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Beautiful Baltimore


Our armchair travels have taken us to the U.S. state of Maryland. It is a mid-Atlantic state that has many waterways and coastlines on the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

mary baltimore

Our first stop will be the largest city and major seaport, Baltimore.

mary fort mchenry 2

Baltimore is known for being the home to one of America’s foremost historical site, Fort McHenry built between 1798 and 1803 to guard the entrance to the harbor. It is the place which inspired the U.S. National Anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”.

The fort withstood a 24-hour bombardment during the Battle of Baltimore in 1814 by a British fleet of 10 warships, five bomb ketches, and a rocket vessel. The visitor center has displays and a film of the history of this fort. You can take a tour of the casements and grounds and learn more through living history demonstrations. The original U.S. flag inspiring the National Anthem now hangs in the Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

 mary walters

The Walters Art Museum is located in the Mount Vernon Cultural District. This is known as one of the few museums all over the world that offers a comprehensive history of art from the third millennium BC to the early 20th century. In this outstanding collection, you’ll find jewelry, enamels, bronzes, and ivories. There is a large reserve of illuminated manuscripts and rare books. You’ll find art collections of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ethiopian and Western Medieval Art. There are impressive French paintings. The museum has made its exhibits and collections accessible to children with special activities, puzzles, treasure hunts and other ways to make it seem engaging to them.

mary aquarium

The National Aquarium is a most visited attraction. It is housed in an impressive building overlooking the Inner Harbor. You can explore the Atlantic and Pacific coral reefs, the open ocean environments, a kelp forest, Amazon river forests, hidden sea life, seashore life, Australian aquatic life and so much more.

mary aquarium 3

One of the highlights is the Tropical Rain Forest which is a complete environment five stories high and visitors can tour from the forest floor to the treetop canopy. There are birds, frogs and a variety of larger mammals like sloths and monkeys. At the Atlantic Coral Reef Exhibit, you can meet sharks and dolphins and many exotic species.

mary visionary

The American Visionary Art Museum is a most unusual museum. It displays the artwork of self-taught artists from all over the world. There are paintings and drawings and exhibits keep changing offering creative sculptures and even embroidered costumes.

The main building has impressive architecture which has won international and national awards. In the sculpture barn, you can see huge exhibits like an entire dragon from a Chinese New Year parade. The museum shop offers unique souvenirs.

mary museum of art

The Baltimore Museum of Art is the largest museum in Maryland. Its permanent collection includes the largest collection of artworks by Matisse in the world. You can see modern art and one of the nation’s most important African collections. There are great exhibits of American painting, sculpture, and decorative arts. In the sculpture garden, you can see modern and contemporary artworks.

mary inner harbor

The Inner Harbor area has many attractions and popular things to do for visitors. One of the highlights is the collection of historic vessels which are all open for tours. The oldest is the sloop-of-war the USS Constellation.

mary inner harbor uss-constellation

This is a sailing ship with three masts and was active in the Civil War. You can also tour the submarine USS Torsk, a US Coast Guard Cutter and the Lightship Chesapeake.

mary inner harbor harborplace-mall

Harborplace is a modern complex with two glass-enclosed pavilions. It is a shopping center and market. Street artists display their artwork in the Amphitheater on the Promenade.

mary oriole

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the place for baseball fans. It is the official home of the Baltimore Orioles, the city’s Major League baseball team. This one-time railroad center is located only two blocks from the birthplace of the legendary hero of baseball fame, Babe Ruth.  You can get a tour and see the press box, club levels, and dugout.

mary fells-point-baltimore

Fell’s Point is a historic area along the waterfront. It offers visitors many places for entertainment. There are restaurants, cafes, and shops. In the market building, stalls sell local food and you’ll find water taxis to connect you with Fell’s Point and the Inner Harbor.

mary science

The Maryland Science Center can be found at the southwest corner of the Inner Harbor. It also has a planetarium. Three floors offer scientific displays. In the Dinosaur Mysteries exhibit children can become paleontologists in the dig pits, field tab and excavation sites. A Baltimore-inspired “street” of brick row-house storefronts offers interactive challenges.

mary basilica

The Basilica of the Assumption is the oldest Roman Catholic cathedral in the U.S. This has become a National Historic Landmark.

mary washington

The Washington Monument, surmounted by a statue of the nation’s first President, George Washington has become a landmark of the Mount Vernon neighborhood. A 228-foot spiral stairway leads to the top of the monument where you can get spectacular views through the observation windows. On the ground floor is a museum that has displays on George Washington and the monument. You’ll enjoy exploring the neighborhood which has the former mansions of Baltimore’s 19th-century industrialists. These grand homes now house museums, shops, and galleries.

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  1. Gorgeous sites in Baltimore. Thank you.

  2. You’re welcome. Only been there once a long time ago but would love to visit again.

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