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Interesting Kalamazoo


Kalamazoo is an interesting sounding city in southern Michigan. It has a lot to offer tourists.

kalamazoo valley

Kalamazoo Valley Museum is an interactive museum that is based on history, technology, and science. It features over 50,000 artifacts among them The Mystery of the Mummy exhibit with a 2,300-year-old ancient Egyptian mummy,. Other exhibits relate to local history and industry. There is a planetarium with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment offering visitors an awesome experience of the stars and planets.

kalamazoo art

The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts hosts temporary exhibits each year. Most of the involved with local schools and the community. Other exhibits include pieces borrowed from other museums, galleries, and private collections. There are over 4,000 artifacts in its permanent collection. The primary emphasis is on art form in the U.S.


Kalamazoo Nature Center located to the north of Kalamazoo is a nature preserve with rolling hills and woods.

kalamazoo nature center

There are miles of hiking and walking trails and 13 different trails that offer 10 miles of hiking and walking paths through ponds, prairies, forests, and other wildlife habitats

kalamazoo farmer

The Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market where vendors sell locally grown produce and handicrafts. The market operates during the summer on Saturdays from May till November. There are over 100 businesses weekly and also hosts a night market.

kalamazoo henderson

Henderson Castle is one of Kalamazoo’s most popular inns. It is located in the historic West Main Hill neighborhood and is housed in an 1895 Queen Ann-style castle., It was once the residence of Frank Henderson who was one of the city’s most successful early businessmen. Here you can find great accommodations and see the old mixed with the new and modern. The inn also has an organic garden, vineyard, day spa, and restaurant all also open to the general public.

kalamazoo markin

The Markin Glen County Park features hiking trail, sports fields, and a lake for swimming and a beach. You can go fishing on the lake as well. There are several playgrounds for children.

kalamazoo markin 3

One of the highest points along the trails offers great views of downtown Kalamazoo. There is a campground with 38 campsites all with modern amenities.

kalamazoo verhage

VerHage Fruit Farm and Cider Mill is a working farm that offers family-friendly attractions. In the fall there are a variety of tours you can take that include walking through the animal barn, taking a hayride, picking apples, and a cider-making demonstration. On the premises are the cider mill, a donut shop, and a country store.

kalamazoo LawtonRidge


The Lawton Ridge Winery has been growing grapes since 1974 and opened its production facility in 2008, It is an award-winning winery with a selection of different wines from dry red wines to sweet dessert wines. In the Tasting Room offer visitors a chance to taste up to six wines. It is also possible by reservation to accommodate groups of up to 30 people for private events.

kalamazoo river

The Kalamazoo River Valley Trail is a 22-mile non-motorized, multi-use trail. It offers access for bikers, walkers, and joggers. The trail has been designed to be part of a larger network and connects over 140 miles of trail. It passes through downtown Kalamazoo.

kalamazoo Al-Sabo-Preserve

Al Sabo Preserve is a nature preserve with hiking trails and two boardwalks. Mountain biking is a popular activity and there are 7 miles of cycling trails. All the trails have scenic overlooks and panoramic views of the nature preserve and the west branch of Portage Creek, flowing through the preserve and meeting up with the Kalamazoo River.

kalamazoo al sabo 2

Wildlife species here include muskrats, deer, coyotes, turtles, and fish. There are also over 150 bird species for bird lovers.

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