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Anniston Alabama


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Anniston is located in Calhoun County in Alabama. This city was involved in some of the country’s historic events. The U.S. Army set up training camps nearby during WW I and WW II and during the Civil Rights Movement, a life-changing event took place here. Anniston also offers many outdoor activities.

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Anniston Museum of Natural History began with artifacts and specimens that once belonged to H. Severn Regar. It was his private collection and now the museum has more than 2,000 natural history items and diorama-style exhibits. There are seven exhibit halls all with a different theme. Like the African Hall with a collection of more than 100 animals in natural settings or the Dynamic Earth Room with gemstones, rock formations, fossils, and dinosaurs. Among the highlights here are 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummies, a selection of open-air exhibits, and wildlife gardens.

ann largest chair

Anniston is the world record holder for the “World’s Largest Chair” which was built by Miller’s Office Furniture Store in 1981 to advertise the store. The chair is 31 feet tall and can withstand heavy winds of up to 85 miles per hour. It was constructed of ten tons of steel and can be seen from across the city.

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Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve is named after the mountain longleaf pine tree forests that are scattered across the southern states. It is located on the site of Fort McClellan a former army base and forms part of the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain ranges. Here you can see the endangered white-fringeless orchid, Black-throated green warblers, Scarlet Tanagers, and Bachman’s sparrows.

ann oxford

Oxford Lake is a popular recreational area just 5 miles south of Anniston. There are walking trails, picnic pavilions, and playgrounds. The park surrounding the lake is home to the oldest covered bridge in the state.


Coldwater Covered Bridge is a historical landmark which dates back to 1850.

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Coldwater Mountain offers beautiful woodland and mountainous terrain that is great for mountain biking. It is located just outside of the city and it great for beginners and seasoned cyclists. If you’re not into mountain biking you can enjoy the amazing scenery and go hiking along the trails.

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If your into seeing and exploring something spooky take a look at Hell’s Gate Bridge located just outside of Oxford, Alabama. It is known as the “Most Haunted Bridge in Alabama”. According to legend a young couple in the 1950s were driving along and plunged off the bridge into the water below. Now when you stop on the bridge and turn your car light off at night, the young couple will get into your car to continue their journey.

ann berman

Berman Museum was started by an American GI, who was stationed in North Africa during WW II. He later married a French spy and in their travels, they collected weaponry, antiques, and more than 60,000 unusual items from all around the world. Among the artifacts are Hitler’s silver tea service, a bullet firing flute and a James Bond-style ink pen that can fire like a .22.

Freedom Rider’s Park

ann freedom

Back in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, an African-American woman named Rosa Parks stood up for her tight not to give up her bus seat for a white passenger. The incident reverberated all across the U.S. and the Civil Rights Movement started. Then in 1961, the US Supreme Court voted that segregated public busses were “unconstitutional’. The southern state ignored the ruling and still enforced segregation. Then in May 1961, the KKK attacked a Greyhound Bus in Anniston with a firebomb. They held the door shut so that passengers could not escape. The world saw the “Burning Bus” and the citizens of the city were the most shocked. Soon this all became a thing of the past and today in the

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Freedom Rider’s Park you can see artwork, stories, and photos about how one event brought a city together.

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Zinn Park is located right in downtown Anniston. It is a wonderful place with pavilions, jogging, and walking paths and a fun splash pad for kids.

Martin Luther King Jr. Pavilion hosts a range of events and concerts all through the year.

ann zinn

There is also a playground for children with disabilities.

ann vineyards

White Oak Vineyards are located in scenic rolling hills and offer a selection of French hybrid red and white wines, southern fruit, and Muscadine wines. Muscadine is a wine made from American grape varieties which have low sugar content. The sugar is added late and this becomes a great dessert wine. Visitors can sample the wines, buy bottles, and take a look at the juices, jellies, and jams at the farm shop.

ann botanical

Longleaf Botanical Gardens are located next to the Anniston Museum of Natural History and Berman Museum. The gardens offer visitors tropical cascades and borders that are filled with many colored flowers and plants. There is a section for butterflies and hummingbirds and a garden with plants that are native to central Alabama.

ann longleaf nature trail

The Longleaf Nature Trail has more than 25 native tree species, shaded woodlands with fragrant azaleas and hydrangeas.

ann Cheaha Repelling at Pulpit Rock

Cheaha State Park sits at 2,407 feet above sea level. There are amazing views of lakes, mountains, and awesome sunsets.


If you arrive early you can have a buffet breakfast at Vista Cliffside Restaurant with panoramic valley views of Talladega National Forest.

ann Cheaha Lake Pier

There are hiking and biking trails and you can head for the summit of Cheaha Mountain.

ann bunker

There are a bunker tower and observation deck.

ann tubing

Day tubing is a great thing to do on Choccolocco Creek. Just floating along seeing the scenery along the river banks drift by.

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  1. You got everything perfectly right! I love in Anniston.

    • Anniston sounds like a wonderful place Andria. Maybe someday I can visit and get some inspiration by sitting in that huge chair.

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