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Enjoying the Beauty of Kentucky

kent daniel boone

The Daniel Boone National Forest in Winchester stretches through 21 counties in eastern Kentucky. There are sandstone cliffs, gorges, and ravines that have been cut by rivers and streams. The Natural Bridge is 65 feet high and 75 feet wide.

kent daniel boone natural bridge

The rock formations in the park have been created by the erosive forces of wind and water. There are many different trails to choose from The Sheltowee Trail is the largest and goes for 273 miles through this forest. The Barren Folk Accessible Heritage Trail is a paved trail closest to Whitley City and it tells the history of Barren Folk Mining and Coal and the people who lived in the isolated mining town.

kent daniel boone sky-bridge-from-bottom

In the Daniel Boone National Forest, you’ll also find the Red River Gorge which is famous for its natural stone arches. It has become one of the world’s most popular rock climbing spots. Rock climbers had nicknamed it “Red”. Sky Bridge in the Red River Gorge was featured in the 1955 movie “The Kentuckian” starring Burt Lancaster.

kent cumberland

Cumberland Gap National Historic Park in southeastern Kentucky extends into the Cumberland Gap. This is a 760-foot-deep cut through the range that was used by Native Indians as a traffic route and was discovered by pioneer heading west in the mid-18th century. The Visitor Center is located in Middleboro and has an interactive museum. Visitors can take a tour of the Hensley Settlement, a well-preserved old country township by shuttle from the visitor center.

kent cumberland gap cave

There are guided hiking tours of Gap Cave and to Pinnacle Overview, where you can have spectacular views of the area at an altitude of 2460 feet.

kent abrahamLincolnBirthplace

The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park in Hodgenville is located on the former site of Sinking Springs Farm. It was established by the 16th US President’s father, Thomas Lincoln.

kent abraham place

The Memorial Building was completed in 1911 and contains the Symbolic Birth Cabin, which is a replica of the one-room house where Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809.

kent abraham house

This neo-Classical building was constructed of Tennessee marble and pink granite from Connecticut. There are 56 steps representing Lincoln’s age at this time of death. You can also see Sinking Spring, a natural water source where the water disappears back into the earth below.

kent abraham lincoln-statue-in-nearby downtown hodgville

Statue of Abraham Lincoln in downtown Hodgenville.

kent mammoth

The Mammoth Cave can be found in the “Land of 10,000 Sinks” or the Caveland Corridor, in southwestern Kentucky about 80 miles south of Louisville. This is one of the world’s largest known cave systems.

kent mammoth dome

The highlights here are the Mammoth Dome rising 200 feet high

kent mammoth ruins

and the Ruins of Karnak, named for its massive limestone columns making it resemble a ruined temple,

kent mammoth snowball

the Snowball Dining Room has unusual rock formations

kent mammoth niagara

and the Frozen Niagara, with fantastic stalactites and stalagmites.

kent mammoth crystal

Visitors also enjoy the lovely Crystal Lake.

After you have explored the cave you can enjoy camping, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, and horseback riding in the Mammoth Cave National Park.

kent Cumberland_falls_2015_1


The Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is known as the “Niagara of the South”. The waterfall drops 68 feet into Cumberland River. Under a full moon, it shows the only “moonbow” in the western hemisphere. There are various walking trails to take and you can also enjoy camping, swimming, birding, and fishing. Visitors can take guided horseback rides, rafting trips, and flume mining. There is a full-service restaurant for refreshments and a gift shop for hand-made souvenirs.

kent shaker

Shaker Village is an open-air village with 34 original buildings from Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg. It shows the traditional lifestyle of Shakers.

kent shaker 2

The buildings have handmade furniture and everyday items from the 1800s. It hosts craft demonstrations and events all year long.


You can visit the farm, meet the animals and learn about how Shakers farmed. Hayrides can be taken. On the grounds is a wildlife preserve with 40 miles of hiking trails and offers naturalist-guided programs.

kent aqua

The Newport Aquarium shows aquatic life through an extensive system of acrylic tunnels. In the Amazon Tunnel, you can see the massive Arapaima swimming in a river along a flooded Amazon forest floor. There is lots of coral life with unicorn fish, honeycomb moray eels, and cownose rays.

kent aqua 2

In the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit, you come face to face with these predators. The Dangerous and Deadly Exhibit shows piranha and Gila monsters.

kent aqua gator

Gator Alley offers big alligators. There is a lot to see and the aquarium puts on shows and presentation all through the day.

kent Dog-Slaughter-Falls-Two-1-21-15

Dog Slaughter Falls is one of Kentucky’s best-known natural sights. This is a 15-foot waterfall. You can get great views of the falls from the Dog Slaughter Falls Trail. It is an ideal spot for dog-walking. You can see hemlock and rhododendrons along the trail.

kent breaks

Breaks Interstate Park is also known as the Grand Canyon of the South and stretches along the border of Kentucky and Virginia. It is known for being home to the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi. The first explorer here was Daniel Boone.

kent lake

Kentucky Lake is one of the largest man-made artificial lakes in the U.S. It offers fantastic sunsets. It is popular for bass and crappie fishing.

kent lake Elk-and-Bison-Prairie-9

The land between Kentucky Lake and neighboring Lake Barkley is home to an elk and bison prairie.

kent pin


The Pinnacles of Berea offer some of the best hiking trails in the state and in all of the South. Along the main trail, you can find lovely wildflowers. It is a 6.6-mile long trail that takes around three to four hours to complete. The trail is accessible from April to October and dogs are welcome. To get some of the best views try the West Pinnacle

kent pinnacle indian-fort-mountain

Indian Fort Mountain

and Indian Fort Outlook.

kent bard

Bardstown is famous around the world for its bourbon with five bourbon distilleries

kent bard heaven

among them Heaven Hill, Maker’s Mark, and Jim Beam.

kent bard whiskey

Of interest are The Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History, The Kentucky Railway Museum,

kent Bardstown_Civil_War_Village

Civil War Village

and The Civil War Museum.

kent bard wickland

Take the time to see Wickland, a private residence once the home of three Kentucky Governors. Public tours are available.

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  1. Kentucky is also known as the Bluegrass State because of the presence of bluegrass around.

  2. Great post! Now I really want to take a roadtrip 🙂

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