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Duluth on Lake Superior



Our armchair travels have brought us to the Midwestern state of Minnesota in the U.S. The state borders Canada and Lake Superior, which is the largest of the Great Lakes. This state is all about lakes and it has over 10,000 of them.

mini aerial

We begin In the port city of Duluth on Lake Superior. The city has a waterfront Lakewalk Trail that passed along Canal Park offering views of the Aerial Lift Bridge. This landmark connects the city to the Park Point sandbar.

mini bob

Duluth is the birthplace of iconic folk singer Bob Dylan who lived here for the first six years of his life. Therefore, each May the city has the week-long Duluth Dylan Fest. It also has the almost two-mile-long Bob Dylan Way what is a walking trail with landmarks that are linked to the star as well as top cultural attractions.

mini bob house

You can see his childhood home at 519 North Third Avenue where his family lived in a second-floor flat. A marker is at the home.

mini scenic

North Shore Scenic Drive has spectacular views of Lake Superior and taking this drive is a great way to see the sights along the way.

mini canal park

It begins at the waterfront Canal Park and as you drive along you can see acres of aspens, the majestic Sawtooth Mountains, waterfall, cliffs, and  beaches. It makes for a great drive stopping in the northern shore towns along the way.

mini two-harbors-lighthouse

Two Harbors Lighthouse dates back to 1891. It is Minnesota’s oldest continuously operated lighthouse.

mini split-rock-lighthouse

Nearby is the Split Rock Lighthouse.

mini gooseberry

Gooseberry Falls State Park has hiking trails, picnic areas, fantastic scenery, and a spectacular waterfall, Continuing along the route you’ll find Lutsen and the Superior Hiking Trail or the Appalachian Trail of the Midwest, During the winter this is a great place for skiing and snowboarding and there are chairlift rides, During the spring BMX biking is available.

mini grand

At the northernmost end of the drive is Grand Marais an artist colony. It has interesting art galleries, boutique shopping, and great dining, You can go kayaking or canoeing at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area,

mini lakewalk

Canal Park stretches along the shore of Lake Superior and is a popular recreation area, It is home to Lakewalk, a promenade with walking and biking trails.

mini leif

The eastern end of the walk connects with Leif Erickson Park

mini duluth rose

and Duluth Rose Garden. This is a great place to enjoy harbor views and have a picnic.

mini leif viking

You can see a replica of Erikson’s Viking ship. This wooden sailing ship took the journey from Norway to Boston and on to Duluth in 1927.

mini playfront

Children enjoy the Playfront Park which is the city’s largest playground.

In Canal Park you can rent electric boats, Seadoos, paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks. Bike rentals and carriage rides can be arranged.

mini karpeles

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum has made its home in a former 1912 church. The original organ is still there. There is an impressive collection of old books and important historical documents.

mini Aerial-Lift-Bridge

The Aerial Lift Bridge thrills visitors. It spans a narrow opening that connects Park Point to the mainland of the city, It is one of Duluth’s most photographed structures. The bridge operates 24/7. It allows water vehicles to pass from the harbor to the main lake passageway, At night the bridge is lit up with hundreds of LED lights,

mini glensheen

Glensheen Mansion sits on top of a bluff that overlooks the city and the lake.

mini glensheen two

It is one of the most visited historic houses in Minnesota.

mini glensheen garden 2

The landscaped gardens are lovely. Guided tours are available.

mini aqua

The Great Lakes Aquarium features habitats, animals, and sea creatures that represent the regional Great Lakes Basin. You can see on display amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and invertebrates, There are touch pools that let you get closer. You can see bullheads, black crappies, and porcupine fish in natural habitats,.

mini zoo

Lake Superior Zoo is a fun experience where you can see a collection of cuddly exotic and North American animals.

mini zoo polar bear

You can see wild animals like tigers too. There are playgrounds and a mini-train. Tours are available.

mini Lake_Superior_Maritime_Visitor_Center

Lake Superior Maritime Visitors Center is a popular tourist destination. The museum is located in Canal Park and offers you a look into the maritime history of the lake. You’ll learn about the important role Duluth Harbor played in shaping the early American steel industry.

mini Edmund_Fitzgerald,_1971,_3_of_4_(restored)

An amazing exhibit devoted to the Edmund Fitzgerald the doomed freighter.

mini Enger-Tower

The 80-foot tall Enger Tower was built in 1939 of bluestone. It is a tribute to Norwegian American businessman and philanthropist Bert Enger. The tower sits high on top of Duluth’s bluffs and has a green beacon. It is located in Enger Park and offers impressive views of the city and Duluth Harbor. Visitors can take the narrow staircase straight to the top.

mini enger peace bell

Strolling the ground you’ll see lovely gardens and you can ring the Japanese Peace Bell that was installed as a gift from Duluth’s sister city, Ohara, Japan.

mini Superior-Hiking-Trail

Superior Hiking Trail stretches out along the edge of the gardens paralleling the ridgeline above Skyline Drive. It is  favorite place for rock climbers and boulder enthusiasts. Locals enjoy climbing the Slab Boulder at the east end of the park and the Upper and Lower Walls on the west side.


Lake Superior Railroad Museum on the downtown waterfront is housed in the historic 1892 French chateau-style Union Station. On display, you can find steam, diesel, and electric trains. There is also a three-quarter scale replica of downtown Duluth in 1910 during the city’s industrial boom. One of the highlights here is the diesel-powered Great Northern 92 Engine. One of only ten such built between 1946 and 1947.

mini scenic RR

In the summer and autumn months, you can experience a ride along the old lakefront line on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. It passes downtown Duluth and Canal Park and then heads for the shoreline of Lake Superior. You’ll hear commentaries from local historians about area history,

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  1. Thanks. On my list of essential visits.

    Regards Thom

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. It does seem to be a lot of fun to visit.

  2. Thank you for the photos. I visit the city often many years ago. One of my favorite cities.

    • Well, I cannot take credit for the photos but I try to get the best to illustrate a place. Mostly I try Wiki, the state’s tourism sites and such since they do want people to be interested in visiting. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

      • I did. I love the lake.

  3. I’ve never been there. That museum is spectacular!

    Happy Easter my friend!

  4. I have been to Duluth many times. I love watching the ships come in and I love the gigantic lake. I also like the museum.

    • Duluth is a lovely place and glad you enjoyed the tour and it brought you some memories,

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