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Beautiful Cedar Rapids


Our armchair travels have taken us to the Midwestern U.S. state of Iowa. The state lies between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. It is known for its cornfields and rolling plains.

iowa cedar rapids

We begin with a city in eastern Iowa, Cedar Rapids. The history of the city includes Czech, Slovak, and Moravian vibes. You can see lots of interesting architecture and it is the home of iconic American Gothic artist Grant Wood.

iowa cezch museum

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is located in the lovely Czech Village in Cedar Rapids, They offer first-class exhibitions. One of their permanent exhibitions is Faces of Freedom: The Czech and Slovak Journey. This is a multimedia interactive experience covering both World Wars, life in Czechoslovakia during Communist rule, and their journey to the New World. You can see Czech and Slovak ethnic costumes, art, woodworks. There are also concerts and different events.



Brucemore a beautiful 19th-century mansion sits on a historic estate. It is a memorial to the lives of prominent local families. It was built in the Queen Anne style and later renovated. You can enjoy a guided tour of the 21-room mansion and see the art and furnishings. The grounds are lovely and the mansion hosts concerts, theater performances, and other events.


The Paramount Theater opened its doors in 1928 and was known as the Capitol Theater. On the stage, you could see live shows, comedians, dancers, acrobats, and films. It has played host to such celebrities as B.B. King and Willie Nelson. The theater was designed like a palace and has a Hall of Mirrors similar to the one in Versailles. The theater was renamed when it was purchased by Paramount Studios in 1929. It is listed on the National Register of Historic places, Today it is one of only 300 movie palaces left in the U.S. The theater hosts concerts, a Broadway series, and other events.

iowa art museum

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art has the largest collection of artwork by Grant Wood, Jaques Marvin Cone, and Mauricio Lasansky in the world. The Riley Collection offers ancient Roman portrait busts. Part of the museum is Grant Wood’s studio where the artists lived and worked between 1924 and 1935. The museum focuses on 20th century American Art and has over 7,000 works of art.

iowa czech village 3

Being home to many Czech, Slovak, and Moravian immigrants Cedar Rapids created the Czech Village and the New Bohemian Main Street District. You can take part in festivals, see performing arts from all around the world, and more. In the district, you’ll find the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, many fine restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

iowa African_American_Museum_of_Iowa

The African American Museum of Iowa is located on the banks of the Cedar River in downtown Cedar Rapids. It has become one of the major educational institutions on Iowa African American history.

iowa indian 2

The Indian Creek Nature Center has diverse land that includes prairie, forest, and wetlands. You can enjoy hiking, bird watching, and fishing. In the winter there is cross-country skiing.

iowa indian

The center offers many different programs for both adults and children like summer nature camps.

iowa ushers

Ushers Ferry Historic Village in the Seminole Valley has 20 historic buildings that show what life was like in a small Iowa town at the turn of the 20th century.

iowa masonic

The Iowa Masonic Library is one of the top five largest Masonic libraries in the world. In its collection are more than 150,000 volumes and it’s open to the public, There are both Masonic and general books. You can also find three extensive museum collections among them the Charles H, Swab Memorial collection.

iowa lindale

Lindale Mall offers more than 100 stores and restaurants. There is a large selection of jewelry, accessories, shoes, and clothing. The mall has seasonal holiday displays and hosts various events.

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  1. I’ve actually visited Cedar Rapids. My parents were from Iowa. I love the vibe of Iowa.

    • Interesting to know that your parents were from Iowa. I have wanted to see Iowa every since I saw the musical State Fair and of course, visit their state fair.

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