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Lovely Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a wonderful port city and Sweden’s second largest city. You’ll find it on the Swedish west coast. In Swedish it’s known as Goteborg. Lots of visitors come to the city each year and it has become most popular. It was founded by Royal Charter in 1621 by King Gutavus Adolphus. The Port of Gothenburg at the mouth of the Gota alv River counts as the largest port in the Nordic countries. Gothenburg is also home to many students as the city is home to two universities – the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Just three and a half hours later taking the ferry you can be in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Families won’t want to miss Liseberg Amusement Park which is Scandinavia’s largest amusement park. No matter how old you are you’ll love it here. There is something for everyone to like and there are around 40 different attractions and rides.

Fast paced roller coasters like the award-winning wooden coster Balder. For great views of the city take a ride on the Lisberg Wheel. You can hear concerts by popular artists and enjoy lovely exotic flowers that are always in the background. The park is open daily from May to August and open on weekends in April, September and October.

For special fun Liseberg opens up at the end of October on Halloween when it is turned into a spooky themed adventure zone and in December so visitors can enjoy a typical Swedish Christmas market and children can take pony rides.

Be sure to visit Slottsskogen Park which means “the castle forest”. Here visitors will find several places of interest like Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum, Barnens Zoo a children’s zoo, and a family animal park. The park has the city’s oldest observatory.

During the summer people enjoy sun-bathing on the grass and having picnics. You can even have fun playing a round of mini-golf. For entertainment there are folk dances and popular concerts. You can wander through the wil forest with maple, beech, and oak trees. Children will enjoy the playgrounds and you can find refreshments in the cafes,

In the park you can see Swedish elk, deer and horses. In the children’s zoo there are boars, hairy goats, sheep, rabbits, hens and Gotland ponies. The ponds are home to ducks, seals and penguins.

A wonderful place to visit is the Southern Gothenburg Archipelago located off the coast of Gothenburg. It is entirely free of cars. In the archipelago there are 5,000 permanent residents and another 6,000 residents arrive in the summertime.


It’s interesting to know that in the Norse sagas, this archipelago was known as Elfarsker meaning “the river islets” since the Gota alv River had its estuary here. There are several lovely islands which are great for bathing and excursions. The popular ones are Aspero, Styrso and Vrango. Visitors can take a boat tour around the area.

You can enjoy seal safaris, sailing, lobster fishing, sea angling, and boat excursions. The regular ferry link run to practically anywhere you would like to go.

Some of the highlights here are the southern islands that can be reached from Saltholmen Ferry port and being a car-free zone it is a great destination for bikers and hikers, Styrso Island has four lovely villages. The oldest village, Byn, dates back to 1752.

Visit the Gothenburg Botanical Garden which is one of the largest botanical gardens In Europe. Most of the territory is a nature reserve. Here visitors can see more than 12,000 species of plants. There is a bamboo grove, a bulb garden, greenhouses, an herb garden, a Japanese valley, a rock garden and much more to delight in. It provides a relaxing atmosphere and there are plenty of places just to sit down and enjoy your surroundings.

Among the highlights here are the Japanese Glade, the colorful Rhododendron Valley, and the rock garden with a lovely waterfall.

When it’s time to do some shopping head for Kungsportsavenyn also commonly known as “Avenyn” or “Avenue”. This is the main street of Gothenburg. It has a variety of shops and restaurants for all budgets.

The street stretches for around 6 miles in length, from the edge of the water at Gothenburg’s Old City and finally comes to an end at Gotaplatsen Square.

A most interesting museum to visit is The Maritime Museum and Aquarium. Here you can actually explore marine life under, above and near the water. You’ll find exhibitions, a playroom for children, a reading lounge and a high-tech navigation simulator. Families just love the aquarium where they can learn about Nordic and tropical waters and enjoy the fascinating sea life.

There is an interesting permanent exhibition offering 400 years of Swedish shipping which includes objects from the Swedish American Line, memories of sailor’s life on board, and exciting stories from the port city of Gothenburg. The museum also features family activities and historical tours of the city. You can relax in the café.

The Gothenburg Museum of Art offers a collection of artwork that is one of the finest in Northern Europe,. The collection includes artwork from the 15th century to contemporary pieces with a special emphasis on Nordi art.
There are also temporary exhibitions, family activities, lectures, workshops and guided tours, When you want to relax you can enjoy the cafe.

Explore the Historic Haga District located in the west of the city. Haga is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Gothenburg dating from the 17th century. You can take a leisurely stroll in Haga Nygata, a lovely neighborhood with beautifully preserved timber houses, boutiques, and cafes.

Some of the highlights in Haga are Cafe Husaren serving Kanelbullar, one of the world’s largest cinnamon buns.

You can enjoy a leisurely spa day at the Haga Bathhouse and afterward have a meal at the restaurant, have fresh seafood at Sjobaren. Enjoy the chocolate at Brautigam’s, chocolate makers for over 140 years.

Just a short walk from the Haga you’ll find the Skansen Kronan Fortress up a flight of steep stairs. The fortress offers a look into Swedish history as well as fantastic views over the city. It was completed in 1697 to defend against Danish attacks from the south.

The fortress has been a prison, a private residence in the 19th century, and a military museum in the 20th century. Today you can find a restaurant and a conference center on the premises, The old army barracks adjacent to the tower have a summer cafe that serves home-baked cakes, pastries, and ice cream.

The Garden Society of Gothenburg is located right in the heart of the city. It is one of the most beautifully preserved 19th century parks in Europe, You can stroll among the rolling lawns, exotic plants, and historic buildings.
The woodland gardens are lovely and there is a beautiful collection of roses.

The cast-iron Palm House in the center of the park was inspired by the famous Crystal Palace in London, England. Children can enjoy the playground that includes secret paths to explore. There are cafes and restaurants to enjoy and all year round you can also enjoy concerts and performances.

The Universeum is the largest science center in the Nordic countries. The aquariums are among the largest in Europe. You can enjoy the indoor rain forest or go on a safari. You can get up close with lizards, birds, insects, sloths, and monkeys.

The ocean tank is home to various kinds of sharks, the largest one being the sand tiger shark, There are also moray eels and swordfish and you can touch giant rays as the come to the surface.

There is plenty of seafood in Gothenburg and it is fun to take a lok at Feskekorka: The Fish Market. The name literally translates to “fish church.” The market dates back to 1874. You can see a range of artisan fishmongers and try great restaurants, You can also enjoy some take-away seafood to enjoy by the canal. The Restaurant Gabriel is another good choice.

Take a visit to Nya Alvsborg Fortress in the harbor inlet which is the best preserved fortress in Sweden. Today it has become one of the most popular boat excursions in Gothenburg.

The trip includes a dramatized historical guided tour. The boat trip takes 30 minutes one way and on the island you’ll find a cafe, a small handicraft shop, winding paths, and lovely surrounding nature. The onboard guided tour is in Swedish and English.

Visit the trendy neighborhood around Magasinsgatan which used to be a warehouse district, You can get something to eat and browse shops featuring everything from interior design to vintage clothing.

Stop by the Strommingskluckan food van for authentic southern Swedish cuisine like herring with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce,

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