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New York City and New York State Off the Beaten Path


New York State has many amazing things to do and see. We have already traveled through many of them. This begins with one of the top attractions – New York City.

 New York City is known as The Big Apple and it consists of the five boroughs of Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.

new statue

The Statue of Liberty is the most iconic monument in the U.S. It brought hope to millions of immigrants my parents included on their way to Ellis Island. A ferry service lets tourist visit both from Battery Park. It runs a continuous loop all day. The first stop is The Statue of Liberty with awesome views of the New York City skyline. You’ll find a museum in the base of the statue and there are plenty of educational signs, statues, and historic markers.

new ellis island

Ellis Island has a museum on the first floor of the main building. It is an impressive architectural masterpiece that served as the main processing center and hospital from 1892 to 1954. On the upper floor, you can see the quarantine wing and some of the original bunks and facilities. There are exhibits throughout with photos on the walls, documents, and personal stories.

new times

A spectacular area to visit in NYC is in Manhattan. It is Times Square. Right in the heart of it all at the junction of Broadway and 7th Avenue. There are massive screens everywhere announcing the latest movies and the shows on Broadway. The pedestrian area is full of artists, performers, and tourists. It is an exciting place and you can get refreshments from the food trucks lining the street.

new times night

Also, make sure to see it when all the neon lights are shining.

new sardis

Have dinner at Sardi’s Restaurant

new Madame_Tussauds_NYC

and tour the Theater District. Take a look at Madam Tussaud’s which has a glass-walled viewing platform, protruding over the sidewalk.

new empire 2


Later on head for The Empire State Building which is another NYC icon and within walking distance of Times Square. It offers breathtaking views of the city and is open until 2 AM.

new central

Take in the lush green of Central Park which offers so much with attractions, the surrounding Manhattan skyline, and peaceful gardens.

new central terrace

new Angel_of_the_Waters_Fountain_and_Bethesda_Terrace,_Central_Park,_NYC

Angel of the Waters Fountain at Bethesda Terrace

Created in the 1860s the Bethesda Terrace is an amazing arcade lined with Minton tiles. The Mall is wonderful a broad pathway lined with centuries-old American elms and begins at the terrace.

new central lake

Other spots to check out are The Big Lake where you can relax or even take a boat out on to the lake,

new central conservatory

the formal Conservatory Garden,

new central shakespeare-garden

the Shakespeare Garden

new central chess

and the popular Chess & Checker House.

new strawberry-fields-new-york_01

There is also the memorial to John Lennon Strawberry Fields.

new central zoo

new central zoo polar

The Central Park Zoo is a wonderful place for both adults and children with sea lions, polar bears, penguins, lions, and other animals.

new central-park-carousel-will-steacy-2__x_large

Children enjoy the historic Carousel. You can even take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the entire park.

New York State Off the Beaten Path

 new Iroquois-National-Wildlife-Refuge-Basom-NY-010

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge is located midway between Buffalo and Rochester within the Atlantic Flyway. There are 10,818 acres of marsh, swamp, wet meadow and pasture which offer food, rest and protection for more than 200 species of birds, especially during the spring and fall migrations. There are also 42 species of mammals, plus reptiles, fish amphibians, and insects.  By mid-April the peak of the spring season there may be as many as 40,000 Canadian geese feeding at a single time.

new irogquios heron

The great blue heron nests here. The autumn is the best time to view ducks such as wood ducks, mallards, and blue-winged teal. Permanent residents include great horned owls and downy woodpeckers. Great vantage points can be found along the trails and overlooks.

new griffith

Griffith Sculpture Park in Ashford Hollow has a collection of 150 objective and nonobjective sculptures created from aluminum, bronze, steel, cast iron, and wood. These sculptures were made by several different artists.

new griffith 2

There are trails that crisscross the park’s 400 acres of meadows, ponds and lightly wooded slopes. Walking along you come upon the sculptures. A particularly striking sculpture is that of a woman striding across a field. Another sculpture is that of a bishop confronting a king and queen. Among the animal kingdom there are sculptures of a flight of giant geese, a life-size giraffe browsing for twigs at the edge of the woods, and within the woods, there is a huge, silvery crab with a gigantic rust colored mantis and a king cobra. At one pond you can see aluminum bathers. Altogether the park features over 250 large-scale sculptures dispersed through miles of hiking trails. The park is open from May through October.

new rock city

Rock City Park in Olean is found high in the Allegheny Mountains at an elevation of some 2,350 feet offering panoramic views. Here one can see gigantic boulders of dramatic shapes and formations. The rocks are estimated to be 500 million years old they’re known as puddingstone, a quartz conglomerate formed at the bottom of a prehistoric sea. During the uplifting of this mountain system, the rocks were exposed to the surface.

new rock city 4

The trail winding through Rock City starts and ends near Signal Rock which was once used by Indians for their signal fires. Walking single file one squeezes through narrow passageways, passes beneath great overhanging boulders, and descends into crevasse carved out by extinct waterfalls. In June, pink and white mountain laurel blooms in profusion and many other plants flower beneath the maples, hemlocks, pines, and oaks.

new montour city

Montour Falls – in the village of Montour Falls. These beautiful falls are almost as high as Niagara, they descend in three tiers. A sketch of the falls, made in 1820, by Louis Philippe, later King of France hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

new montour 2

The falls were named She-qua-gah (Tumbling Waters) by the band of Seneca Indians brought here from Pennsylvania in the 1760s by their matriarch, Queen Catharine Montour. The white people who settled here after the exodus of the Indians called the community Mills Landing and Havana. It was later renamed in honor of the Indian queen. The village’s historic district is known for its Greek Revival buildings. Several of them are in the national registrar of historic places. At Havana Glen, a two-mile-long ravine on the edge of the village is a series of low waterfall cascades through the woods. Among the trees, one can find an inviting picnic and camping area.

new cazenovia

Lorenzo is in the village of Cazenovia. Dutch investors sent John Lincklaen to America in 1790. He purchased 120,000 acres of land by Lake Cazenovia and laid out the village of Cazenovia in 1793 building roads and mills.

new cazenovia lorenzo

On a knoll overlooking the lake, Lincklaen built a Federal-style mansion in 1807 and named it Lorenzo. The Lincklaen family occupied the property for 160 years when it was purchased by the state of New York in 1968 as a historic site. Lorenzo is now a museum surrounded by formal gardens, groves of trees, walks and a carriage house containing a wonderful collection of 19th-century horse-drawn vehicles. Well worth seeing is also the village of Cazenovia with a charming main street.

new remington

Frederic Remington Art Museum is housed in a white Victorian mansion in Ogdensburg. It was the home of David Parish an early developer of large tracts of land and is now a museum which contains a comprehensive collection of Remington’s work. Frederic Remington was born in Canton, New York in 1861 and spent most of his youth in Ogdensburg. He studied art at Yale University. The museum’s collection of 70 Remington oils includes “The Charge of the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill” which depicts the famous battle in Cuba during the Spanish-American War when Remington was a war correspondent for the Hearst newspapers. There are also 14 bronzes, 140 watercolors, and many ink and pen sketches. Remington died in1909 in Ridgefield, Connecticut. After his death, this home became the residence of his wife Eva. She and her sister, Emma lived there from 1915 to 1918 and the museum was founded as the Remington Art Memorial in 1923. Remington’s last studio is reconstructed in the museum and here you can see many of his personal belongings. In addition to the Remington works a collection of period glass, china, silver, cameos and a group of 19th century American and European paintings and sculptures are shown.

new Jean_Hasbrouck_House_on_Huguenot_Street_in_New_Paltz_New_York_USA

Huguenot Street – is located in New Paltz near the Wallkill River in the shadow of the Shawangunk Mountains. Many French Protestants known as Huguenots, exiled themselves, finding refuge in neighboring countries. In 1677 several Huguenot families from die Paltz (the Rhine-Palatinate) arrived in the Hudson Valley. The refugees were from what today is southern Belgium and northern France.  They bought land from the Indians, built log huts and named their settlement after their previous home. In the 1690s they replaced the huts with steep-roofed stone houses much like those of the Palatinate. Several of these quaint houses still remain on Huguenot Street, designated a national historic landmark with the claim of being “the oldest street in America with its original houses”. The houses were originally one-room structures and the large family kitchen with enormous fireplaces and cupboards displaying pottery and old pewter are especially appealing. The visitor center has a gallery of historic pictures and offers tours of the site.

new Sagamore_Hill

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site – located in Oyster Bay. Sagamore Hill was built in 1884 for Theodore Roosevelt, who in 1901 became the 26th president of the United States. The large house is surrounded by 155 acres and was the summer White House during Roosevelt’s presidency years. The house has 25 rooms including a big piazza facing west to view the sunset, a drawing room across the entire west end and a library with a bay window facing south. The piazza overlooks Oyster Bay and Long Island Sound. The North Room an imposing 30 by 40 ft. hall was added in 1905 and became the center of family activity. It is paneled in black walnut, swamp cypress, hazel, and mahogany. The hall contains Roosevelt’s many hunting trophies, paintings, books, and other treasures.

new OldOrchardMay2007

Old Orchard, the Georgian brick home that Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt built on the grounds in 1937 is now a museum, exhibiting mementos of the president’s political and family life. The small library of books and pamphlets by and about Theodore Roosevelt is available to researchers by appointment.

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  1. A few changes since I left the Big Apple…

    • NYC is my hometown and I wish to see it again one day. It is astounding how much has changed.

      • I was there, probably before you came along. I left weeks before John Lennon was shot.

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