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Davenport on the Mississippi


Davenport is located in eastern Iowa on the Mississippi River.

dave chocolate

Chocolate lovers should check out the Chocolate Manor. You can find everything related to chocolate here like chocolate candy and cakes. Ice cream is also available. All of the ingredients are sourced locally.

dave putnam-museum-of-history

Putnam Museum and Science Center is a museum that educates visitors about history and natural sciences. The collection has 160,000 pieces. There is also a theater featuring movies about history and natural sciences. Among the permanent exhibits is an aquarium full of fish and depictions of natural habitats such as forests and caves. The Hall of Mammals has photos and interactive displays.

dave the village

The historic district in Davenport is known as The Village or The Village of East Davenport. It stretches along the Mississippi River to the southeast of the city.

dave Village_of_East_Davenport_2

It is the main shopping and entertainment area. Lots of the buildings here date back to the Civil War era.

dave Lindsay_Park_(Davenport,_Iowa)

In the Village of East Davenport, you can find lovely Lindsay Park. From the park, you can get fantastic views of the Mississippi River which stretches along the south side of the park.

dave river

Along a section called Riverfront Parkway, you can see architectural sculptures. This is the place that annually hosts the Riverssance Festival of Fine Art.

davenport bridge

The Davenport Skybridge is a well-known bridge in the city that crosses over River Drive. The bridge was built in 2005 and offers spectacular views of the city. It is 50 feet tall and 575 feet long, The bridge overlooks the Mississippi and at the end, you’ll find an observation deck.


The inside of the structure has kaleidoscope lightning with more than 8,000 lights. The lights are lit all evening long in different patterns and colors and they reflect seasonal holidays like Christmas.

dave Figge_Art_Museum_2

The Figge Art Museum opened in 1928 and has more than 4,000 pieces of art that date from the 16th century to the present. There are collections of Colonial Mexican, Midwestern, and Haitian art on display. On display are also pieces of memorabilia art from artists like Grant Wood. You’ll also find artwork from American artists like Winslow Homer and Andy Warhol and European and East Asia art.

dave German_American_Heritage_Center_(Davenport,_Iowa)

The German American Heritage Center is where you can learn about the history of the German-American community in Davenport. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. There are many interesting exhibits that include interactive displays. There are also multimedia sections and various permanent exhibits.

dave dam and lock

Lock and Dam Number 15 is a lock and dam between Rock Island and Davenport and is part of the Upper Mississippi River. It is the longest roller dam in the world with a unique style and design. It is an interesting place to visit and you can walk on the surrounding nature trails. A popular activity here is bird watching and it is a great place to see the local plant and wildlife.

dave adler

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places the Adler Theater dates back from 1909 and was restored in 1986. Many period features have survived and there is original glasswork, chandeliers, and seating. Visitors can see different musical performances, Broadway shows, standup comedy, and theatrical productions.

dave Credit-Island-128

Credit Island is an island in the Mississippi River to the southwest of Davenport, It is a former Native American trading ground. Today it is a community park with a golf course, rugby, soccer, and softball facilities. Other things you can do here are fishing or having a picnic or biking.

dave credit eagle

You can also take in some eagle watching.

davis palmer

The Palmer Mansion is the former residence of B.J. and Mabel Palmer who lived here until 1961. The house features Palmer’s period possessions and there are many antiques to be seen. You can take a tour of this interesting house.

dave duck fuck

Duck Creek Parkway stretches for 13.5 miles and runs through several parks in Davenport ending at Duck Creek.

dave Duck_Creek_(Quad_Cities)

The parkway dates from the 1930s. You can either walk or bike. It passes by Emeis Park and Golf Course.

dave botanical fountain

The Vander Veer Botanical Park is known for being one of the first botanical parks in the area. It dates back to 1885. It is a great place to see the local flora and fauna in a historic setting, Among the highlights here are a music pavilion, a conservatory, and lovely fountains the predate WW II.

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