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Exploring Ohio

Hocking Hills and Corkscrew Waterfalls

ohio hocking

Hocking Hills is made up of cliffs, rock shelters, gorges, and waterfalls.

ohio hocking corkscrew

Deep within Hocking Hills, you’ll find the amazing Corkscrew Waterfalls.

ohio hocking state park

Hocking Hills State Park is located near Logan. It is a rugged natural area popular with outdoor lovers. There are hiking trails, caves, camping facilities, and cottages. It is a great place for a weekend getaway no matter what the season. Park naturalists host regular events all year long on topics such as bird watching, photography, caves, and hikes.

ohio hocking old man

There is a popular winter hike. Among the highlights of the park are Old Man’s Cave,

ohio hocking cedar falls

Cedar Falls,

ohio hocking cantwell-cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs,

ohio hocking rock house

Rock House,

ohio hocking ash cave

and wheelchair-accessible Ash Cave.

ohio marblehead

A lovely sight is the Marblehead Lighthouse on Marblehead Peninsula, jutting out into Lake Erie. The lighthouse has been in operation since 1822.

ohio caverns

Ohio Caverns are America’s most colorful caverns. They are located 30 miles from Dayton, near West Liberty. Tours will take you through two different parts of the cavern. The Historic Tour begins at the site of discovery and includes the part which was originally explored from 1897 to 1925.

ohio caverns king

The Natural Wonder Tour takes visitors through the parts that were discovered after 1925. It includes the largest stalactite in Ohio, known as The Crystal King. There are many other formations and colors. There is also the Winter Tour that is offered from October through April and includes highlights from both tours.

ohio railroad

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad dates from 1880 when the first steam engine went through the Cuyahoga Valley. It was built to transport coal from the south of Canton to Cleveland. Today visitors can explore the lovely countryside and take a ride on the original steam engine.

ohio Netcher_Road_(Ashtabula_County,_Ohio)_Covered_Bridge_1

Ashtabula County is home to 18 different covered bridges. These can be seen on a driving tour of the area. One of the bridges is the Netcher Road Bridge built over Mill Creek in Jefferson Township.

ohio cedar point

Cedar Point Amusement Park is the second oldest amusement park in the U.S. It opened in 1870. There are 71 rides among them more than 17 world-class roller coasters and 2 water rides. Cedar Point is known as the roller coaster capital of the world and the only amusement park in the world to have 5 roller coasters taller than 200 feet. It is located near Sandusky on the shores of Lake Erie. It is also home to the Extreme Sports Stadium, a stunt stadium, with shows and celebrations.

ohio Cedar-Point-JPG

Next to it, you’ll find the Cedar Points Shores Water Park with thrilling water adventures including a wave pool, lazy river, shallow pools for children, and a six-story aqua-water drop slide.

ohio kings island

Kings Island is the largest amusement and water park in the Midwest. It is located 24 miles northeast of Cincinnati in Mason. It opened in 1964 and offers 47 rides among them 15 roller coasters. The other rides are carnival-style attractions and water rides.

ohio kings island banshee

Among the highlights are Banshee, the world’s longest inverted rollercoaster,

ohio beast



Dinosaurs Alive the world’s largest animatronic dinosaur park, and Son of the Beast, the fastest and tallest wooden coaster in the world.

ohio jungle jim

Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield offers visitors about 150,000 items to choose from. There are food demonstrations, gift shops, boutiques, restaurants, and much more.

ohio jungle jim food

You can also find thousands of grocery items on sale from all over the world. There is an extensive beer and wine selection.

ohio jungle jim AnimalPond_Fairfield

Animal Pond at Jungle Jim’s

There are also fun events like cooking classes and festivals celebrating different types of foods.


The Wilds in Cumberland is a preserve zoo that offers different outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, birding, and butterfly spotting. It is home to many different animals like ostriches, cranes, African painted dogs, Bactrian camels, banteng, and common elands.


It also offers educational programs for visitors of all ages and group tours for families, scout groups and schools. During the summer months, there are education camps. The Wilds is open from May through September and on weekends in October.

ohio carillon-historical-park

Carillon Historical Park in Dayton is the place where you can learn about the lives of early Americans. At the Heritage Center of Dayton, you can find out about inventions and innovations from the history of Dayton.

ohio carillon early settlement

The Early Settlement Area has several original homes, schools, and businesses to explore.

ohio carillon wright

The Wright Brothers Aviation Center has objects from the Wright family on display and you can see the building that houses the 1905 Wright Flyer III. The park also features an operational 1930s printing press, an exhibit dedicated to the Great Flood of 1913 and a display of one of the oldest trains in the world.

ohio victory PerryMemorial

The Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial was built to honor the people who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie which is also known as the Battle of Put-In-Bay. It is located in Put-In-Bay.  It was this battle in the War of 1812 that finally let Americans take control of Lake Erie from the British. There was the loss of almost 70 people and close to 200 were wounded.

ohio victory


This memorial celebrates the long-lasting peace between Britain, Canada, and the U.S. A Doric column rises 352 feet over Lake Erie as a sign of that peaceful relationship.



James A. Garfield National Historic Site in Mentor is housed in the former home of the 20th President of the U.S. James A. Garfield. There are many artifacts and mementos from his childhood and presidency. You can get a guided tour and learn about life in the 1880s. The site is open all year long.

ohio rutherford the-hayes-home

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museum in Fremont has interesting displays about the life of the 19th U.S. President Rutherford Hayes.

ohio rutherford museum library

His library and museum were the first of its kind in the U.S. and is situated on Spiegel Grove, Hayes’s 25-acre wooded lot. The museum and library display artifacts about his life and presidency. The Rutherford Hayes House has 31 rooms and an expansive veranda.

ohio rutherford grave site

Guided tours are available. Spiegel Grove also contains the grave of Rutherford B. Hayes.

ohio Mac-A-Cheek

Mac-A-Cheek Castle is also known as one of the Piatt Castles and has been drawing tourists for over 100 years.

ohio Mac-O-Chee_Castle_with_grounds

The other castle is the Mac-A-Chee Castle. Both of the castles are in West Liberty. They were named after the Piatt Family and built in the Ohio countryside by two of the Piatt sons. They are still family owned over 200 years later. Visitors can rent out the castles and parts of the grounds for special events like weddings.

ohio loveland

Historic Loveland Castle was built to honor the strength and courage of knights in Medieval times. It is also known as Chateau Laroche and sits on the banks of the Little Miami River north of Loveland. Visitors can explore the pathways and garden surrounding the property and see the displays of weaponry inside. The castle can be rented for special events. It is also the source for paranormal investigation.

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