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Taking a Look At Missouri

missouri lake-of-the-ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks is located in central Missouri in the northern part of the Ozark Mountains. It is a large reservoir that was created by the impoundment of the Osage River and tributaries. The slow and lazy curves of this lake have earned it the nickname of “The Magic Dragon”. It is one of the largest man-made lakes dating from 1931. It has become a vacation destination and a place for winter sports.

missouri lake state park

When visiting you can explore the Ozarks, visit the Lake of the Ozarks State Park

missouri lake Party-cove1

or stop by Party Cove. You can relax at the Lodge of Four Seasons and when you’re not boating on the lake you can even enjoy a round of golf.

missouri ha ha

Ha Ha Tonka State Park is located along the Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks. You can explore the ruins of Ha Ha Tonka mansion that was built after the 18th-century European castles.

missouri ha ha 2

There are 15 miles of hiking trails, caves, sinkholes, and natural bridges. You can choose to go boating, fishing, or swimming.

missouri katy

The Katy Trail State Park includes the Katy Trail that runs along 240 miles of the former Missouri-Kansas Texas Railroad. It stretches along the railroad tracks and the Missouri River. It is the longest rails-to-trails trail in the country. It is enjoyed by hikers, joggers, bikers, and tourists. Parts of this trail are also parts of Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the American Discovery Trail.

missouri hannibal 2

Hannibal is the town where literary giant Mark Twain was raised. The town has preserved his house and has museums to commemorate his life.

missouri hannibal TwainBoyhoodHomeMuseum

Take a look at the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Garden,

missouri hannibal huck-finn-s-house

the Huckleberry Finn House,

missouri hannibal becky-thatchers-house

and the Thatcher House. You can follow along with his colorful characters and take the raft ride with Huck and Jim or explore the cave that Tom and Becky explored. During the summer there are free music concerts.

missouri dogwood-canyon-bridge

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is great for day trips and overnight stays with camping and cabin rentals, You can go hiking, biking, or fishing. You can bike on the canyon floor, take a tram tour or cattle drive. If you like you can ride a horse through the park.

missouri st joe

St. Joseph or St. Joe is located in Buchanan County along the Missouri River. It was founded in 1843 by fur trader, Joseph Robidoux. During the Wild West days, it was the last supply point and rough frontier town. The town has seen the birth of the Pony Express, the death of infamous outlaw Jesse James, and in modern times is the birthplace of famous rapper, Eminem.

missouri st joe pony-express-museum

There is the Pony Express Museum and at the Heaton-Bowman Smith Funeral Home is a small museum dedicated to Jesse James. It displays the bullet hole from the final shot that killed the outlaw.

missouri welch current

Take a look at the amazing Welch Spring Hospital ruins that once offered healing waters.

missouri welch ruins 2


They are located in Jadwin. In 1913 a doctor having found spring water that had healing properties built a hospital over the mouth of the cave, Welch Spring. Today such a hospital could be called a health spa. However, since access to the area surrounding the Current River was limited there were not too many patients or guests. The healing complex was abandoned.

missouri current

Today the Current River is a popular place for canoe trips and camping.

missouri rock bridge

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park that is just south of Columbia, Missouri has what is known as the Devil’s Icebox. It consists of wooden bridges and pathways. The reason it was given this name is that it stays a cool 56 degrees all year round.

missouri Rock Bridge Icebox entrance

Visitors can explore the dark terrain underneath a natural rock bridge and explore Connor’s Cave. The Devil’s Icebox is a complex of caves that stretches for seven miles. At present, it is closed to the public to protect bats from the spread of white-nose syndrome.

missouri Laura-Ingalls-Wilder-Historic-Home-and-Museum-Mansfield-MO-1024x768

Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum is located in Mansfield. This features the concluding series of her life and is the place where she settled with Almanzo and their daughter Rose. It is also the place where she wrote her Little House books. Here you can see Laura’s homes, the historic farmhouse and the Rock House on Rocky Ridge, and Laura’s Vegetable Garden created to honor her passion for gardening. In the museum, you can see Pa’s fiddle, handwritten manuscripts for the Little House books, Laura’s needlework, Almanzo’s tools, and other keepsakes. Another part of the museum is dedicated to Rose Wilder Lane, who became an American journalist, travel writer, novelist, and political theorist.

missouri sumner 2.jpg

In the so-called wild goose capital of the world Sumner, Missouri

missouri sumner

you’ll find a huge goose called Maxie in the middle of a public park caught in mid-flight. It was installed in 1976 and is made of fiberglass.

missouri Sumner-MO-Wild-Goose-Festival

Sumner sits along a migration path and sees a large number of around 100,000 wild geese land in the local lakes every year.

missouri where_pigs_fly_thumb_550x412

Pigs Aloft Museum in Linn is the only pig museum in the U.S. It contains one of the largest collection of pig items with more than 30,000 pieces. The museum has made its home in an 80-year-old barn. Visitors to the museum have added their own personal pig items to this collection.

missouri pig big

In addition to the museum, the Where Pigs Fly Farm has more than 500 live animals.

missouri pig horse

missouri pig cat

You can see the resident donkeys, horses, birds, cattle, and pigs. Annually the farm also rescues hundreds of cats.–directions.html

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  1. Fabulous photos, I esp love the Donkey! Thank you!

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. I always do my best to get good photos.

      • These are excellent, I always enjoy your photography and the various destinations I find you at! xo

      • These are all destinations I write about to give people an idea of places they can visit when traveling, It was created as an armchair travel blog and I have not been to all these destinations, I chose my photos online from travel sites and Wiki so that these travel destinations will be known to people. I cannot take credit for the photos but do my best to get good ones.

  2. Lovely!!

    • Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed the tour,

  3. What a fabulous post and excellent photos!

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. I enjoy seeking out the information and then finding the right photos to go with all these great places to see.

      • I attended college in Fulton, MO, so the photos were especially interesting.

  4. My dad was from Missouri. I’ve never been. Doubt I’ll make it there now, so thanks for the tour.

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