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Lovely Oslo

Oslo the capital of Norway is one of the world’s largest capitals in terms of area. It is a lovely city with many parks, protected forests, hills, and lakes.You can explore the city center walking the many trails and pathways that connect to public spaces.

Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park also referred to as Frognerparken is a popular place for both locals and tourists, Here you can have a picnic and take walks in the summertime. It is also beautiful in the winter with snow on the ground. The park has 212 sculptured by Gustav Viegeland.

Among the most famous sculptures is the Monolith, a column over 14 meters tall and carved from a single stone. People enjoy the park with its lawns and long straght avenues that are lined by maple trees. You can visit the Vigeland Museum south of the park or take a rest at the Cafe Vigeland.

Akershus Fortress rises above the Oslofjord on the promontory of Akernes. It was built by Hakon V at the end of the 13th century. You can enjoy excellent harbor views and walk around the grounds. There is a lovely chapel with the tomb of Jakon VII.

While visiting the fortress take a look at the Museum of Norwegian Resistance where you can learn about the German occupations of 1940-45. Another museum is the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum in the Old Arsenal displaying weapons and exhibits that illustrated the history of Norwegian forces and the defense of the country through the centuries.

Viking Ship Museum houses three historic 9th century Viking vessels the best preserved being Oseberg Ship. The vessel was built around AD 800 and used for the burial of a chieftain’s wife and two other women. Along with them many treasures were buried including furniture, clothing, and personal items. Another vessel Gokstad Ship was a seafaring vessel and finally the Tune Ship, The museum lets you take a look at Viking life and many interesting artifacts. You can see how Vikings built their ships through the sue of CGI animation.

The National Gallery established in 1837 is home to Norway’s largest public collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures, The main exhibitions include The Scream and Madonna by Edvard Munch. There are also painting by Cezanne and Monet. Other exhibits offer a look at Norwegian art and artwork from the Romantic period to the mid-1900s. Artwork and sculptures by international artists include French Impressionists.

Munch Museum is dedicated to the artwork of Norway’s greatest artist Edvard Munch. There is a large collection of paintings, graphic art, watercolors, and sculptures. Altogether there are almost 28,000 works of art as well as personal effects and tool and his private library. The museum also offers special exhibits of Munch’s work through film screenings, concerts, lectures, and guided tours.

The Norwegian Royal Palace dating from 1825 sits up high on the northwest end of Karl Johansgate. The palace has 173 rooms and is open to the public for guided tours in the summertime. English-language guides are available. Among the rooms of the palace included in the tour are the Cabinet Parlor and Cloakroom, the White Parlor, Mirror Hall, Great Hall, and Banquet Hall, among others. Visitors can walk about the grounds and gardens. You can see the changing of the guard. To the south of the palace is the Norwegian Nobel Institute, where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented.

The Museum of Cultural History houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in Norway among them mummies and funerary objects, In the Medieval Gallery you can see an impressive collection of daily items and examples of church art and religious artifacts. A large exhibit is dedicated to the history of gold coinage. Other exhibits explore the lives of the indigenous people. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits.

Fram Museum was named after the first Norwegian ship built for polar research, The highlight here is the ship Fram that made many successful polar voyages and the Gjoa that was the first ship to navigate the Northwest Passage.

In an adjoining building is the Kon-Tiki Museum displaying objects dedicated to Thor Heyerdahl who is famous for sailing from Peru to Eastern Polynesia on the famous raft in 1947. Closeby is also The Norwegian Maritime Museum with exhibits about shipbuilding, fishing, and marine archaeology.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum
The museum is located at the base of Homenkollen Ski Jump and is the oldest of its kind in the world opening in 1923. Here you’ll find exhibits and artifacts throughout the nearly 4,000 years of ski history. The oldest ski displayed dates from AD 600. The museum also has a Hall Of Fame that is dedicated to Norwegian skiers. There are interactive exhibits about modern skiing and snowboarding. Guided tours are available and the Jump Tower Observation Deck will give you excellent views of the city.

Oslo Cathedral was consecrated in 1697 and has been rebuilt and renovated many times. Highlights include the main doorway’s decorated bronze doors and ceiling paintings by H.L. Mohr. Take the time to visit the Oslo Bazaar along the old church walls. The halls date back to 1841 and there are galleries, cafes, and antique dealers.

City Hall or Rådhuset is one of Oslo’s great landmarks. The large building has two towers with one of them adorned by a huge clock face. One of the towers houses 38 bells that can me heard all through the harbor area when rung, Along the facade there are sculptures and reliefs.

Aker Brygge was built around an abandoned shipyard and is an area that is the hearts and soul of Oslo. There is impressive architecture and a mix of old and new. You can walk along the boardwalk, go shopping, dine at great restaurants and enjoy they year round patio bars with rugs and fireplaces. Of interest is the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art with rotating exhibits.

TusenFryd is Norway’s largest amusement park 20 minutes south of Oslo. It is open from April to October. The park has 30 attractions such as the Speed Monster and Thunder Coaster roller coasters. If the weather is hot in the summertime visit the TusenFyrd Waterpark to cool off.

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  1. This is giving me so much wanderlust.

    • I am glad you enjoyed this armchair tour. Norway is a lovely country.

  2. I love to see all the different areas. I will visit some and I may not visit others but it is always interesting to see.

    • Glad you enjoyed this visual tour and I hope you get to visit.

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