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South Bend on the St. Joseph River

Indiana, Welcome road sign

In our armchair travels, we’ve arrived in the 19th U.S. state Indiana which is in the Midwestern and Great Lakes regions.

indy south bend

Our first stop will be in South Bend a city on the St. Joseph River. It is known for being home to the University of Notre Dame.

indy studebaker

National Studebaker Museum offers a look at classic Studebaker models and the American car manufacturer Studebaker has long been associated with the city of South Bend.

indy studebaker inside

You can also see military vehicles and the world’s largest collection of U.S. Presidential Carriages among them the Barouche that the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln took the night of his ill-fated theater visit.


There is a collection of extensive archive design and development drawings. The museum hosts a speaker series and an annual Hall of Champions dinner and reception.

indy history

Adjacent to this museum is the History Museum which is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the state. There are informative exhibits, vivid displays, and artifacts that tell stories about Indiana. There is also the Kidsfirst Children’s Museum in this facility with lots of fun for the whole family.

indy oliver.jpg

On the property, you can visit the Oliver Mansion and Oliver Gardens also offering guided tours of this 19th-century 38-room mansion.


The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842. It has an impressive sprawling campus and fascinating Gothic architecture.

indy Notre_Dame_Football_Stadium_-_South_Bend_IN-600x400-100

Visitors can find many things to do on campus like visiting the Snite Museum of Art and seeing football games at the Notre Dame Stadium, home to the Fighting Irish football team.

indy Basilica_of_the_Sacred_Heart,_ND_-_front_view

While on campus take the time to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart a most impressive Roman Catholic church. It is the mother church of the Congregation of the Holy Cross in the U.S.

indy basilica inside

It is open year-round for public masses and welcomes visitors who want to take a self-guided tour.

indy basilica grotto

On the grounds, you’ll find the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes which is a spiritual shrine that was built from the boulders taken from surrounding farms.

indy snite_museum_of_art

The Snite Museum of Art has a large collection of Renaissance, medieval, and 19th-century artworks.

indy snite-museum-of-art

On display, you’ll find modern and contemporary art as well as Native American, African, and Mesoamerican artwork. Along the walls, you can also see artwork from graduate students.

The museum also offers the Charles B. Hayes Family Sculpture Park just a few blocks away.

indy compton-family-ice-arena

For some family fun on the south edge of the campus, you’ll find the Compton Family Ice Arena where the public can also use the ice rink. Visitors can skate or learn how to skate.

indy pot

Potawatomi Park is located on the eastern edge of the city on the opposite side of the St. Joseph River from downtown.

indy pot pool

There are places to enjoy a picnic, a splash pad for summer fun, a swimming pool. a performance arts stage and a playground.


Adjacent to the park, you’ll find the Potawatomi Zoo which is Indiana’s oldest animal park with 500 animals on display.

indy zoo tiger

It offers family-friendly attractions and hand-on experiences.

indy zoo lion

You can see armadillos, Ankole cattle, American bison and different big cats like leopards, tigers, and lions.

indy zoo carousel

There are educational programs like Zoo Camps. Visitors enjoy the Potawatomi Zoo Train, the Endangered Species Carousel, and Zoo Farm Feeding Area.

indy conserv

The Potawatomi Conservatory on the southeast side of the park offers year-round

indy conserv 2.jpg

tropical plants and waterfalls.

indy south-bend-art-museum

South Bend Museum of Art has three stories and five galleries that represent Indiana and regional artists as well as artwork from across the nation.

indy south bend art inside

There are also regular and special events such as First Fridays and outdoor Art Festivals. The museum is part of Century Center, home to major conventions and events.

indy morris 2


The Morris Performing Arts Center had its beginnings as a vaudeville house in the early 1920s. Today it is one the National Register of Historic Places. You can see a wide variety of first-class talent and attractions as well as Broadway and symphony performances.

indy tippi

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant was originally built in the late 19th century by Clem Studebaker and family. You’ll find the restaurant is housed in a historic home with 40 different rooms.

indy tippy inside

It offers lunch, dinner, and a Sunday brunch. You can also take a self-guided tour of the house.

indy military

Military Honor Park located west of the city and near the South Bend International Airport is a great place to learn about the military history of the U.S. The museum exhibits artifacts and memorabilia from five different branches of the U.S. military. On the grounds, you’ll find a collection of decommissioned aircraft, artillery, and armor, including a tank. These displays can be seen all the time but the museum is open on the weekends.

indy water 2

East Race Waterway is the place to go white water rafting in South Bend. Both beginners and experienced white water rafters are welcome. It is also possible to kayak on the rafters with your own kayak. Rafting equipment is provided. You can go strolling around the walkways and enjoy the picnic areas.



  1. Looks impressive–some great architecture and interesting museums!

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. It is amazing the things you can discover about cities in the US

  2. I’ve driven through Indiana but never stopped. Thanks for the brief tour….lovely photos.

    • Thank you, Bill and good to hear from you, Glad you enjoyed this tour.

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