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Marvelous Malmo

Our armchair travels through Europe have taken us to Sweden, another of the Scandinavian countries.

P6J8MG Urban cityscape of Malmo, Sweden

We begin our tour in Malmo which is not one of the typical tourist cities on most lists to visit. However it certainly is worth a visit and tourists come from all over the world to see the capital of the Swedish southernmost province Skane. One of the things that makes Malmo unique is that it is so close to Copenhagen, Denmark connected by the Oresund Bridge, the motorway and link by railway. Taking a train from the center of Malmo in 35 minutes you’ll be in Copenhagen and it’s just 22 minutes to the Copenhagen Airport. So you can chose to visit two cities in two different countries at one time if you like. In the meantime you can take a look at all of the great attractions that Malmo has to offer.

Impressive Oresund Bridge stretches from Sweden to Denmark and was opened in 1999. The bridge was the central focus of the hit Danish/Swedish TV drama “The Bridge.” The bridge not only links together these two Scandinavian countries but also provides access to the entire European continent.

It is a multi-faceted bridge that is a road, a railway, and a tunnel. The initial stretch at 8 kilometers goes to the man-made island of Peberholm. From there the bridge connects to a tunnel for 4 kilometers that was built so that the bridge would not impact the incoming aircraft to nearby Copenhagen Airpot. Crossing the length of the bridge and through the tunnel you find yourself in Denmark.

Stortoget is another of the popular attractions in Malmo. It is the city’s center square that is surrounded by the Old Town or Gamla Staden. In the square is a statue of King Charles X. The square was built in 1536 and the bronze water sculpture shows the location of the old city wall.

Turning Torso is the most talked about building in southern Sweden and is the world’s first “twisted skyscraper.” It is the tallest building in Scandinavia. The Turning Torso rises up for 190 meters and has a combination of residential, office, and conference space.

It was built based on a sculpture by designer, artist, and architect Santiago Calatrava that is called the “Twisting Torso.” You can get amazing views from the observation deck on the 49th floor. The top floors, 53 and 54 are open to the public only on certain days.

Lilla Torg in translation is “Little Square” and not a dull moment when you get to the Lilla Torg houses which are the very center of Malmo’s nightlife. Lilla Torg is a square that is surrounded by buildings built between 1600 – 1800. Here you’ll find lovely crafts, plenty of food, mall-style shopping and other kinds of entertainment

Visitors enjoy Gamla Vaster lying to the west of Lilla Torg. Here they find very low houses and brick buildings that have been painted in every imaginable color of the rainbow. Among the private residences are also cafes and shops.

Malmo City Hall was built in 1546 and went through various changes in the 19th century. After you have seen the building head on next door where in the basement is the Radjuskallaren Restaurant serving delicious Swedish cuisine.

Folkets Park or People’s Park is a wonderful amusement park right in the city, It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, There are green spaces with ponds, a children’s playground, miniature golf and a half-pipe for skateboarding.

It is open from April till September and there are enjoyable family rides. For refreshments you’ll find cafes and ice cream stands. In the winter time the wading pool becomes a small ice rink for ice skating. The park is also a venue for events and festivals.

St. Peter’s Church is the oldest building in Malmo, dating back to the 14th century. It is located in Stortoget square.In the Kramare Chapel ceiling murals have been restored. While wandering through the church you’ll find yourself back in Medieval times.

Moderna, the Museum of Modernism is a short walk from St. Peter’s Church. The museum is known as a little piece of Stockholm in Malmo. It opened in 2009 as a branch of the Moderna Museet located in Stockholm.

The museum is housed in a former electricity plant and has a striking orange-red annex. On display are modern and contemporary artworks. Among the installations you’ll find film, photography, design, and paintings. Entry is free. There is a cafe for coffee and lunch.

Malmohus Castle is Sweden’s oldest Renaissance castle. It is home to four museums – The Malmo City Museum, Natural History Museum, Konstausset, a museum of art, and the Science and Maritime House Museum.

Originally the castle was a citadel dating from 1434. In the Middle Ages Denmark’s currency was coined here and during the 19th century the cstle wasz a prison.

The Malmo City Museum lets visitors have a look at the history of Malmo and the surrounding area.

The Natural History Museum features an aquarium and stuffed animals.

The Konstauset has the largest collection of 20th century Nordic Art in Swedeb.

The Science and Maritime House displays trams, jets, a real US submarine, and science experiments.

The Malmo Art Gallery is not housed in the castle but is at the Malmo Konsthall at Sankt Johannesgaten. It is a fine art gallery that has international exhibitions and a permanent collection of modern art There are rotating exhibits of national and international contemporary art. The gallery opened in 1975 and has one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls. The ceiling lets in plenty of natural light. The building is to be admired. On Sunday the brunch offered at Restaurant Samk is popular with both locals and tourists. Lunch is served daily. A bookshop can be found on the premises.

When the day is bright and sunny you can commune with nature in Malmo. The city is famous for its city centre parks – at the moment a total of 16. There are lovely canals winding their way through the older parts of town. Visitors can stroll, bike or even boat. All of the parks are a short distance from each other. So you can choose to have a picnic lunch any time you like.

Near Malmohus Csstle is Kungsparken or The King’s Park which is the city’s oldest park. It was opened in 1872 and known as King Oscar’s Park and was inspired by English gardens.

The park has ponds and exotic old trees and you can relax on lush lawns, feed the ducks, and explore a vaulted cave. In the center of the park is a beautiful cast iron fountian dating from 1882 and it was the first public artwork in the city.

Another lovely park Slottstradgarden is just across a little bridge from Kungsparken. The highlight of this park are the castle windmill and seasonal plantings among them colorful flowers and vegetables. It includes the Pegasus sculpture by Carl Milles, one of Sweden’s most famous sculptors.

Another park Pildammsparken has over 10,000 flowers planted in the “flower alley” and many ducks to feed. This park is particularly beautiful in the autumn when leaves change color.

Western Harbor is located in the ultra-modern part of Malmo offering spectacular views of the Oresund Bridge. It stretches along the coastline of Denmark and includes two parks Scania and Dania.

Katrinetorip Country House lies on the outskirts of Malmo. It is one of the best preserved Empire-style manor houses in Sweden. The 19th century home is surrounded by lovely landscaped gardens. Onsite is a garden cafe, restaurant, and antique store. During the year Kastrinetrorip hosts a harvest fair, a Christmas market and various exhibitions and evening concerts, Guided tours are available in the summertime.

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