Posted by: RasmaSandra | August 18, 2022

Exploring Olympia

Olympia is the capital of the US state of Washington on the West Coast. The city sits on the southern end of Puget Sound, where the Deschutes River meets saltwater, and the glaciated slopes of Mount Rainier can be seen on the eastern horizon.

The Washington State Capitol Building was completed in 1928 and rises 287 feet above the Capitol Campus. Its dome can be seen from way across the city. This historic campus consists of memorials, fountains, and gardens. The Tivoli Fountain is especially impressive.

The Governor’s Mansion on the capitol campus is the oldest building.

Visitors can enjoy walking on the grounds. Free guided tours are available.

Percival Landing is a beautiful public waterfront park on the Budd Inlet at the far southern end of Puget Sound. You can walk the wooden boardwalk connecting the Historic District and the Olympia Farmers Market; there are restaurants to enjoy with patios overlooking the water.

Olympia Farmers Market on Percival Landing has made its home in a large pavilion lined with local produce and goods; it stands out as one of the best farmers’ markets in the Pacific Northwest. It is a four-day event from Thursday to Sunday. You can find local produce while listening to live music. There are fresh food vendors who represent cuisine from around the world. To sample items, picnic bench seating is available.

Look at the historic downtown district, which encompasses approximately 17 blocks. There are buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can enjoy many murals with more than 50 registered and seen on the sides of buildings and in alleys.

Capitol Lake is a 260-acre lake located below the Washington State Capitol. It is an artificial lake that sits at the Deschutes River and Puget Sound intersection.

Capitol Lake Park is a lovely community space with grassy lawns and walking paths. The 3.5-mile trail lining the lake is popular with walkers, runners, and cyclists. The paved route also connects with other popular parks like Heritage Park and Marathon Park.

The Billy Frank Jr Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is a habitat with protected fresh and saltwater marshes, grasslands, and forests for migratory birds, It is less than ten miles east of Olympia. Common bird species include the great blue heron, American bittern, and peregrine falcon. Other wildlife here are pronghorn antelope, box turtles, and migratory orca whales.

To the south is the neighboring city of Turnwater. Turnwater Falls Park sits on the southern shore of Capitol Lake. It is a scenic spot with waterfalls. There are half-mile hiking trails past cascading waterfalls created by the Deschutes River, The park is great for walking, picnicking, and watching the changing seasons.

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