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Amazing Mystic on the Mystic River


In our armchair travels, we have arrived in the U.S. state of Connecticut. This is a southern New England state that has a mix of coastal cities and rural areas with small towns.

conect mystic

Our first stop is the lovely coastal town of Mystic.

 conect seaport

Mystic Seaport is a living museum of the maritime past of America. It lies along the banks of the Mystic River. Here you’ll find a recreation of a 19th century Connecticut coastal village, a shipyard, several exhibit halls, and more than 500 historic ships and other watercraft.

conect shipyard

A stroll through the village will transport you back to the mid-1800s and you’ll hear the stories about these times from historians, musicians, storytellers, and craftspeople. At the Henry B. du Pont Preservation Shipyard you can watch traditional shipbuilding techniques as the craftsmen go about restoring and maintaining the museum’s collection of watercraft.

conect morgan

The highlight here is the Charles W. Morgan. This is a magnificent tall ship that was once part of the 2,700 vessel whaling fleet, launching from New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1841. The ship has sailed from Arctic waters to Cape Horn.

conect aqua

At the Mystic Aquarium, it is exciting to see beluga whales from behind a 20 ft. long underwater window. You can also enjoy seeing African penguins, seals, sea lions, shark and ray touch pools, exhibits with jellyfish and Return to the Titanic and the Deep Sea 3D movie presentations.

conect bascule 2


Bascule Bridge was built in 1922 with a mechanism that lets the bridge rise to let large ships pass by and lower to let traffic continue on its way. The machinery is exposed and it is quite impressive. The bridge stays open for about five minutes and opens and closed about 2,200 times a year.

conect village 3



Charming Olde Mistick Village is a reconstruction of a charming, quaint village where you stroll along cobblestone streets. There are lots of shops to explore and the streets are lined with trees filled with flowering pots. Some of the best cafes and restaurants are here too.

conect downtown

Stop to take a look at Historic Downtown Mystic which has over 80 shops including places to eat and souvenir shops. There is always some event happening here.

conect nature

Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center is a lovely, lush green space where people can go hiking or watch wildlife. The center includes 350 acres of mixed woods, wetlands, and meadows all intersected by ten miles of hiking trails.

conect nature pond

You can spot bluebirds in the meadows or bullfrogs and painted turtles in the pond. In the summer lovely wildflower gardens bloom and the wood provides cool shade. Some birds like owls and hawks live in spacious outdoor enclosures.

conect P manor

Denison Homestead and Pequotsepos Manor are big parts of Mystic history. The impressive manor was built on 160 acres of land that was granted to Captain George Denison in 1654. The house became a museum in 1946 and the rooms are full of period furniture. The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center is located on the Homestead property.

conect art center

The idea of the Mystic Arts Center began with Impressionist painter Charles Harold Davis who settled in Mystic in 1891. With his presence, an art colony formed. The center’s Schuster Gallery has a permanent collection of over 250 works of art. There are three other galleries that exhibit the artwork of local and regional artists. Selected artist’s artworks are on sale and there are organized art classes, seminars and art camps for all ages.

conect argia

A great way to explore the area in and around the coastal village of Mystic is by water route. Taking the Argia Mystic Cruises you can see the scenic coastline, beaches, nearby islands, and other boats sailing by. The Argia 18 ft, schooner will take you on a water cruise and you can learn about the maritime history of the area. It accommodates 49 passengers and you are offered lemonade and snacks or you can bring your own food and drinks.

conect peace

Peace Nature Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parks in Mystic. It stretches along River Road. At one time it belonged to explorer and writer Mary Jobe Akeley and was a summer nature camp for girls. After the death of the writer, it became a public park. A lovely time to visit is in May when the native pink slippers bloom. There are well-maintained trails for walks or hikes offering fantastic views of the river.

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  1. If I may add, Mystic is an unofficial capital of New England antiques, at very reasonable prices (as opposed to most antique shops further north).

    • Thank you for the information. That is interesting. I suppose all those little historic villages in Mystic have antique shops galore.

      • Tons! Very quaint and very reasonable, as compared to Massachusetts’ shops.

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