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Interesting Iowa City


Iowa City is located in eastern Iowa.

iowa Amana_Colonies

Amana Colonies consisting of seven villages is one of the top tourist attractions, A group of religious Germans founded and built the colonies. Residents who live there occupied themselves with farming and crafting,

iowa amana 2

Today you can tour the village and shop in the craft shops and enjoy the restaurants. The villages host special events and seasonal celebrations.

iowa coral 2

The main purpose of Coralville Lake is to prevent flooding and control water flow in the area. The lake also offers recreation with 500 campsites which are spread over three campgrounds. You can enjoy fishing from the pier or take a boat on the nearby river. There are also hiking and mountain biking trails, swimming in the lake, volleyball courts, and picnic areas.

iowa university

On the University of Iowa campus you’ll find The University of Iowa Museum of Natural History.

iowa museum-of-natural-history

The museum offers an extensive collection of mammals and birds as well as Native American artifacts. You can learn about Iowa’s history and learn about its geology, culture, and ecology, Guided tours, and self-guided tours are available.

iowa museum of art

On-campus you’ll also find The University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art housing one of the leading university art collections in the U.S. The museum has about 15,000 objects and artworks, The Elliot Collection displays post-impressionist European art and the Stanley Collection of African Art has over 2,000 objects of African art.

iowa gaslight

Gaslight Village is located in Iowa City’s Historical North Side and is a historic landmark. Four buildings make up the village including two Victorian buildings.

iowa gaslight charles

The oldest is the Charles Berryhill Mansion. The other two buildings are rustic, California-style homes from the 1940s.

iowa hoover

The Hebert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum is the library and burial site of the 31st President of the U.S., Herbert Hoover. In the library you’ll find items and photos that belonged to the Hoover Administration as well as personal belongings, The museum tells the story of the life of Herbert Hoover. There is a temporary exhibit as well.

iowa hoover graves

On the surrounding park grounds, you’ll find Hoover’s birthplace cottage, gravesite, and other buildings from the period.

iowa hickory trail

Hickory Hill Park is a large park in the northeast part of the city. There are abandoned fields, forests, prairie, wetlands around Ralston Creek, and other streams.

iowa hickory 3

The park offers picnic shelters, tables, grills, restrooms, and water fountains, They are trails for hiking and walking, In the winter sledding and cross-country skiing are popular.

iowa literary

The Iowa Avenue Literary Walk celebrates and explores the lives and work of 49 authors who were related to Iowa, The walk follows a series of bronze panels featuring quotes from literary works with the names of the authors.

iowa literary 2

The walk also has an author section displaying biographical information and explaining their connection to Iowa.

iowa capitol old 2

The Iowa Old Capitol Building is the former site of the main government building for Iowa. Today it is a landmark found on the University of Iowa campus, It is used as an exhibition space and for educational programming. The highlights include the Hansen Humanities Gallery, the Senate Chamber, and the Supreme Court Chamber, Tours are available.

iowa macbride

Lake Macbride State Park is the largest state park in Iowa, You can enjoy outdoor activities like boating, swimming, fishing, camping, and hiking,

iowa macbride 3

The park has picnic shelters and a lodge you can reserve.

iowa macbride 2

There is a lovely beach with concessions, A 5-mile limestone trail circles the lake. There are also additional limestone paths and six permanent Volkssport trails. The lake has boat ramps and boat rentals.

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