House is the oldest building in the city, built in 1737.

rich poe

Visit the Edgar Allan Poe Museum which remembers the poet and author who lived in Richmond for several years and worked for a local newspaper.

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