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Interesting Reno

In our armchair travels across the US, we have arrived in the US state of Nevada. The state is bordered by Oregon to the northwest, Idaho to the northeast, California to the west, Arizona to the southeast, and Utah to the east. Nevada is known as the “Silver State” due to the importance of silver in its history and economy. Most of the state is desert and semi-arid lying in the Great Basin areas within the Mojave Desert and Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountain range lie on the western edge.

Our first stop is Reno which is located in the northwest of the state on the border with California. It is known as the “Biggest Little City In the World.” It is known for its casino and tourism industry.

The National Automobile Museum is great for car lovers and is based on a private collection and has some 200 vehicles everything from vintage cars to modern ones. There are four galleries – 1890s-1910, teens-1930s, 1930s-1950s, and the 1950s and beyond. You can see cars once owned by such celebrities as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and John Wayne. On display are also two art collections with auto-related pieces like costumes and accessories. The museum features historical lectures on the development of cars. The “Passport to Adventure” program introduces children to the history of cars in the US.

Animal Ark is located just outside of Reno and it is just the place for animal lovers and families. It is a wildlife sanctuary that helps non-releasable wildlife survive in a beautiful rural setting. It mostly focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of North American predators but also has some exotic species. You can find all kinds of animals here from tortoises to cheetahs to bears and wolves. The Ark has native trees and vegetation as well as boulders to create a natural habitat, They feature such exciting things as “Cheetah Runs” when you can see cheetahs race across the desert.

The Truckee River is accessible right in the heart of Reno. Here you can find walking trails along the river and bridges to cross as well as benches to sit and take in the view. Along the riverfront are restaurants with patios.

The Nevada Museum of Art has unique collections and features national and international traveling exhibits. There is a permanent collection of the artwork of E.L. Wiegand and the Sierra Nevada/Great Basin works. The signature exhibit is the Altered Landscape Photographs of a Changing Environment which is a collection that is focused on human interactions and interdependence with the natural world. There are also educational programs like art classes and workshops for teens and children. Guided tours are available.

The Stremmel Gallery is a contemporary art gallery featuring paintings and sculptures from Europe and America.

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts has found its home in an impressively designed building and offers a variety of performances from professional opera and ballet to rock concerts. Among the highlights are performances by the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, AVA Ballet Theater and the perennial favorite Broadway Comes to Reno series. For some laughs there is are the Pioneer Underground comedy shows.

The Nevada Historical Society Museum is the oldest museum in Nevada and was founded in 1904. Among the highlights are the permanent collections “Living on the Land,” “Neon Nights,” and “Riches of the Earth,” which provide a fascinating insight into the human habitation of the Reno area over the past 10,000 years, from the early Paleo people to the Paiute, to the coming of the Euro-Americans and events right up to the present day. The museum also features an impressive research library, along with a well-stocked book store.

The well-known Reno Arch was created in 1926 and lights up the night sky as it looms over Virginia Street and Commercial Row in the entertainment district. It was originally built to honor the Nevada Transcontinental Highway Exposition. After the exhibition was over the town slogan was coined “The Biggest Little City in the World.” The arch is lit by LED bulbs and the colors are changed to coincide with celebrations and special events.

When you want to relax and do some swimming take a trip to lovely Lake Tahoe which is an hour’s drive south of Reno. The lake sits in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is great for outdoor activities like swimming, sailing, diving, and fishing, The freshwater lake is the second deepest lake in the US. There are many hiking trails to enjoy and sandy beaches to relax upon. In the winter you can find some of the best ski resorts here.

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is also just called The Discovery. It is one of the newest attractions there are exhibitions focusing on areas of technology, engineering, science, math, and art, Among the highlights are interactive hands-on exhibits and galleries for exploration and learning.

For bowling fans, there is the world’s largest facility that is dedicated to ten-pin bowling the National Bowling Stadium. You can’t miss it because it has a huge 80-foot aluminum bowling ball on the roof. This is a 78-lane stadium that is also a big draw for professionals when competing in high-stakes tournaments. It is also a popular convention space and has been a backdrop for movies with bowling scenes like “Kingpin” starring Bill Murray and “Greedy” with Kirk Douglas and Michael J, Fox, You will also find the International Bowling Museum here with an interesting collection plus the Bowling Hall of Fame.

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