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Lovely Lincoln

Lincoln is the capital of the US state of Nebraska.

Visit the historic Haymarket District to get a feel of the city. It is a great places to get something to eat, walk around, or take the time for some people watching.

You’ll see beautifully restored 19th century brick warehouses. Close by is the University of Nebraska and students enjoy frequenting this area.

The most impressive building is the Lincoln Station which was once a railway depot but today houses a visitor center and a restaurant. During the summertime the streets are often closed off for farmers markets and festivals.

The University of Nebraska Campus has impressive red-brick buildings and Victorian-style lecture halls. The campus has groves of cherry trees and winding walkways.

There are green lawns to relax on around the Perin Porch and Arboretum.

Students enjoy sitting on the steps of the Love Library.

There is also the tall Mueller Tower and the Sculpture Garden.

The University of Nebraska State Museum is a an affiliate of the Smithsonian. It houses the world’s largest articulated mammoth and an exhibit of fossilized elephants. Other collections refer to the natural history of Nebraska. The museum is also home to the Mueller Planetarium.

The Nebraska State Capitol is the third building on this site. It does not have a traditional dome but it does have a 400-foot tower that contains offices, The exterior is made of limestone and depicts 3,000 years of democracy through carvings. There are marble columns, mosaic floors, and murals.

The figure at the top of is a 19-foot tall bronze figure of The Sower.

The Sunken Gardens were founded in 1930. There are three main gardens – the Healing Garden, where all plants have white blooms, the Perennial Garden, and the Annual Garden, which has over 30,000 plants.

Pioneers Park Nature Center give visitors a chance to see what the Great Plains looked like before modern farming, There are hiking trails and you can see herds of bison, white-tailed deer, and elk.

You can even get a chance to spot retailed hawks, barred owls, and wild turkeys. In the Nature Center Building you can see caged animals up close. There is a children’s play area with climbing structures and dirt for digging.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo is home to more than 400 animals.There are interactive Zoofari stations with Larry the Cable Guy, up close animal encounters and the historic ZO&O Railroad.

There are 40 endangered animals such as Humboldt penguins, snow leopards, and Matschie’s tree kangaroos.

You can see the world’s smallest monkeys (pygmy marmoset), a fossa, ring-tailed lemurs, camels, red panda, meerkats and so much more.

Sheldon Museum of Art has 12,000 artworks spanning different media. It is a short walk from the University of Nebraska State Museum with sculptures from the museum’s collection to see on the way.

Interesting to see is the untitled big head by artist Jun Kaneko on the museum steps, There are over 30 sculptures. The main focus of the museum is on American Art.

The Governor’s Residence is a beautiful mansion surrounded by large trees and colorful gardens. The mansion has 31 rooms. It is not far from the Nebraska State Capitol and guided tours are available.

National Roller Skating Museum offer visitors five different types of roller skating fun wiht online skating, Artistic Skating, Roller Hockey, Speed Skating, and Roller Derby, The tours are self-guided. Some of the highlights include powered skated, elevator skates and a pair dating from 1814.

Antelope Park offers grassy lawns and playgrounds. There are winding walking trails and forestry. You can see fountains as you go by and if you wish you can have a picnic. For some excitement this park seems to be haunted and the spirits make themselves known to walkers.

15 Best Things to Do in Lincoln (NE)

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